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TirzahSlow Jam Ontem 04:23
TirzahOoo Never Ontem 04:22
TirzahInside Out Ontem 04:18
TirzahI'm Not Dancing Ontem 04:16
ColdplayGhost Story Ontem 04:10
Avey Tare's Slasher FlicksBlind Babe Ontem 04:07
Avey Tare's Slasher FlicksDuplex Trip Ontem 04:03
Avey Tare's Slasher FlicksA Sender Ontem 03:57
Johnny MarrUpstarts Ontem 03:51
Johnny MarrEuropean Me Ontem 03:47
Johnny MarrI Want the Heartbeat Ontem 03:44
Johnny MarrThe Right Thing Right Ontem 03:40
Kylie MinogueCowboy Style Ontem 03:29
Kylie MinogueToo Far Ontem 03:24
MachinedrumBack Seat Ho Ontem 03:19
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  • CousinEarl

    Good 'ole '82.

    26 Ago 23h57 Responder
  • CousinEarl

    I saw your avatar and had to send you a friend request.

    26 Ago 23h52 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    We are Michael Cera, we're here to make you sad and think about death and stuff!

    16 Ago 9h42 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    It's pretty much what you would have expected him to make though, huh?

    15 Ago 4h14 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    Michael Cera is making music now

    15 Ago 4h08 Responder
  • matthewmw

    Yeah, I still use it for a lot of stuff. You made a really nice avatar for me. Thanks.

    22 Jun 20h12 Responder
  • BadButNotSad

    Great! I'll check them out as soon as I can (not this week because of my year exam :-S )

    2 Jun 20h44 Responder
  • BadButNotSad

    Thanks, man. Know any similar (maybe even modern) movies? I'm desperitely searching for serious occult ones, but most of the time they're either overpsychedelic or mainstream mystery bullshit. The Holy Mountain was just right .

    30 Mai 23h31 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    Ain't nothing wrong with accidentally buying a computer with specs better than you could have ever possibly needed. I don't know what snubpups is but I'll just assume that it means you're being true to your ambitions, so good onya mate. Ya know, I was thinkin; we need to find Jason. In both senses. Actually, 3 senses: we need to find him online, in person, and once we have him in person, we need to find him spiritually. BTW, how do you like my use of punctuation?

    14 Mai 16h50 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    Sounds cool, too. So what are you going to be doing now? and how long do you have till school starts back up?

    13 Mai 6h01 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    You were on like all day today. How did you do it? You only have like 2 classes right now don't you?

    13 Mai 5h45 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    I know everyone must be in a sad state that seems endless right now, but just remember, when I get back everything's gonna start up again. It's like that song by Manfred Mann, Mighty Quinn.

    12 Mai 16h29 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    Leaving the 22nd, arriving the 23rd in Tuscon. Probably won't go down to phoenix for a week or two (or three) after that.

    12 Mai 16h26 Responder
  • MushroomMammoth

    sorry for the late response - im obviously not so active on anymore.. for now it's just my soundcloud shit, finding my style and honing my production quality. however I'm graduating a year early (nothing related to music), so I'm thinking of taking the next year to find my style and get serious. so hopefully some sort of release late 2014/early 2015. glad you like it though, I'll check out your stuff when I have some time. holla!

    1 Mai 15h29 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    Yeah, I thought that you had listened to it already. "I listened to it and it was dissonant" Yeah, I remember that. Man, I bet you listened to it for like 4 minutes and said fuck it. Well the faust tapes were pretty good too, but I don't think I would have said better, their first 3 albums were real fine, but everyone's (including my) favorite was just faust. Just listen to the whole thing. Is nice. Naw, I kind of doubt anyone else his age even talks about music any more. Music is for children, after all.

    2 Abr 6h55 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    That reminds me, I found out that my current instructor here used to be dj. He's got like 4 terabytes of music at home. He just started insulting people that didn't know about daft punk's earlier music and we just started talking about shit. It was kinda funny

    2 Abr 6h37 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    And oh yeah, no the fucking faust tapes was not the one. GET THE ALBUM CALLED FAUST BY FAUST. The faust tapes were still good, but it's just not their first.

    2 Abr 6h34 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    So the album that I got while trying to find octuplex ended up being named astral social club as well, and each track is untitled. I know this isn't it because I already compared the first tracks, but this shit does sound pretty stellar.

    2 Abr 6h30 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    I never thought I'd like it either, but it's just so damn good. The weird thing is, I thought if I ever ended up liking it that it would just be mbdtf because that was the one bitchf4k, /mu/, and fatano liked, but it turns out that that's like the only one that I don't really like. plus, he takes so fucking much from other artists I just can't take it (daft punk, king crimson, black sabbath) like what the hell. Anyway, I'll get Octuplex, sounds intradestin. Besides, you and I both know that St. Vincent is only famous because she makes music and has a vagina.

    2 Abr 6h09 Responder
  • Zodiark111

    Also please send me something experimental to listen to. I need to listen to more shit man. I need something crazy. Something natural snow buildings... Something early anco.... something...something...boredoms crazy

    2 Abr 5h55 Responder
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