• Album Artworks: Why So WEIRD?!

    Jan 26 2014, 21h49

    This is a journal I started ages ago and never finished. I thought it was too hilarious to just erase it forever...


    During the pretty long time I’ve been listening to music, I observed there are album artworks which are exceptional. Some are exceptionally beautiful (minority), some are exceptionally awkward and some exceptionally boring.

    Let me take you for a ride…

    Weirdest Artworks in My Library

    Aerosmith – Get a Grip (1993)
    This part of a cow simply should not be pictured anywhere. Not to mention the piercing. What the hell, Aerosmith?

    Ambeon – Fate of a Dreamer (2000)
    What on Earth is with those boots…?

    Amy Macdonald – A Curious Thing (2010)
    Even after those two years I still hate her for staring at me so weirdly.

    Ari Koivunen – Becoming (2008)
    Look at that! It’s creepy!

    Astral Tears – Hypnotic (2012)
    I think I’m allergic to “people” with eyes in the palms of their hands…

    Bebe – Un Pokito de Rocanrol (2012)
    Is this... ? Or is it... ? Oh my dog, I hope it’s not…

    The Cranberries – Bury the Hatchet (1999)
    The gigantic eye is just… ew! Big Brother-sorta shit.

    Epica – The Phantom Agony (2003)
    Those snakes around her neck I would survive. But what the hell is the one climbing out of her bellybutton? And you know what—I don’t even wanna know.

    HIM – Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice (2010)
    How many eyes and mouths, please? Somebody tell me because this picture makes my eyes rain.

    Operator Please – Yes Yes Vindictive (2007)
    To begin with, I have no idea what this is…

    Ugliest Artworks in My Library

    Angtoria – God Has a Plan for Us All (2006)
    I guess it’s enough for you to just look at it. I know there are much worse artworks, especially when it comes to death and whatever metal bands but still – this would be a perfect death metal artwork…

    Imperia – The Ancient Dance of Qetesh (2004)
    Wondering if this is the ugliest artwork ever? Then we have the same problem. And (at least when it comes to FF metal), we might be right…

    Omega Lithium – Dreams in Formaline (2009)
    Please, Omega, keep flesh on bones next time. I remember how it scared me before playing the album. I was like: “Is this even wroth it?!”

    Ebony Ark – Decoder 2.0 (2006)
    This face could definitely give me nightmares if it wanted. And my saying this weird thing has to make it evident that I do feel the head has a mind of its own.
  • The Apocalyptic Journal: The Best of 2012

    Dez 31 2012, 15h18


    Even though I am a devoted Last.fm user, plays are not everything for me. I confess I am slightly obsessed with my play count, but only slightly because I achieved what I planned: 100,000 plays till the end of the world which I managed.
    My friend asked me: “What’s your next play count goal?”
    I answered: “Not to give a shit about it.”

    So partially excluding the plays as the main determinative factor:

    Top 10 Artists of 2012
    #10: Kelly Clarkson
    #9: Hey Monday
    #8: Tonight Alive
    #7: In This Moment
    #6: Shinedown
    #5: Nightwish
    #4: Lana del Rey—because she sucks live and I don’t care
    #3: Embassy of Silence
    #2: Fall Out Boy—because Patrick’s voice…
    #1: Smosh—my heart’s with those guys and their being the most subscribed YouTube channel. Can’t wait to get the third album.

    Top 10 Albums of 2012
    #10: Three Days Grace – Transit of Venus
    #9: Embassy of Silence – Antler Velvet
    #8: All Ends – Road to Depression
    #7: Shinedown – Amaryllis
    #6: Flyleaf – New Horizons
    #5: In This Moment – Blood
    #4: Lana del Rey – Born to Die
    #3: Caro Emerald – Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor
    #2: Nightwish – Imaginaerum
    #1: Fall Out Boy – Folie à Deux

    Top 10 Songs of 2012
    #10: Caro Emerald – Absolutely Me
    #9: Operator Place – Catapult
    #8: In-Grid – L’Amour, l’Amour
    #7: Imogen Heap – Xizi She Knows
    #6: Lacuna Coil – Trip the Darkness
    #5: Lana del Rey – Off to the Races
    #4: Two Steps from Hell – United We Stand - Divided We Fall
    #3: Fall Out Boy – Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet
    #2: In This Moment – The Blood Legion
    #1: Smosh – Ultimate Assassin’s Creed 3 Song

  • The Apocalyptic Journal: Released 2011

    Dez 31 2012, 15h15


  • The Apocalyptic Journal: Top 25 Songs of 2012

    Dez 31 2012, 15h13


    #25: Imogen Heap – Xizi She Knows (39 plays)
    Feelings: a tram ride on a late morning; I had no idea what I wanted to listen to so I just played that one song

    #24: Butterfly Boucher – 5678! (40 plays)
    Feelings: everybody thinks they can dance, except for me

    #23: In-Grid – L’Amour, l’Amour (40 plays)
    Feelings: trains; too bad I only listen to music while commuting—everything is bound to remind me of some means of transport

    #22: Delain – Are You Done with Me (42 plays)
    Feelings: my parents being annoyed by my singing the “whoo-oo-oo” all the time

    #21: Smosh – Boxman 2.0 (43 plays)
    Feelings: me being Boxman at the bus station

    #20: Kate Havnevik – Happy Sad (43 plays)
    Feelings: happy-sad

    #19: Caro Emerald – Back It Up (43 plays)
    Feelings: the sci-fi short stories I read shortly before discovering this wonderful song

    #18: Smosh – Firetruck (44 plays)
    Feelings: that it would be cool to really say firetruck instead of fuck, but I just can’t pull that off

    #17: Two Steps from Hell – United We Stand - Divided We Fall (46 plays)
    Feeling: it’s a “new order song” for me so yeah, makes me feel like everything’s possible

    #16: Smosh – Parents Suck! (47 plays)
    Feelings: my father going crazy from the SHUT UP! sound every time I watch a video on YouTube

    #15: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Revolution (49 plays)
    Feelings: express train ride with my head hidden in my coat

    #14: I Set My Friends on Fire – Four Years Foreplay (49 plays)
    Feelings: that this song is as horrible as fabulous

    #13: Laura Marling – The Captain and the Hourglass (49 plays)
    Feelings: me and my friend singing this song acappella while walking through a village

    #12: The Annoying Orange – Kitchen Intruder (50 plays)
    Feelings: my lolling over the “I was attacked by some idiot in the kitchen” part

    #11: Lana Del Rey – Off to the Races (50 plays)
    Feeling: irritation; I’m unable to remember the lyrics correctly

    #10: Fall Out Boy – Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet (50 plays)
    Feelings: Firetruck YEAH!

    #9: In This Moment – Blood (51 plays)
    Feelings: that disappointment with the album version

    #8: Jack Douglass – Your Grammar Sucks: The Rap (52 plays)
    Feelings: thank God my grammar doesn’t suck; but if it sucked I wouldn’t mind if Jack made it into a song

    #7: Jack Douglass – Your Grammar Sucks: The Rap 2 (53 plays)
    Feelings: same as above; only a slightly better song

    #6: Smosh – Legend of Zelda Rap (53 plays)
    Feelings: that there are suddenly way too many raps

    #5: Lacuna Coil – Trip the Darkness (54 plays)
    Feelings: LC are trying to persuade me they deserve to get to my not-play-count-based charts and Trip the Darkness might actually be the only thing that DOES get there

    #4: Smosh – Best of 2011 Remix! (56 plays)
    Feelings: here starts the Smosh festival of music

    #3: Smosh – My Fanny Pack (80 plays)
    Feelings: if the song was longer, I wouldn’t have to listen to it so many times

    #2: Smosh – Best of 2010 Remix! (106 plays)
    Feelings: the guy who makes those remixes FTW!

    #1: Smosh – Ultimate Assassin’s Creed 3 Song (118 plays)
    Feelings: best song of 2012; real artists: GFY!

  • The Apocalyptic Journal: Top 25 Albums of 2012

    Dez 31 2012, 15h11


    #25: Kate Havnevik – You (193 plays)
    Another one of the exceptional women with a permanent corner of their own in my music-loving heart. I like You much better than Melankton, I guess. I’m only sorry it’s so short.
    Feelings: lot of sun, trains, spring
    Best song: Happy Sad

    #24: Shinedown – Amaryllis (195 plays)
    As I mentioned earlier, a huge discovery of 2012. Honestly, I am quite surprised this album is not higher in the charts but that’s only a matter of the near future…
    Feelings: this autumn, first floor at my university department, an uncomfortable feeling of meeting my ex-crush
    Best song: Nowhere Kids

    #23: Two Steps from Hell – Dynasty (196 plays)
    One huge TSFH album where you just press play and it plays for hours…
    Best song: Dragon Rider

    #22: Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (206 plays)
    I commented on Stronger earlier but only now, searching for the song I’d call “the best” I realized how much I can’t listen to this album anymore because it’s been with me in some considerably troubled and emotional times. I dare myself to re-listen to Stronger on January 1.
    Feelings: bittersweet
    Best song: I Forgive You

    #21: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Trip the Light Fantastic (207 plays)
    When I need some early summer 2012 feelings, I know I should play this album.
    Feelings: Phonetics exam, my mind which rebels at studying (which causes me to play If I Can’t Dance, New York City Lights and China Heart over and over again)
    Best song: If I Can’t Dance

    #20: Embassy of Silence – Euphorialight (221 plays)
    In spite of my feelings, I just found Antler Velvet didn’t make it to the Top 25 (being on #30).
    Feelings: university cafeteria (especially the bathroom, don’t ask me why)
    Best song: I Ride Alone

    #19: Ella Fitzgerald – The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books (225 plays)
    I love close harmony but at the same time I can’t deny Ella belongs to the library of every person who claims they like jazz. I grew up listening to Ella and it’s fascinating to finally know what she’s singing about.
    Feelings: me being carried away by the lyrics of Miss Otis Regrets
    Best song: Miss Otis Regrets

    #18: Sophie Ellis Bextor – Make a Scene (226 plays)
    I just found that I can’t really say much about this album (for an unknown reason). Most of the songs are very good, maybe there are more of them than on Trip the Light Fantastic.
    Feelings: the first time I heard this album (express train home)
    Best song: Revolution

    #17: Niyaz – Sumud (236 plays)
    It’s true that it took me one or two listens to get into it but I don’t regret. Azam’s voice is one of the most beautiful and soothing ones I know and here she proves it again.
    Feelings: me listening to this album on a terribly warm afternoon with the sun shining on me like crazy
    Best song: Arzusun

    #16: Ingrid Michaelson – Human Again (244 plays)
    Ingrid’s awesome childishness once again impressed me very deeply.
    Feelings: a journey by bus to the shopping center on a sunny Sunday
    Best song: Do It Now

    #15: In This Moment – Blood (248 plays)
    I loved Blood when it first came out. Then I found that the album version of the song is slightly different and I had problems accepting the “new” version. It was kinda funny…
    Feelings: connected to writing
    Best song: The Blood Legion

    #14: Caro Emerald – Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor (248 plays)
    Also known as one of the most problematic album titles ever. I was so happy to discover yet another contemporary artist who loves sweet jazz. I’m looking forward to hearing more of this wonderful Dutch lady.
    Feelings: walking home from a bus stop (and others related to buses and my hometown’s train station)
    Best song: Absolutely Me

    #13: Delain – We Are the Others (262 plays)
    They keep getting better; I can’t help thinking so since I first heard April Rain.
    Feelings: cleaning my room in early summer; finding out the albums awesome at the first listen
    Best song: Are You Done with Me

    #12: Two Steps from Hell – Archangel (263 plays)
    It’s better than Invincible, I must say.
    Feelings: however long I have known this album, it reminds me of a walk I made just recently; funny…
    Best song: United We Stand – Divided We Fall (said Abraham Lincoln)

    #11: Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline (266 plays)
    As I said earlier: I am very glad they moved into different direction (again), away from Shallow Life.
    Feelings: changing bed sheets while listening to Trip the Darkness shortly after I finished reading Pride and Prejudice (God, this sounds so awkward…)
    Best song: Trip the Darkness

    #10: Figure and Groove Music – Ultimate Tension and Drama (270 plays)
    71 tracks, 1:30 each. But all the same, this is one of the better trailer albums.

    #9: Smosh – If Music Were Real (270 plays)
    If this is the sound of music not being real (likely) I am glad that sometimes I can just escape to the land of where music is, well, Smosh.
    Feelings: multiple bus rides I took while silently laughing at the lyrics
    Best song: Legend of Zelda Rap

    #8: Tonight Alive – What Are You So Scared Of? (280 plays)
    Feelings: all earlier mentioned important journeys during summer holidays / September; especially that one time I was standing at a train station at half past 9 p.m. and it was both a cold and a very creepy experience
    Best song: Breaking & Entering

    #7: Fall Out Boy – Folie à Deux (282 plays)
    One of the best albums ever. You can tell by listening to it over and over and having a crush on all the songs.
    Feelings: shit, a bus ride again
    Best song: Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet

    #6: Burton Music – Movie Mania (293 plays)
    Some nice 60 tracks going under one album of this absolutely unknown studio.

    #5: Nightwish – Imaginaerum (305 plays)
    The same as with FOB; listening over and over, loving every song (including Scaretale).
    Feelings: me being lost in a park in Nottingham; Oxford—house full of uber intelligent graduates and post-graduates; that one Welsh guy with long blond curly hair (so pathetic…)
    Best song: don’t make me…

    #4: Lana del Rey – Born to Die (323 plays)
    Everything connected to Lana in my life is just so random. Almost as random as the chorus of Diet Mountain Dew.
    Feelings: a springtime walk while silently singing along
    Best song: Radio

    #3: X-Ray Dog – Dog Eat Dog (326 plays)
    As I said, nothing beats this album.
    Feelings: connected to dusting and vacuuming in my room
    Best song: Fangs

    #2: Smosh – Sexy Album (341 plays)
    Feelings: same as with If Music Were Real
    Best song: My Fanny Pack, bitches!

    #1: Two Steps from Hell – Dreams & Imaginations (452 plays)
    No wonder considering how huge this album is.
    Feelings: lying around, listening
    Best song: Allure (listen to it—it’s so creepy)

  • The Apocalyptic Journal: Top 25 Artists of 2012

    Dez 31 2012, 12h56


    #25: Kelly Clarkson (263 plays)
    Kelly and I have gone through a lot of things together. These will mostly be plays of Stronger, I guess. It’s a very good album. Being better than All I Ever Wanted, it can’t get as many plays. I know people hated on it for reasons I can’t quite identify with but… yeah. It’s better than All I Ever Wanted so it can never be as addictive. At least for me—I work in mysterious ways.

    #24: Delain (268 plays)
    Again, mostly plays of We Are the Others which is again an awesome album. Delain and I have again a very long history so it’s difficult for me to compare All I Ever Wanted to April Rain, not to mention comparing Delain to another artist. They have their little room in my heart and you can tell by them placing in my top 25.

    #23: Harry Gregson-Williams (272 plays)
    I must say that for me this is one of the best score composers. I tried getting into his stuff this year. It’s interesting and I like many of his scores but nothing can beat the Kingdom of Heaven (see my Score Chart).

    #22: Hey Monday (280 plays)
    One of this summer holidays’ discoveries who absolutely must release more stuff! I need more Hey Monday! My liking the songs on the later EP more than those of the earlier album points out the fact they are getting better. To my surprise the singer wants to pursue a solo career (or what) after being the first woman to win a Whatever-Talent-Show. Too sad these guys probably disbanded but since the girl participated in songwriting, I hope to hear something at least from her in the near future.

    #21: Stream of Passion (282 plays)
    For a moment I didn’t know where did they come from—I started thinking only in terms of new releases in 2012. Only afterwards I realized SoP are one of my most favorite (at least FF metal) artists. So whenever I was obsessed with Darker Days, they still belong to my every chart. Their place in my heart is right next to that of Delain.

    #20: The Andrews Sisters (298 plays)
    They will be everywhere because I listen to all their stuff at least once a year (that makes some 200 songs) plus I still have my favorites. It already became a ritual—a sort of Jazz Week or something. Andrews Sisters forever.

    #19: Linkin Park (299 plays)
    Here goes the new release thing again. At first Living Things was a bit disappointing album after the awesomeness I found in A Thousand Suns. In the end I realized it’s not that different. Then the length started to be a problem. 37 minutes? Are you serious, LP? I always have to play it at least twice to be fully impressed by it. And of course I remain listening to A Thousands Suns pretty often.

    #18: In-Grid (304 plays)
    I used to love French. Then I used to hate it. Now French and I are in a relationship which can be in Facebook terms classified as “It’s complicated”. I try hard to start liking it enough to be able to use it for communication. I started to have the feeling I could reconcile with the language during this summer and I randomly started looking for Edith Piaf and also In-Grid who I loved back in the day. I absolutely love her first album, Rendez-vous. The next two albums fell kind of flat on my ears and then there is Passion which I love as well.

    #17: Tonight Alive (312 plays)
    Alongside Hey Monday (and some others yet to be mentioned) Tonight Alive are one of the best bands I discovered this year. Slightly better than We Are the In Crowd (who didn’t make it into this chart) and somehow more likeable than Paramore themselves (through whom I discovered Tonight Alive). Their music became synonymous with an early summer visit to a dentist, a journey to my aunt’s and a trip to the capital I made in late September. They were always with me and I always listened to the full-length album at least twice.

    #16: Shinedown (320 plays)
    They have been in my library for quite some time and I have no idea how I just didn’t realize how awesome Sounds of Madness was. I re-discovered them when they released Amaryllis. Now I try to get into their earlier stuff but I can’t help it—the newer is better. And Brent has one sexy voice and an accent interesting for phonetic transcription, but that’s a bit off topic.

    #15: Burton Music (323 plays)
    I told you it was gonna be trailers. It’s starting right here on number 15. No idea who these guys are but I love them.

    #14: In This Moment (324 plays)
    Blood is another of those “best of 2012” albums. I have no idea what these guys do but I like every other album they make. Beautiful Tragedy and A Star-Crossed Wasteland are something completely different compared to the other two of which Blood is better, whatever you say. I especially like the comment they “betrayed their style”… The Blood Legion is close to becoming my Song of the Year and if this is a sound of betrayal, I must confess I really like it.

    #13: Figure and Groove Music (330 plays)
    That one album goes on for 71 tracks every time I press play. So you can judge for yourselves.

    #12: Ingrid Michaelson (332 plays)
    Oh, Ingrid. Her Corner of My Heart is next to Maria Taylor’s (who is not in my chart, quite exceptionally this year) and very near to that corner occupied by my writing. Over the years Ingrid became a symbol of my writing. She somehow, alongside Maria, puts me into THE mood. I say that every year and I will repeat it even this year: Ingrid is so cute not loving her is just impossibru.

    #11: Lana del Rey (334 plays)
    Early 2012 discovery which was just so random I must tell you the story. I was browsing YouTube. I suddenly clicked on the video for Born to Die. Has this ever happened to you—that somehow you don’t think you particularly like the song but something’s telling you to go and check that artist all the same? So this happened to me with Lana. When I started listening to her, almost none of my Last.fm friends did. Now they all love her as well and surpassed me in Born to Die plays, many of them multiple times. And now the sounds of Born to Die mean so much to me it’s difficult to listen to it without getting sentimental. With Lana’s new stuff, however, I sometimes can’t believe my ears and I must say that Born to Die will probably always be THE thing.

    #10: Niyaz (378 plays)
    And we are entering the top 10 for 2012 plays. With Niyaz, mostly Sumud even though I keep listening to both the self-titled and Nine Heavens. But Sumud is just SO great. I expected awesomeness and once upon a time it happens that you actually get what you expected. Azam and the guys once again proved that putting the trust in them was worth it, I can’t wait for the next album and I hope it’s gonna be soon.

    #9: Embassy of Silence (393 plays)
    When I listened to Euphorialight for the first time I was like: “And where have YOU been hiding all the time I’ve loved this type of music?!” I was really disappointed with myself that I hadn’t discovered them earlier. It’s the kind of love like with Shinedown; I listen to one album and I have to listen to the other one as well. Both Euphorialight and Antler Velvet are amazing. I may like Antler Velvet a tiny bit more but that doesn’t really mean anything.

    #8: Fall Out Boy (439 plays)
    If I cursed myself for not discovering Embassy of Silence earlier, I cursed myself ten times as much for ignoring FOB. I had this one song that was just so awesome I made it an imaginary title song for my own series and I just screwed the rest which is nearly criminal. The fact is that the album I love the most was not released back then but… it’s criminal anyway. May Patrick Stump be pronounced the sexiest voice of 2012.

    #7: Nightwish (443 plays)
    I’m not gonna lie to you: this is Imaginaerum, Imaginaerum, more Imaginaerum and the other albums played maybe once in the entire year. Quite sadly, I ceased to listen to NW almost completely but every time they release new thing, you can be sure I’m gonna love it. For 2013’s consideration there is the mysterious departure of Anette which annoyed the friend who introduced me to NW so damn much she pronounced them disbanded. OK, it may not be mysterious—I just refused to search any details about it myself. And then there is the Score I listened to for the first time couple of days ago.

    #6: Lacuna Coil (480 plays)
    LC in front of NW—hell yeah! I love everything from Karmacode to present but only with the release of Dark Adrenaline I realized how overplayed and quite funnily SHALLOW Shallow Life is. Dark Adrenaline is probably better than Karmacode and I’m glad LC didn’t go on in the Shallow Life direction.

    #5: Sophie Ellis-Bextor (481 plays)
    Were it not for my friend who visited me two three days ago, LC would be in front of Sophie but who cares. I remember how much I loved Get Over You when I was no-idea-how-old and watched the music video on TV. I don’t remember why but I decided to give Sophie another chance. First I really liked Make a Scene, then Trip the Light Fantastic. Then I stopped so maybe I will re-discover the remaining albums in 2013.

    #4: Smosh (947 plays)
    And here comes the other part of what I told you earlier. YouTube. Firetruck YouTube. I have no alibi for this but “I love these guys”. And I’m a very skilled assassin killin’ dudes in ones and twos, if you know what I mean.

    #3: X-Ray Dog (1,187 plays)
    Let’s trailer it up, shall we? Nothing beats XRD’s Dog Eat Dog. Nuff said.

    #2: Brand X Music (1,257 plays)

    #1: Two Steps from Hell (2,118 plays)
    XRD, Brand X and TSFH are simply the best. And again, I have no alibi.

  • The Apocalyptic Journal: Introduction

    Dez 31 2012, 12h39


    Since it seems the world did NOT in fact end, I am happy to present you my usual end-of-the-year journal.

    Trailers and YouTube—this pretty much describes 2012 in my library.

    PART 1: Top 25 Artists of 2012
    PART 2: Top 25 Albums of 2012
    PART 3: Top 25 Songs of 2012
    PART 4: Released in 2011
    PART 5: The Best of 2012

    PS: Let me remind you this is not only about stuff released in 2012. Part 4 deals with albums released in 2011 because it's more comfortable to look at them after some listening to them was done.

    So click, read and enjoy.

  • Finishing 2011 One Day Earlier #1: Looking Back

    Dez 26 2011, 15h10

    It’s awesome to have your albums of 2010, of 2011, of 2543… But I ask: Can you be sure what the album is really about when they released it on December 30, 2011?
    And also: Do you listen to music released only in the particular year?
    Maybe you discovered a band that had disbanded before you were even born and you’re currently having your year discovering the stuff from the 60s. Not my case, but you get the point.

    Band of the Year

    Unexpected. But really. My 12 Months chart says so. And they have the right: my obsession started in January and lasted until now.

    HOW THIS HAPPENED: Now, my friend used to be a big Hooverphonic fan. She even saw them live. I mostly find my friend’s music taste rather strange, but we do have stuff in common. The music she listens to is… perfectly typical for her. Cannot say it’s bad; it’s just not my cup of tea most of the time.

    WHEN? Here we would have to go as far as June 2010. My first song was Inhaler.

    THE WAY I SEE IT NOW: My top album is still The Night Before. The President of the LSD Golf Club is catching up. And it will catch up I think. After these two, my impression is kind of fuzzy. When you take the rest of the albums, you will find a song I adore on each of them.

    The Night Before: The star is definitely Anger Never Dies. I love the ‘The World Is Not Enough-James Bond’ sorta sound. Of the whole album, but this song is super-Bond. Hm… now I can see that Identical Twin follows, losing only two plays. I don’t even LOVE the song? Seems I will soon. But those I’m more sure of: hmm… I just realised I’d have to name all of the songs. Literally all of them. Oh wow.

    The President of the LSD Gold Club: play count says The Eclipse Song. I’d add Stranger, Expedition Impossible and Black Marble Tiles. The latter got me unprepared and I had to love it. But I think LSD is a good album altogether. Just like The Night Before.
    Huge gap in plays.

    A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular: so far this album is a synonym for Inhaler in my head. I kind of liked Plus Profond as well if I remember right.

    The Magnificent Tree: Vinegar & Salt. That’s an awesome track. And Visions, too, but that shorter version. The long one is too… long.

    Jackie Cane / Presents Jackie Cane (I never understood which name they meant): Day After Day. It kind of reminds me of The Eclipse Song. They’re both great. And Jackie’s Delirium. That’s also… interesting.

    No More Sweet Music: that definitely belongs before Jackie and The Magnificent tree. I was only more sure I like it, so I didn’t spend so much time listening to it. Instead, I was trying to find what I don’t like about the others. We All Float is the star so far. Tomorrow is pretty jazzy, No More Sweet Music is also cool.

    Aaand Blue Wonder Power Milk: I’ve got some issues with this one.

    Album(s) of the Year

    Well, as I said above, this is something I’m going to write about in the end of 2012. This year, I’m working on the best of 2010.
    Also – there will be multiple albums. I’m not the ‘Top 5’ person. Every time I want to make a top 5, I have six candidates.
    So, according to plays:

    10. Omega Lithium – Kinetik
    After finding Dreams in Formaline awkwardly awesome, I was really looking forward to this one. Highlights: Dance with Me (that weird part in the beginning rocks my socks), Kinetik, Pjesma.

    9. Nightwish – Imaginaerum
    I don’t trust last.fm while writing journals. I also need a spellchecker so I mostly type in Word. It came as a surprise that I already taught the programme that ‘Nightwish’ is a legit word. Anyway, Imaginaerum (which it doesn’t know… yet!) is gonna be a big thing. So far: Storytime, I Want My Tears Back, Last Ride of the Day and Song of Myself are the best.

    8. Leaves’ Eyes – Meredead
    I still remember how bitterly (and wrongly) disappointed I was with Njord. I can’t say this happened again with Meredead. On the contrary. I definitely recommend Étain and Meredead. And actually, the whole thing is worth listening. It’s a slightly different sound, but good.

    7. The Birthday Massacre – Pins and Needles
    I think the whole TBM are awfully addictive. The is not different. Pins and Needles—everybody loves this one. And Pale (nobody seems to love this one).

    6. Stream of Passion – Darker Days
    Me likez how every time I listen to it I find one more thing that’s special about it. Marcela and the rest of SoP for the win! I’m also thankful Spanish came back to random choruses / verses. That’s one of the things that makes SoP special. The World Is Ours has probably one of the most strangely-put-together chorus ever and I totally love it. And—is it just me—or are Closer and Broken similar in something, but I don’t know what… Awesome stuff. And I disagree with most people’s disagreement.

    5. Within Temptation – The Unforgiving
    New NW = good NW. New WT = good WT. This is no THOE, let alone TSF. But everything Sharon sings turns to gold and if there ever was a song by WT I didn’t like, it is not on this album. Actually, it’s been such a long time since THOE, I don’t remember how it felt like to finally have new WT to listen to. Oh wait, I do remember. It was awwwwwwwwwwwsum! (Excuse the childishness and check my user name.)

    4. Autumn – Altitude
    Here comes the moment where it would be very unjust to exclude albums not released in 2011. I know the rest of them are, but this one was worth making the Top 10 differently. Because I absolutely love it! After listening to it 20 times, I still seem to be unable to distinguish between certain songs. Which I don’t really understand. I absolutely adore Liquid under Film Noir. And I love the vocals—the harmonies are awesome. I hate myself for not discovering this awesome album before. You know how wonderful this is at 6 a.m. when you’re standing on a dark train station waiting for a mf train that always comes late? Priceless music!

    3. Krypteria – All Beauty Must Die
    Krypteria is my love. Since like… the first song I heard from them. And they are still getting better. I especially love Turn the World Around, Higher and Victoria—the heart of the album.

    2. Sirenia – The Enigma of Life
    The truth is I have no idea how come this one got so high! Oh wait—my obsession with this is almost one year old. I know it’s a good album and I’m gonna love it after I play the first song, but it’s like… it’s like with The Night Before; it got a bit old. What’s good about this? Basically everything but the title track is kind of irritating when it comes in the end, then another song and then the acoustic version of the title track again. I’ve got too much of it already.

    1. Evanescence - Evanescence
    Yeah, I expected this. Since most of the tracks are my favourite and since I play them almost every day, it’s kinda hard not to have it on the first position. This is probably the most wonderful release of 2011 as seen in the end of 2011. And I think I prefer this sound to that of The Open Door.

    The Stuff I Didn’t Stuff to the Thing Above
    Because it’s not nice to mix genres like that.

    5. Maria Taylor – LadyLuck
    I love Maria but it seems I always need one year or more to digest her new album. Time Lapse Lifeline and 100,000 Times are probably among her best songs altogether.

    4. Butterfly Boucher – Scary Fragile
    Except for those three tracks which are not that awesome… The best recipe for a good mood.

    3. Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns
    Similarly strange discover as with Maria. It took more than a year to appreciate that new LP = good LP.

    2. Hooverphonic – The Night Before
    James Bond gangsta style. Me likez Hooverphonic more and more Day After Day.

    1. Lady Gaga – Born This Way
    Not my Mother Monster, but I believe I’m not a freak – I was Born This Way.

    Songs of the Year
    This actually goes a bit beyond the plays…

    Storytime – the sound of Nightwish version 2011

    Judas – the betrayal of my decency in music

    Victoria – because I was born to love Latin and this band

    The World Is Ours – the most awkwardly awesome song of 2011

    Time Lapse Lifeline – the holiday oasis of my career of an author

    End of the Dream – probably the best song by Evanescence

    Waiting for the End – the new sound of Linkin Park that has finally grown on me

    Fly – old but still good

    Broken Pieces (feat. Lacey) – everything Lacey sings turns into gold

    and Thank You – for everything…

    It’s kinda funny to look at the names of these songs. It feels like an awkward description of 2011. Partly, it has something to do with the times I was listening to them the most, but… it’s really, really interesting.

    Let me sort them again. Seems my 2011 properly started in May, because I can’t see any references to the first half of the year in these songs.

    Victoria, hell yeah, the end of high school! Fly towards the longest and possibly awesome holiday. Time Lapse Lifeline, for how slowly that awesome time passed. End of the Dream for… for the end of the dream that followed. Waiting for the End is a very descriptive title itself. Judas, for a friend turned a big bastard. And a big Thank You for the person who wants to bother collecting all my Broken Pieces. Through the Storytime phase that followed I got back to Earth and so… currently I’m (again) in the The World Is Ours phase.

  • How Long Have I Known These...?

    Nov 24 2011, 12h23

    My Musical Anthology

    I think it was during the summer holiday when I realised that certain albums have been in my library for more than 10 years (or about this long). I used to listen to the radio a lot when I was younger, but I grew tired of it and started gathering my own collection. Not much left from how it used to look like those 10 years ago, but surprisingly, the things that stayed are still my favourite music. Or it's just nostalgia. Think what you must. And have fun, because you're going to see a grown-up ten-year-old here.

    I tried to sort this according to when it entered my life. Even though I'm quite good with past dates, I don't have to be right, but I did my best.


    I have to start long ago with the music associated with my earliest childhood memories. They’re connected to this album:

    It used to be a very important thing! Every Sunday (I believe) my two oldest plush dogs had their wedding. One of them is blue, the other is pink. Their names are Mr Doggie and Mrs Doggie and it was very important for them to get married every week. I always begged my parents to play me that cassette, so they could be married. It didn’t work without it. No idea how old I was, though. Three, four? Not more, I guess.
    Last year, when I was in charge of music for our prom, I came back to this. Even though after all the music didn’t end up as I wanted, we used Only Time and Amarantine by Enya. And the last track from 1492. I was so proud of myself when this music was playing there for some 30 minutes and everybody was listening to what I chose.
    Actually, when I'm thinking about it now, I have no idea how my class-mates, who were in charge of the prom as a whole, knew I was a musical person. I doubt I ever told anybody...

    Early 2000s

    My own first CDs altogether were probably those:

    You cannot imagine how much we love Natalia here. Or how much we used to love her. She even had some special version of an album for the Czech Republic (and also Hungary, I think). This could've been the year 2001, I guess. I thought 2000, but Turmalina was released in 2001, so no. My then best friend introduced her to me. We were obsessed with this. We even tried to sing it! At some very strange point, we gathered on Saturdays to pretend we were Natalias, doing a concert. And you can imagine how much Spanish we knew back then...
    What is pretty interesting about this is that in 2007 I had a new Natalia obsession with these two albums all over again. I already knew some Spanish. I was able to sing the self-titled album by heart. Unfortunately, my last.fm account doesn't seem to know about this, which is a pity. Myself, I'd like to know how many times I heard it... This obsession was followed by the Turmalina obsession. The friend for sure had this album, too, in 2002, but that was around the time we parted our ways. But I’m sure she has it until today. Not sure she likes it anymore, though. We don’t talk.

    Then, again the very same friend, came and introduced me to this:

    And this obsession was probably even more serious than Natalia. I let you guess how much Russian we knew back then…

    The same friend for the last time:

    P!nkM!ssundaztood (2001)

    When you look at the stuff so far, it’s a pretty mediocre music. Who didn’t know this back in 2002. I even considered P!nk my most favourite singer. So this will probably be a surprise:

    No idea how this got to me, but yeah, it did and it was awesome:

    Linkin ParkMeteora (2003)

    I remember listening to Meteora a few times a day. My parents were furious.

    And, I must not forget my first score ever:


    Hm, I think I got too far here. I have to jump back in time to say that around this time I met a very special friend on-line. My first on-line friend, yayy! And we still keep in touch. Sorta… When I think about him in terms of music, after myself, he was the most influential person. Yes, even more influential than that girlfriend of mine.

    That time, around 2003, me and my (new) best friend got a hold of this album:

    EvanescenceFallen (2003)

    Besides the fact we both loved Stargate (that’s how random on-line friendships start when you’re 10) we also both love Evanescence! God bless Amy Lee! I literally loved that guy. We had so much in common it was almost unbelievable. Still haven’t met him, by the way. But somehow, I think in the future I’ll be able to overcome my strange feeling for him and behave like an adult person. If nothing, we can still talk about Evanescence, Stargate and the past. (And those are very good topics…)

    This is pretty much the most important thing that followed:

    And what happened next is very fuzzy. There were so many things at once. I finally learned how to use the internet to search for music I might like. Around 2006 I lost track of what was first and what was second.

    These were my discoveries:

    The first album I bought for myself. I didn’t know what I was doing, I knew just a few songs but I came to love it. I can still recall the smell of newness when I unpacked it.

    AnastaciaAnastacia (2004)

    This is such a different album from the others by Maddona. Still like it the best.

    EnyaShepherd Moons (1991)

    In cooperation with my best friend we found this:

    DidoNo Angel (1999)

    But also! Me and my mum rounded up to listen to the same music, imagine that! If this has never happened to you, you missed a pretty awesome feeling. It really is a disaster when your parents get stuck in the 80s. Luckily my mum didn’t.

    Russell Crowe is one of her favourite actors. You’re gonna see him everywhere here if you have a little knowledge of his filmography.

    This, of course, is his band. We had all three albums. From Australia, they were fucking expensive. But I remember this one the best:

    Also we quite liked these guys, but they have nothing to do with Crowe:

    And finally:

    I adore the box where we keep these CDs. Sometimes I just go, open it and recall 2007, the most wonderful time in my life so far. Yeah, I’m living in the past.

    Late 2000s and onwards

    These two dozens albums seem like the very core of my music library. I actually have an iTunes playlist called ‘The Core Library’, where all the albums I really can’t do without listening once in a while can get. As for today (but I haven’t done much sorting in last few months) it comprises 484 albums. I’m very accurate, so all singles, EPs and other songs are outside of this.

    The other huge influences were Grey’s Anatomy and, of course, Las.fm. I don’t watch GA anymore, I did for a very short period of time and then it got annoying, but Last.fm for the win!
  • One Year on last.fm, part 1

    Jun 1 2010, 12h58

    One Year on last.fm
    6/1/2009 – 5/31/2010

    note: p = plays – the word gets very bothering

    So, this is it. My profile's turning 1 today. I've done this more for myself - to remember this wonderful year, but you are of course welcome to read it as well. ^_^

    Number of tracks played: 25,702
    Artists in my library: 669 (Why didn’t I realise this before?! I’d add one more…)
    Loved tracks: 763 (The last being Wuthering Heights by The Puppini Sisters)
    Number of shouts xD : approx. 440 (Using some basic mathematics which even *I* know it’s about 1.2 shout per day… Doesn’t look like I’m extremely popular – but at least I can expect one shout every day so I won’t be so bored checking my profile…)

    Top 50 artists (according to played tracks):

    1. 30 Seconds to Mars
    Played tracks: 931
    Time spent listening: 3,848 min = cca 64 hours = cca 2.5 days

    ^ Most favourite thing: The "From Yesterday" video ♥

    Top albums:
    1. A Beautiful Lie – 372 p
    2. This Is War – 325 p
    3. 30 Seconds to Mars – 167 p
    Absolute last.fm mainstream number 1!!

    Top songs:
    1. From Yesterday – 56 p
    2. The Kill – 50 p
    3. A Beautiful Lie – 46 p
    4. Night of the Hunter – 44 p
    5. Kings and Queens – 43 p
    Absolute last.fm mainstream number 2!!

    ^_^ : For not being in my charts THAT long (since November 2009) they are amazingly high, aren’t they? :P Well, I guess it’s got something to do with my obsession with Jared. OK, correction: my ex-obsession with him (b4 he dyed his hair PINK or what the hell he’s done?!)

    2. Nightwish
    Played tracks: 703
    Time spent listening: 3,792 min = cca 63 hours = cca 2.5 days

    ^ Most favourite thing: Yup, the Angel of Music

    Top albums:
    1. Dark Passion Play – 127 p
    2. Once – 115 p
    3. Wishmaster – 89 p
    4. Century Child – 67 p
    5. Oceanborn – 60 p

    Top songs:
    1. The Siren / Live to Tell the Tale – 22 p
    3. Dark Chest of Wonders – 21 p
    4. Two for Tragedy / Bless the Child – 15 p

    ^_^ : Haven’t heard them since about March. That means I absolutely NEED the new album (which is not supposed to come this year – so what does it mean? Kelly Clarkson is catching up on you, guys!)

    3. Kelly Clarkson
    Played tracks: 620
    Time spent listening: 2,372 min = cca 39.5 hours = 1.5 day

    ^ Most favourite thing: When she says she does not hook up (and obviously lies).

    Top albums:
    1. All I Ever Wanted – 428 p (Yay, my most listened album :P )
    2. My December – 68 p (Kinda difference…)
    3. Breakaway – 62 p
    4. Thankful – 61 p
    ^ Kinda lies, I like all the albums more than My December, it’s only I’ve been trying to get into it… not very succesfully.

    Top songs:
    1. The Day We Fell Apart – 47 p
    2. Whyyawannabringmedown 39 p
    3. Can We Go Back – 33 p
    4. Don’t Let Me Stop You / If I Can’t Have You - 31 p (These two will forever be together…)

    ^_^ : Nobody can EVER stand between me and my Kelly xD

    4. Robert Downey Jr.
    Played tracks: 413
    Time spent listening: 1,624 = 27 hours = 1 day (Oh, Lord…)

    ^ Most favourite thing: Euh... that would be... HIM?!

    Top albums:
    1. The Futurist – 385 p (My truly most favourite album :P )
    ^ Gimme one more album and you’ll see xD

    Top songs:
    1. Hannah – 65 p (My this year’s top song)
    2. Kimberly Glide 44 p
    3. Details – 41 p
    4. 5:30 / Little Clownz – 37 p

    ^_^ : This is THE man of my life :P

    5. Ingrid Michaelson
    Played tracks: 377
    Time spent listening: 1,281 min

    ^ Most favourite thing: That MAYBE, in the future I'm gonna come back...

    Top albums:
    1. Girls and Boys – 212 p
    2. Everybody – 89 p
    3. Be OK – 61 p
    4. Slow the Rain – 9 p (Euh – LOL…)

    Top songs:
    1. Maybe – 38 p
    2. You and I – 37 p
    3. Die Alone – 26 p
    4. The Way I Am – 24 p
    5. Breakable – 23 p

    ^_^ : May more Ingird be with me in the following years. Her beautiful childish lyrics always cheer me up.

    6. The Ditty Bops
    Played tracks: 371
    Time spent listening: 1,032 min

    ^ Most favourite thing: The masterpiece of innocent music.

    Top albums:
    1. The Ditty Bops – 200 p
    2. Moon Over the Freeway – 151 p
    3. Summer Rains – 17 p (Says pretty much everything about what I think about their newer stuff…)

    Top songs:
    1. Pale Yellow – 42 p
    2. Angel with an Attitude – 30 p
    3. In the Meantime 25 p
    4. Walk or Ride – 22 p
    5. Wishful Thinking – 20 p

    ^_^ : Wish their old stuff’s quality came back :(

    7. Stream of Passion
    Played tracks: 363
    Time spent listening: 1694 min

    ^ Most favourite thing: That being out of the real world is one step closer with Marcela's magnificent voice.

    Top albums:
    1. The Flame Within – 258 p
    2. Embrace the Storm – 81 p

    Top songs:
    1. Burn My Pain – 44 p
    2. A Part of You – 32 p
    3. Games We Play – 24 p
    4. Haunted / Now or Never / Let Me In – 18 p

    ^_^ : My ears need albums like "The Flame Within".

    8. Krypteria
    Played tracks: 340
    Time spent listening: 1,258

    ^ Most favourite thing: The "For You I'll Bring the Devil Down" absolutely awesome video!!!

    Top albums:
    1. My Fatal Kiss – 217 p
    2. Bloodyangel’s Cry – 49 p
    3. In Medias Res – 48 p

    Top songs:
    1. For You I’ll Bring the Devil Down – 28 p
    2. My Fatal Kiss – 23 p
    3. The Freak in Me – 22 p
    4. God I Need Someone / Ignation 19 p

    ^_^ : Hit of Summer 2009.

    9. Epica (Wow, 9th!!!)
    Played tracks: 317
    Time spent listening: 1,442 min

    ^ Most favourite thing: Due to a not succesful search for a photo of Siome that wouldn't be asking for a comment such as "hotter than hell" and various shit that you can see on Epica's page, I just SAY I love her live performance.

    Top albums:
    1. The Divine Conspiracy – 188 p
    2. Design Your Universe – 96 p
    3. Consign to Oblivion – 12 p (But that doesn’t stop me from thinking it’s a great album!)
    4. The Phantom Agony – 9 p
    5. The Classical Conspiracy – 7 p (Oh, Simone, one of the best live performers or what!)

    Top songs:
    1. Never Enough – 44 p
    2. Unleashed – 29 p
    3. Burn to a Cinder – 28 p
    4. Sancta Terra – 26 p
    5. Fools of Damnation – 24 p

    ^_^ : A hidden treasure I ignored for so many years…

    10. The Bird and the Bee
    Played tracks: 310
    Time spent listening: 1,054 min

    ^ Most favourite thing: Inara singing the Yellow Pages

    Top albums:
    1. Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future
    2. Please Clap Your Hands
    3. The Bird and the Bee
    4. One Too Many Hearts

    Top songs:
    1. Love Letter to Japan – 35 p
    2. My Love – 31 p
    3. The Races – 28 p
    4. What’s in the Middle / Polite Dance Song – 18 p

    ^_^ : Highly addictive kinda silly thing with adorable vocals.

    Continue to part 2 >>>