Alicia Keys in Ahoy on 24 March 2008


Mar 25 2008, 4h16

Mon 24 Mar – Alicia Keys

After getting rid of my coat I enter the arena floor which is pretty much filled up. It is almost half past eight and the light crew members are about to install themselves at the ceiling. The dj is filling the last twenty minutes with some apparently random songs. Almost at nine (instead of at eight) the big screen on top of the stage - which up untill now only showed some faint stars - displays Alicia Keys' introduction movie. It's the same idea (although totally different execution) as the opening of the Sams Town concert by The Killers. Some gospellike cheering and singing introduces a preaching reverend. He informs Alicia about the Starmaker and sends her out of the church, onto the stage.

Here the movie ends and reality takes over. The part below the screen opens up and a shiny black Yamaha grand piano slides onto the stage. There appears to be nobody behind it and as it slowly spins around everyone can see there's no one there. The back light flashes and the background music seems to jam. Only a split second later the lights and music return to normal and Alicia is playing the piano.

I haven't heard much of her songs yet. Actually I only know Songs in A Minor, The Diary of Alicia Keys and her recent singles. After this nice introduction she doesn't finish the song - the backing vocals take over - but goes back stage to change clothes. Also the second song isn't sung totally by her. This doesn't seem to be promising much good for tonight. It reminds me of the last time I was in Ahoy at Enrique Iglesias' concert. He only sang half the lyrics.

From this point on it gets better. Alicia's voice is almost as perfect as on the studio recordings, except for when she stresses it with more volume. I can't reproduce the set list, but al the hits are there (A Woman's Worth, Butterflyz, Superwoman, If I Ain't Got You, Fallin'). The backing vocals get some big parts as well, wether it is in a duet or solo/without Alicia. She goes on and off the stage several times, and it's not always clear to me why.

Then there is the dancing. Most of the uptempo songs are decorated with some nice choreography and Alicia too does her thing.

Before the second-last song the reverend returns to the screen, announcing that the Starmaker is made up by him. The Starmaker is actually within you, within everyone. And with this he leads the way for No One.

Afer a very brief break the encore is given with a long version of (...). I missed out on half of this, because I went to get my coat before the crowd would block my way to my train - the last one to get home.

I must give my compliments to the director of the live video on screen and the animators. It was a good show!


  • Galactus1

    I found the setlist (source): - Ghetto Story - Waiting For Your Love - Where Do We Go From Here - You Don't Know My Name - Teenage Love Affair - Lady Marmalade/Got To Be There - Heartburn - Sure Looks Good To Me - How Come You Don't Call Me - Butterflies - Goodbye - Prelude To A Kiss - Superwoman - I Need You - Wreckless Love - Diary - My Boo - Unbreakable - Like You'll Never See Me Again - Feeling You Feeling Me - Go Ahead - Woman's Worth' - Lesson Learned - So Simple - Karma - Thing About Love - Fallin' - It's A Mans World - No One - If I Ain't Got You See my journal for more.

    Ago 20 2008, 10h54
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