• When the music comes back

    Set 15 2014, 22h33

    It's a nice feeling re-discovering old music that you used to listen to, and realizing how much you still love it :)

    I have loved music as long as I can remember. Already when I was three years old, I used to tell my parents that they should put on "The Hall of the Mountain King" which we had on gramophone record. Then when the music started playing, I danced around like crazy all over the house.

    Apparently I was a music addict already then!
  • When the music's over

    Mai 25 2009, 17h58

    I've reached the end. This is the point where there is no more music left. Why? Because now I've heard everything that's worth to hear . There is nothing good left to hear for me.

    Music has reached it's death.