Song Of The Day - 15th April 2009: Trashed


Abr 15 2009, 22h01

Black Sabbath / Trashed / Born Again (1) / Sep 1983

After around 8 months of keeping a keen eye out for it, I finally managed to get myself an actual physical copy of Deep Sabbath's Born Again album today. I had given up waiting and sacrificed having that lovely 'first listen' feeling you usually get after loading the disc up for the first time about three weeks ago only to find that the week after the cd became readily available again. Whether it was re-released, entered a new pressing or what was happening I don't know, but the copyright on the back clearly notes 2004 and the design on the spine of the inlay is in line with other Castle/Sanctuary re-releases. Whatever was going on I'm just glad to finally have the actual physical copy at last!

The music on the album is very good IMO. Maybe not as good as Heaven and Hell for example, but certainly worth more than the pitiful 1.5 stars granted to it by It would seem most, possibly all, of the production problems picked up on by allmusic have either been rectified with the current release or were greatly exaggerated originally, and while there are a few moments where Gillan perhaps goes a little too over the top Iommi and Butler's riffing is solid (particularly on Zero the Hero) and Trashed has a great vocal melody rendered in true Gillan style.

It's also interesting to have the actual physical cd because it comes with liner notes that explain that disastrous cover art, which gives me one more reason to hate Sharon and makes me wonder which came first the cover art or Digital Bitch? If the latter, was she aware of the song and deliberately orchestrating revenge?


  • GrantRS

    Firstly: Nooooo! I urge you to repent this Sharon fanship before it is too late! What good could you possibly see in her? Secondly: I too would class myself as a fan of Gillan's, but even then there are just one or two screams on Born Again that I can't help thinking '[i]that[/i] scream in [i]that[/i] place was perhaps not very well advised' about. However, if he didn't take those opportunities the good screams in the good places wouldn't be there. Hey, I have to try and say something worthwhile in these journals or they become pointless don't they?

    Abr 17 2009, 8h07
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