sub skank vol. 6 (pet liger launch x sub skank)


Set 22 2011, 4h31

sub skank number six (iiiiii) hits soon.... 1 october to be precise. and this time its gonna be "JUKEY" footworking our way past the house bandits upstairs we submerge into the underground depths of east london clublife to meet a eclectic bunch of bass fanatics lurking round a soundsystem in a RED basement. mr CD nephew will be filling us in on recent dub experimentations, before evolving into an all together more sinister atmosphere as mr ELEFO himself has his first live experience bringing london a sound they are not likely to have dabbled in previously. GUTTER, GROUND SHAKING, NICHE, PROGRESSION ftw.

hope to see you there.

i say see you, but you could just be nothing more than a blur by the time im 'deep inna the shindig'


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