• Soilwork, Darkane, Daylight Dies, Swallow the Sun - Jan 30th, 2009 - The Penny Arcade

    Fev 1 2009, 21h02

    Fri 30 Jan – Soilwork, Swallow the Sun, Darkane, Daylight Dies

    Mmmk, so I like all 4 of these bands, and I was pretty stoked to see them. Pre-show my expectations of what I'd enjoy went Swallow the Sun, Darkane, Soilwork and Daylight Dies.

    One thing to note is that the sound quality at this venue is pretty shitty. It's usually too loud and you can't really distinguish between whats what, the sound just occasionally breaks for a second because it's too loud, etc.

    Swallow the Sun hit the stage first. Overall, a pretty good set. They played mostly more death metal stuff, which was good since the volume was so loud and choppy that you couldn't appreciate anything mellow. I don't remember the full set list, but I know they played don't fall asleep and maybe too cold for tears. Stage presence wise, they were pretty bad. The vocalist dressed like an emo/punk kid and just hung on the mic and occasionally headbanged...hanging onto the mic. The keyboardist was the only one getting really into it. Not the greatest set, but they sounded pretty good and the vocals were done well. Drumming was great too.

    Daylight Dies came out next. Wasn't really expecting an amazing show since I'm not nuts over them, but I was pleasantly surprised. They played to the crowd well without being douches and going OMG CIRCLE PIT! ACT LIKE JACKASSES! GRRRR MOTHERFUCKERS! Their sound quality was spectacular considering the venue. Their solo's were actually distinguishable and the vocals were fantastic. I remember A Portrait in White, A Life Less Lived, and I think A Dream Resigned.

    Darkane were next and to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. I much preferred their older vocalist to their newer one, and wasn't that nuts over the new record. Well, to put it frankly, Darkane sound better live than in the studio. They camae out and fucking tore the place apart. There was no bullshit. Their new vocalist was brutal. 0% clean vox and it was good. Shit venue or not, their sound was amazing. The drums were fucking thunderous without breaking your ears and I was amazed at how good the guitar work was. Just...heavy as fuck. One of the best shows ever. I almost wanted to mosh, and I hate moshing. Durr lets dance in circle and push each other like we're having a playground fight in 5th grade. It's always the 90 pound losers or the 300 pound fat slobs in the pit too.

    Then came Soilwork, who I actually didn't want to see that much. I really don't care for Soilwork's new material and with the venue's quality I expected that the one thing I DID like about Soilwork would be ruined: their poppy melodic hooks and choruses. More or less, I was right. They came out with some humor, but I don't really care about that at a metal show. They started out playing mallcore trash songs, and Strid's clean vocals were really really mediocre live. After a few shit songs they said they were gonna play songs that people voted for online and played shadowchild, one of my favorite songs. It was decent, but nothing spectacular. They also played some decent songs like As We Speak, the Flameout, Song of the Damned, Figure Number Five but overall they just weren't very good. They played Stabbing the Drama too, which actually sounded decent, despite being a bit of a mallcore song.

    Aaaand that's about it.