• Ah, what the hell?

    Dez 15 2008, 18h56

    Remember, how last year I did a rant about people not changing their musical prefference at all? Guess what? Not a fucking thing changed. Look at the charts now and dig my old rant up.
    People. Are... Conservative to the point of boredom.
  • Meme: Make fun of your Top 25

    Mai 14 2008, 13h12

    1. Mötley Crüe - No matter how much I love Crue I still admit that most of their post-Dr. Feelgood, pre-New Tattoo sucked really-really bad. Not to mention Tommy Lee's escapades.

    2. Тимур Шаов - His text may be genius-level, but some of his songs are filled with too much "what the hell was he THINKING", I don't share all of his opinions and his voice sucks a lot...

    3. Running Wild I love these guys. But their songs can sound really-REALLY repetetive at times.

    4. Lemon Demon To make it to his best songs you'll have to wail trough the piles of "cover-your-ears-and-run". Especially on his earlier albums, where all the best songs are.

    5. Король и Шут Same thing here. And seriously, punk? What the hell was he smoking?

    6. Korpiklaani Sigh... Yet again for every "Oh my gosh, this is the best song ever created by mankind" there's two "cover your ears and run for the hills!" ones...

    7. Terry Scott Taylor Um... Uh... How about the fact that there were no new Neverhood games for him to fully shine?

    8. Laura Karpman Things get harder... How about the fact that I'm not getting a hard-on from her?

    9. Paul Romero & Rob King They're both BALD! Nothing wrond with that, but I needed something.

    10. Poison "Our texts are 80's and meaningless but our songs are great."

    11. Gorky Park They went from metal to pop! And artists never should do SUCH a heel-face-turn!

    12. Несчастный Случай They didn't do a soundtrack for the movie version of "Radio Day" and "Elections Day" movies. And that's bullshit.

    13. Эпидемия "Hi, we're out of songs, but we've got a new vocalist, so let's redo them!"

    14. Joby Talbot He's tagged "emo", for godssake.

    15. Rhapsody Are they over this Algalord thing yet?

    16. Microsoft "Resistance is futile. We are the only OS that actually have any use for gamers. Boom-chaka-wow." (And I only listen to one track from "Age of Mythology". Joy.)

    17. Високосный Год Seriously, when have THEY last realeased an album?

    18. Heroes of Might and Magic III Get out of my charts, you fake.

    19. Gypsy Pistoleros Two albums with different covers and one new track. Whoop-dee-fucking-do.

    20. Guns N' Roses I blame them as much as Nirvana for the death of Hair.

    21. Twisted Sister No, seriously, have you seen those guys videos?

    22. The Offspring What style are they now? Nu-metal? I can't even keep track...

    23. Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra I like the band, but Kusturica is too often really over his head...

    24. 植松伸夫 He's not a genius. Period. He has his good tracks but actually calling him a genius?

    25. Легион They're so bad it's good. Really. No voice, lousy lyrics and over-use of synthezer. Yawn...

    Well, that was long... Oh well.
  • Goronian's Random Rant Extravaganza Part 2 - Thoughts about metal.

    Mai 10 2008, 20h28

    People are really fucking stupid. I guess that goes without any doubt. But when I see stupidity right in front of me, blatantly obvious I tend to bare my teeth, hiss and get angry for no real reason. Okay I lied on this, but it makes me angry. And you won't like me when I'm angry.
    Actually, that's a lie too, I just tend to shout and feel a terrible jaw-ache.
    But this isn't the point of this journal entry. This journal entry is all about rock and metal and, of course, metalheads and anti-metallists.

    First of all... How the hell did it became so popular in the first place? Answer is really simple, if you think about it. Defiance. Most types of metal and hard-rock are centered about defiance (note the word "Most", so don't come back complaining) in this or other way - be it government, realtionship, life, death or any other things that come to your mind.
    Remember Terry Pratchett's Soul Music? It had this message said pretty damn outright... Mind you I can't remember the quote from heart, but it got along the lines "The music made you want to rebel. The music filled your spine with hot lead. The music made you jump and scream and dance. The music made you paint your bedroom black.".
    And that's what's it all about. It's a music of the bone, of the flesh, of the soul. It's the music that sets you ablaze, music that promised that all your wildest dreams could come trough. That's why it became what it is now. Of course it has changed. Various subgenres arised, some very different from the core material, even losing some of the "liquid fire" qualities for "boo-hoo, I'll sob and cry" ones (which is a bunch of bullocks, but that's another article). But it is obvious - as long as there are dreamers (and as long as there are teenagers, but that's past the point) this music will continue to survive, make people rebel and bash their heads incontrollably.

    Now the next thing is the people, that surround it. Of course I'm talking about both sides of the barricade. Well, anti-metallists are quite simple really. I mean ACTIVE ones. Which SHOUT and SCREAM how this music is bad and dead. Well, obviously, they have their own true points, that goes without saying, but most of them will just launch onto the music and chew on it angrily with their little criticism teeth.
    And, seriously, why? I won't speak for everybody, but it became some sort of a fad in later years to bash any, and I mean it, ANY SINGLE SUBCULTURE under the warm sun. The point? The lovely defiance, not wanting to comform to stereotypes and a petty bias that "anything I don't like is bad".
    And attention carving. The glorious attention carving.

    Metalheads themselves aren't saints either. Not only most of them (again, note the "most") are petty elitist pricks, but a lot of them seem to forget what the original metal was all about, instead focusing their attention on techincal aspects and even lyrics in non-lyric-driven bands. Which is just ridiculous. I mean, sure, we have 80-s, early 90-s russian rock, which is basically a big middle finger to USSR... But trying to find any sort of good lyrics in bubble-gum-power like Rhapsody? Or growling doom metal? I mean, what's the point? There's a guy named Algalord, with impractical Emerald Sword and he strikes down his foes. Woo, yay. (Voice, in my inhumble opinion (note "my opinion". I hate it when people bash me for being closed-minded), is just another musical instrument, albeit very powerfull one.)
    And why do they act like this? Good ol' defiance. "But we're not like it! We're not stupid". Ah, how I love defiance.

    What I wanted to say? Well, metal is another musical style. Not better than any other, and not worse, at least in the grand picture of things. We proclaim a lot of things dead, just to ressurect them a couple of decades later out of pure nostalgia. The music of defiance and establishing your place will live on in society in this form or another. And no matter how you look at it that rocks.

    Be excellent to each other.
    And party on, dudes!
  • I feel really bad by doing it...

    Mai 9 2008, 21h06

    But... Um... Come visit this?
    It's pretty self-explanatory, really... Just a group to pit people against each other and hope that something good will come of it.
  • Goronian's random rant extravaganza!

    Set 22 2007, 18h18

    Ever looked at the top artists list? The one with lots of generic (or classic) bands? Noticed anything strange?

    Well... Let me point that one out...

    Top 20 this week -

    The Beatles
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Linkin Park
    Kanye West
    The White Stripes
    Pink Floyd
    Foo Fighters
    The Killers
    System of a Down
    Green Day
    Arctic Monkeys
    Death Cab for Cutie
    Led Zeppelin
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    Fall Out Boy

    Still haven't noticed anything strange? Boy, you sure are... Unobservant. But I think you'll finally get my point, when you see this...

    February 2005, first week, top 20 -

    Green Day
    The Beatles
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Killers
    Pink Floyd
    Franz Ferdinand
    Modest Mouse
    Led Zeppelin
    The Cure
    The White Stripes
    The Postal Service
    The Smashing Pumpkins

    Only 7 bands difference in almost 3 years! I shit you not. What is that all about? Three years have gone by, and people are still listening to the same stuff?
    I mean, come on, people! How long will it last? Alternative, emo and shit like that was popular since mid-late 90's, don't you think it's time to start to try and listen to something different, not new, DIFFERENT? There's a shitload of interesting music outside of this boring MTV crap. Granted, there's a lot of classic bands, but most of them have gone from "classic" to "meh, everybody's listening to it", and that's really terrible...

    When I first came to I thought it's a great place to find new bands, new music, new styles for me to listen. And, honestly, wasn't it one of purposes for's creation? Really, people... Won't you at least TRY listening to anything different? Anyone?
  • Electic, shmelectic....

    Set 22 2007, 17h38

    Recently generated my electic score, and lookie here -

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at

    My eclectic score is currently


    Never expected that, really... But, meh, that's not too bad, ain't it?

    And my music itself? Well it's still fucked up.
    Currently it's Korpiklaani, Motley Crue, Budapest Symphonic Orchestra aaaand... Um... Ноль... Well, that's it. Useless-journal-entry is done. Now on to the random rant!
  • What... The... Hell...

    Set 16 2007, 6h44

    Look... Just look at the tags of the
    Journey of the Sorcerer
    Is... Is somebody on drugs or something?
  • This is getting old...

    Ago 31 2007, 5h40

    I thought I would never stop being amused by random forum rants... But, really, the whole "dick comparing" thing in every discussion is annoying as hell... Don't you people ever grow?

    Music of the moment - Running Wild
  • Meh...

    Ago 29 2007, 22h14

    I write down a lenghty journal entry, and then the site crashes on my sorry ass. Tough luck, eh?

    At least I still listen to the same old crap.

    Laura Karpman
    Високосный Год

    I wonder if anybody even knows these people... Non-post-USSR, of course...
  • Allright!

    Ago 12 2007, 16h45

    3up for me! A trip to local music shop got me these lil' fellas -

    Twisted Sister EVERYTHING!
    Running Wild 1984-1994
    Grave Digger 1983-1999

    Rock out folks! Checkin' it out right now!