"Midweek Crisis" - 4th February 2009: 99 Red Balloons


Fev 4 2009, 11h34

On Wednesdays I deliberately pick a track that I consider to be either outside my usual listening habits / humourous / a cover, that I still think is cool (for whatever reason) and I write a brief journal about it. This week's entry could be argued as all three, but is certainly a cover.

Goldfinger released their cover of 99 Red Balloons on the 13th track of their 2000 album Stomping Ground, an album which veers from ska rhythms to pretty solidly fitting in the punk category and back again several times throughout its length. Whatever you describe it as, it is good solid fun to listen to and would almost definitely go down better at parties than the majority of my collection.

There is a video, so I'm assuming this was released as a single, though I never saw it (by which I mean this version) on tv or heard it on the radio

Of course, the original version that we all know, 99 Luftballoons by Nena is probably better, but there's no reason why we can't enjoy both.

Luftballoons, of course, is the German word for balloons and doesn't specify that said balloons are red. That the colour had to be added to the lyrics in the original translation is kind of a shame as it kind of distracts from the otherwise apocalyptic lyrics.

Aren't you glad I put Wednesdays aside for random entries such as these? Could hardly be any more different from yesterdays.


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