Song Of The Day - 9th July 2008: Feed My Frankenstein


Jul 9 2008, 15h27

Alice Cooper / "Feed My Frankenstein" / Hey Stoopid (7) / Jul 1991

Artist: Alice Cooper
Original Album: Hey Stoopid
Track: Feed My Frankenstein

Alice Cooper has certainly had some excellent guest musicians over his career. I was extremely impressed when I saw the full list of guests on this album alone. I don't own the album, and as such am only familiar with a few singles lifted from it, but from what I can gather most of these big name guest stars only have really short appearances which is mildly disappointing. However, Derek Sherinian apparently plays throughout this album and the next, so I hope there is at least one track that fully utilises his talent. I'm also keen to hear the two Vinnie Moore tracks and the remaining Joe Satriani appearances that I have yet to hear, so I may possibly be purchasing the full album in the near future.

Interestingly, the following album The Last Temptation was a concept album whose story was published in comic book/graphic novel form, contrary to my previous belief that Coheed and Cambria were the first to do that. Even more interestingly, Chris Cornell guests on The Last Temptation, writing a track for it and co-writing another. As anyone who knows me is quickly informed, I have a penchant for concept albums, so I may in fact be attempting to find this album too/instead. Who would have thought Chris Cornell and Alice Cooper collaborating? I guess this is old news for hardcore fans of either, or even alert music fans who would probably have read about it at the time (1994), but I only found out a couple of days ago, so I'm impressed and excited.

Oh, this track very briefly features Steve Vai (appearing as a performer in SotD for what I've counted to be the 4th time) and Joe Satriani (appearing as a performer in SotD for the 2nd time). Alice, Derek Sherinian and Nikki Sixx and others appearing as performers for the first time only, though I did mention Sherinian not long ago in reference to a song that he has covered.


  • saronix

    I've only heard a few songs from that album, they've all been good though. Vai and Satch on "Feed my Frankenstein" was the highlight of the guest appearances IMO.

    Jul 9 2008, 19h00
  • GrantRS

    It is a nice track isn't it? Thanks for digging that up. I may need to rip it with if I don't buy the album soonish.

    Jul 10 2008, 13h53
  • sablespecter

    Not the greatest Alice Cooper album, but I do have it. The best part isn't the songwriting, it's all the guests. And for me, I like the title track best because that's where Slash does his thing! Having Mick Mars on for a track was nice, too, but could do without the Desmond Child track...

    Jul 17 2008, 3h25
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