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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I just love mah screamo in the mornin :D Helllo sweet friends/stalkers of mine and welcome to my page. My name is Glynn, All ya need to know about what ya need to call me is in that 5 letter name. If you are reading this, I appreciate the time you are giving to get to know me and I love you :). To start this off, I am 18 years old and just graduated highschool not to long ago and am now on a desperate job search because I have nothing else to do since I live in this boring hellhole town in the middle of Texxxas. I'm not from texas of course, I am from the state next door to texas which is my lovely and so much missed Louisiana <3. Basicly. For life as of right now, I either hang with friends or my fiance at the mall or whatever, and if there is nothing to do I just sit here, listen to music (Screamo is my passion <3) all day, play my guitar, watch some tv here or there, and for me thats not very much :/ well. YEs I do plan on college but I am taking a year off, I plan on majoring in History, but my 2 biggest dreams is to either do bartending and help people waist there lifes away, JK!, or I want to be a paranormal Investigator and learn about the afterlife and prove that spirits walk among us . and im really leanin towards paranormal investigator ;)<3. Well that almost sums it up. For my personality, I LOVE TO BE LOUD!!!!! And i love to goof off with friends at mostly the mall, and see how far we can go without getting kicked out, and Also I am with the sweetest girl ever :) >3< I am not a bg romantic but I am when it comes to her! Well, thanks for reading. be happy, Make love, you know the drill baby. Tata!
Before I go let me tell you a fairy tale :). Once upon a time there lived a boy, who wore skin tight clothes and love rainbows, wit wild hair. who attended such a horrible academy. The other students were bitches and pricks, and the boy acted friendly to them to become popular, yet they either screwed him over or he just did not plain like them. The boy felt alone even though with people surrounding him with desire. Yet he knew of the corruptness that layed in heir hearts. He would not have his heart broken a 3rd time, for if he did it would surely kill him. One day, a beautiful yet pure maiden happened to cross the boys eyes on the day of October 17, 2010. The boy fell in love with her by site, and soon a beautiful relationship developed, they fell in love and travelled everywhere, forming a tightly bonded couple. That boy, became a king do to the love flaming in his heart. and they agreed to remain together eternally, even through death. That boys name? The boy was na!med Glynn, and his fair maiden was named ashley. Written and directed by ~ Robert Glynn Cowart/ The academy was belton high school and i am out of that prison :) I hope all of you that roam the halls of that twisted school wrought in hell you twisted pricks, anywho. Love you all :) :)