I. Over 1, 000!


Mar 10 2009, 19h31

(sorry for veeeery low English level >_>'')

Sooo! Yesterday I reached more than 1000 tracks heard from one artist or band. This band is Danity Kane - american r'n'b girl group, created by P. Diddy in 'Making the Band 3'. Let' s look at the statistics:
- my main Last.fm page says that Danity Kane' s most often heard song are: Sucka for Love (75), Pretty Boy (65) and Hold Me Down (62).
- I' m mad about Danity Kane with 1 010 plays making up 11% of my playlist. That' s interesting! ^^

Why Danity Kane? Well, it' s an interesting story. Firstly I listened only 'Show Stopper, it was DK' s first song I heard. Than I left listening them, probably because I thought that was one of many girlsbands and it' s not interesting for me. And then, after a year or more, I downloaded Danity Kane album, I listened to all the songs and...I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS ALBUM!!! Definitly! And after 'Danity Kane' I wanted more and more and more (:3), so I decided to hear next songs. Welcome to the Dollhouse was amazing. And Damaged makes me happy every time I hear it, because it brings back beautiful memories from my photoshot :)

Why do I love them? Because of their lyrics! Danity Kane know what a girl feels, when she wants a party (Show Stopper), notices a handsome and charming boy (Pretty Boy, 2 of You), and sometimes feels alone Is Anybody Listening, Ain' t True Interlude, Poetry). They know what kind of music and lyrics a girl needs to feel strong, self - confident, happy and sexy.

There is only one big sad thing about them - probably we, the fans, will never see a new album. I don; t think it is Aubrey' s, Diddy' s or anyone else' s fault, but that' s a little bit sad. Girls are stronger when they are together - in every case. If Aubrey wanted to be like The Pussycat Dolls...I can only imagine that it must be hard for Shannon, D. Woods, Aundrea and Dawn, they were very strong, full of positive energy team with a lot of talent. Both dancing and singing.

Well, I think that Danity Kane gives me a lot. Their music is happiness which is all around me and their lyrics make me stronger.


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