Song Of The Week - 19th January 2009: Angels & Demons


Jan 19 2009, 18h15

Eden's Curse / "Angels & Demons" / The Second Coming (3) / Oct 2008

Artist: Eden's Curse
Original Album: The Second Coming
Track: Angels & Demons

I came across this multinational band consisting of an Englishman, a Scotsman, an American and two Germans (one of whom has been keyboard player for Uli Jon Roth) on a front cover cd given away with a magazine the other day. Described in said magazine as "AOR, but not the pink and fluffy variety", it is fair to say that Eden's Curse have a melodic metal aesthetic (except on the acoustic numbers) with singalong choruses and powerful vocals to match. This track is notable not only for being their representation on the giveaway sampler disc, but also for featuring Pamela Moore (better known perhaps as Sister Mary on Operation: Mindcrime) dueting with Eden's Curse singer Michael Eden.

Listen to a one minute sample on their website


  • GrantRS

    lol. I didn't read the bio, as I read a description in the magazine I picked up and read over a long train journey. Sounds like I missed out. Will have to see what else I missed in there. I may very well be sending off for the full disc shortly, even if I can't find it at less than £10 and have become used to picking up bargains at £3-£4 lately.

    Jan 19 2009, 22h16
  • GrantRS

    Oh yeah, and there are loads of pinched harmonics throughout this track. I'm not going to go into when and why I think it's cool to have pinched harmonics again, but here and in songs by Firewind or Zakk Wylde are some of the best places

    Jan 19 2009, 22h29
  • sablespecter

    [quote]two Germans (one of whom has been keyboard player for Uli Jon Roth[/quote] Haven't roughly 17% of German musicians played for UJR by now? JK! I love UJR, but he's just worked with so many people and has all the big productions. I did enjoy Under a Dark Sky, which I picked up in the fall. I have SotD chosen from it coming soon...

    Jan 22 2009, 5h58
  • GrantRS

    Haven't checked that out yet, unfortunately. Will have to try and get to it this year.

    Jan 22 2009, 9h06
  • GrantRS

    [youtube][/youtube] For anyone who hasn't gotten to hear this yet, there's now a shoe-string budget video to enjoy!

    Mai 7 2009, 20h45
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