Garo's top 40 of 2010


Jan 2 2011, 21h47

40- Alice in Videoland - A Million Thoughts and They're All About You (Sweden)
Favourite Song: Something New

39- Cathedral– The Guessing Game (United Kingdom)
Favourite Song: Funeral Of Dreams

38- Nechochwen - Azimuths to the Otherworld (United States)
Favourite Song: At Night May I Roam

37- Cibelle – Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel (Brazil)
Favourite Song: Lightworks

36- Triptykon– Eparistera Daimones (Switzerland)
Favourite Song: Abyss Within My Soul

35-Little Women – Throat (United States)
Favourite Song: Throat IV

34- Sarah Fimm– Karma Phala (United States)
Favourite Song: Everything Becomes Whole

33- Rasputina – Sister Kinderhook (United States)
Favourite Song: Dark February

32-Mar De Grises– Stream Inwards (Chile)
Favourite Song: Sensing the New Orbit

31- Enslaved– Axioma Ethica Odini (Norway)
Favourite Song: Ethica Odini

30- TOKiMONSTA– Cosmic Intoxication (United States)
Favourite Song: Doing It My Way

29-Ihsahn – After (Norway)
Favourite Song: Undercurrent

28- Anna von Hausswolff – Singing from the Grave (Sweden)
Favourite Song: Lost At Sea

27- Aldaaron – Nous Redeviendrons Immortels (France)
Favourite Song: Royaume

26- Blood Red Shoes – Fire Like This (United Kingdom)
Favourite Song: Keeping It Close

25- Agua de Annique – Live in Europe (Netherlands)
Favourite Song: Shrink

24- Sharon Van Etten – Epic (United States)
Favourite Song: One Day

23- Shining – Blackjazz (Norway)
Favourite Song: The Madness and the Damage Done

22- Watain – Lawless Darkness (Sweden)
Favourite Song: Reaping Death

21- First Aid Kit – The Big Black And The Blue (Sweden)
Favourite Song: Hard Believer

20- Luisa Maita– Lero-Lero (Brazil)
Favourite Song: Alento

19- Karen Elson – The Ghost Who Walks (United Kingdom)
Favourite Song: The Truth Is In The Dirt

18- Crystal Castles– Crystal Castles (II) (Canada)
Favourite Song: Celestica

17- The Pineapple Thief– Someone Here is Missing (United Kingdom)
Favourite Song: So We Row

16- The Besnard Lakes - ... Are the Roaring Night (Canada)
Favourite Song: Albatross

15- Zola Jesus – Stridulum II (United States)
Favourite Song: Manifest Destiny

14- Beach House – Teen Dream (United States)
Favourite Song: Zebra

13- Les Discrets – Septembre et ses Dernières Pensées (France)
Favourite Song: Chanson d’Automne

12- Amy Macdonald – A Curious Thing (United Kingdom)
Favourite Song: An Ordinary Life

11- Sleigh Bells– Treats (United States)
Favourite Song: Riot Rhythm

10-Land of Talk– Cloak and Cipher (Canada)
Favourite Song: Hamburg, Noon

9- Arcade Fire– The Suburbs ( Canada)
Favourite Song: Modern Man

8- School of Seven Bells – Disconnect from Desire (United States)
Favourite Song: Windstorm

7- Stars – The Five Ghosts (Canada)
Favourite Song: We Don’t Want Your Body

6- Holly Miranda – The Magician’s Private Library (United States)
Favourite Song: Joints

5- Julie Christmas – The Bad Wife (United States)
Favourite Song: July 31st

4- Blonde Redhead– Penny Sparkle (United States)
Favourite Song: Black Guitar

3- Alcest – Écailles de Lune (France)
Favourite Song: Percées de Lumière

2- Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here (United Kingdom)
Favourite Song: A Simple Mistake

1-Laura Marling– I Speak Because I Can (United Kingdom)
Favourite Song: Devil’s Spoke

Brazil: 2
Canada: 5
Chile: 1
France: 3
Netherlands: 1
Norway: 3
Sweden: 4
Switzerland: 1
United Kingdom: 7
United States: 13


Song of the year and HMs
Blonde Redhead - Black Guitar

Anathema - A Simple Mistake
Arcade Fire - Modern Man
Laura Marling - Devil's Spoke
Laura Marling - Rambling Man

Cover of the year
Julie Christmas - If You Go Away

Most improved artist
Sharon Van Etten

DVD of the year
Regina Spektor - Live in London
(Note: I have yet to watch it. But I'm going with an educated guess on that one)

Live show of the year
Stars, and yes, I've actually been to that one.

Weirdest **** of the year
Little Women - Throat. Shining isn't far behind, though.

Bells of the year
School of Seven Bells

Clip of the year
Hot Chip - I Feel Better

Random facts
- My comeback pick last year, Theatre of Tragedy, ended their career in 2010. So, no comeback this year.
- For the second year in a row, my album of the year was a candidate to the Mercury Prize, and for the second year in a row, it lost.


  • loveyoulikealie

    good list :D

    Jan 3 2011, 9h45
  • Mrozikos667

    Everywhere I look I see Les Discrets and Alcest praised, so overrated bands. On the other hand, Aldaaron is in my top 3 for last year, beautiful music.

    Jan 9 2011, 20h20
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