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    Out 22 2012, 19h59

    Yeah, title says it all. Plus college is pretty good as well/
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    Jun 24 2012, 4h40

    That is it.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Mai 6 2012, 13h54

    Hello Everyone again. I have just done an overnighter to watch all of the MLP:FiM episodes. And I am surprised because the animation reminded me of the good cartoons of the 90's-2000's. I thought that I wouldn't enjoy such a girly show, since it is made for seven year old girls. But I was wrong i recommend the show for the characters: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack. Yes, I just listed all the main ponies True, the morals of the story always have to deal with friendship but the plots are well-written and there are jokes and references that adults would only get. But, if you get past the ridiculous, yet catchy theme song you got past the gayest part of the show. The Songs that are also in some episodes are also really catchy and well done. The brony community is amazing as well with all the pics and music that others have created. If cats weren't the mascot of the internet; I believe that ponies would be. So therefore, I guess I am a brony. Equestria represent!
  • Mind Blown

    Mai 5 2012, 5h55

    Thu 3 May – Joe Bonamassa Went to the Civic Center to see JB and was shocked by how good he was. My favorite song was Woke Up Dreaming The speed and technicality of his playing shocked me. Also Amazing was that he played the song by himself with no accompaniment . Totally solo. The other songs were amazing as well, but that was the standout.
  • Hello To All

    Abr 6 2012, 3h44

    My first journal entry. Gretings to my tiny piece of the internet. Be warned I will post about anything that piques my interest. To begin here is a rant about current music. True, I do like my rap/pop fix every once in a while. But, everything sounds the same. I guess that the music industry has lost all originality. True the addition of dubstep/ house influences in popular music is nice. But, the use of autotune on performing artists makes them all robots. This is why I mainly listen to old music because the artists had more singing talent and could mess up vocally and sound human. The dominance of pop music has made good music harder to find than ever.