• Artists/Bands I've seen live - first try

    Set 10 2006, 15h17

    Since everybody else is doing that, why shouldn't I ?

    Will try to keep it chronological.

    Budka Suflera - 98/99...97 ?
    About 98/99, or even 97, i don't really remember, my parents took me. It was a big show in Warsaw Congress Hall, audience age ranging from about 10 to 60 :D I was a bit sceptical at first, but more towards the end more I enjoyed the show.Thumbs up !

    Kraftwerk - 2004
    I saw the Man Machines live during their Tour de France Soundtracks tour. Same venue as the previus show, but these two can't be compared. Everything was perfect - my seat (yes, sadly it was a sitting show - there wasn't much place to rock, but I can live with that - come on, it's Kraftwerk !), the setlist, the stage, the background animations, and the men themselves, wearing black suits, red shirts and black ties. They started with the impressive reendition of The Man Machine (the one that you can find on their album "Minimum Maximum documenting that tour was actually recorded in Warsaw, at the very same show that I attended !), moved forward with such classics as Computerworld, Autobahn, new stuff like Tour De France Suite and a great version of Radioativity, merging both the majesty of the original and the pumping energy of the 91 mix. During Pocket Calculatorthey came on stage wearing "blinking" ties, and actually sang the song in Polish ! Man, it blew me away. The ending, which was Music Non Stop where each of the band members jammed a little bit, was also great and proved that the sow was live, not playback as some migh been thinking, because Kraftwerk went entirelly digital and use mainly their laptops while performing.
    If you haven't yet seen Kraftwerk live and they are playing this night in your town on somewhere nearby, fucking run for the tickets even if you have to sell your last pair of socks - They are worth it.

    Jean Michel Jarre - 2005
    Ah, the big show in the Gdansk shipyard. I'm sure you've heard about this, 100.00 people in the crowd and such. Speaking of Jean Michel, I've met him in person and he's really a nice guy. Really really. We talked a bit, he signed almost all of my CD's, and we took a foto together. I think he doesn't care as much about miney as he does about his fans, which is nice in todays world.
    Now, back to the show. As I said earlier it was a an outdoor event,big crowd and such. Actually I saw it two times (I've been to the trial 'run of the show), so I can be happy:)
    But I wasn't happy after the show - of course there were great fireworks, animations, lasers (I don't think that there is a person who doesn't know how BIG and visually impressive Jean Michel's shows cand be) but almost all of hic classic tunes were touched with additional bass, which made them sounding like a crap dance things (Jean Michel Jarre. Oxygene 8) especially).
    WTF ? I came to see and hear Jean Michel, not the boom boom shit.
    Second: Most of the show was playback. And i don't mean discreet playback, "helping" playback, but obvious playback. Jean Michel didn't even pretend that the show was live. Some parts were irrecognizable from the Cd's, like the lead for Geometry of Love.During Chronologie 6 Jean Michel had been "playing" the harmony on stage, and stopped to wave to the audience, and the harmony started to play without him - doh ? Come on , I know he's 60 and he can't play everything by himself, so why can't he just recruit a good band of keyboardists/drummers/guitars/ like in the old times ? Eh, maybe he deosn't want to. My dream is to come to one show and see him improvising and playin live music, real live music - such stuff as he did on his Sessions 2000. But maybe I'm old and i don't know how good music should be played. Maybe everything electronic need some booming bass ? Maybe, or maybe not. I vote for the second.

    Andreas Vollenveider - 2005 ?
    That was a show ! Another open air, and a free one too.
    Andreas and his band were great, really . Everything was live, no playback - music was a medley of the most famous melodies from his albums combined with improvisations, really stunning, i particurally enjoyed Dancing with the lion. - the band made musical jokes on stage, Improvised to each other, and such. I didn't know that stones can be used as a musical instrument !
    And the real gem of the show came when famous polish Jazzman, Tomasz Stańko came on stage. Andreas said that they hadn't practiced or prepared any music, and he asked audience to "let them open a blank page". And the magic had begun. I realy had the time of my life. The music was great, I hope that they will come again soon.

    Myslovitz- 2006

    One of the better polish alternative rock band, often compared to Radiohead. I had the opportunity to see them live with Jacek Lachowicz and The Poise Riteas the opening acts. Both of them were really good, and when the main act hit the stage audience was in bliss. They opened with Życie to surfing, a track that calmed the crowd a little bit, after this they rocked with energetic Korova Milky Bar, one of my favourites. Also they played some new song from then unavailible album Happiness Is Easy. Another standout was a great extended edtion of Good Day My Angel, which lasted about 10 minutes and showed another side of the band, they sounded like a progressive rock band. THe ending tack was W deczczu Maleńkich Zółtych Kwiatów.Pure, simple beauty :) I saw them the second time a couple of days ago, at an open air show, but I was soo drunk, so i remember only a few songs, lol. But they are playing at another free show in about two weeks, so I hope I will be able to see their concert, entire concert this time :)

    Uh oh, I think that will be all for today, my children. Go eat cookies and behave good.
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