Gig review - Barenaked Ladies


Abr 2 2007, 9h28

On Friday I went to the Hammersmith Apollo (no longer the Carling Apollo) to see the Barenaked Ladies.

I was a little concerned when I saw that the support was Boothby Graffoe. I knew he was a stand-up, and from the stuff i've seen from him over hte years a pretty funny one, but i wasn't sure quite how well he would work as a support. As it turned out, he was excellent. Playing a combination of jokes disguised as songs, as well as some more full length comedy songs (featuring support from some of the band too) he really set the tone for a fun evening; clearly this was not a 'serious' gig! Highlight of the set i guess was Baseball Playing Spider, including audience participation!

So, onto the main act (after an interval accompanied solely by The Crane Wife on shuffle). I don't know much of their stuff, I've got a 20 track complilation CD that Tippex79 put together for me, and of course i knew One Week. I knew that they were a good fun band, didn't take themselves too seriously, so was looking forward to a night of fun.

And they didn't disappoint! Kicking off with 'One Week' they bounced about the stage, regularly changing instruments and pace to really keep the audience on their toes, and lots of bantering and attempting to get each other to corpse, successfully on at least one rocket salad induced occaision.

Here's the setlist for those interested in such things. As far as I've gathered, their setlists are rather changeable from gig to gig, which is always a good thing!

One Week
The Old Apartment
Sound Of Your Voice
Get in Line
Maybe Katie
Too Little Too Late
Running Out Of Ink
Hello City (acoustic/bluegrass set)
For You (acoustic/bluegrass set)
Alternative Girlfriend (acoustic/bluegrass set)
Wind It Up
Angry People with fab, OK Go inspired dance
Pinch Me
Maybe You're Right
It's All Been Done
Brian Wilson

1st encore:
If I Had $1000000

2nd encore:
Envios aceitos
Fibre Optic


  • philsi

    psssst! It was Friday, not saturday! Just thought I'd point that out! Ace review - and ace night!

    Abr 3 2007, 22h15
  • Ged_UK

    Thanks! Brain's gone dead lol

    Abr 4 2007, 8h15
  • rtreynor

    I saw 'em in '95 when they encored with Rio. You're right, they're a fun band.

    Abr 13 2007, 18h33
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