☺ Selena Gave Me Eargasm ☺


Mai 19 2010, 13h05

It's been about 2 months since I discovered Elysion's "Silent Scream", heck that's one great album.

Lately I've found another band similar with Elysion, namely For Selena And Sin, they're from Finland, a very trusted country for good music :)

and the album that hooked me up right at the very first listenings is their second album Primrose Path (2009).

Oh here they are

Not impressive at all LOL, ah but what matters most is, of course, their music. Some notable tracks from the album:

Countdown to the Stars
Bring Me The Sun
Confide In Me (great cover of Kylie Minogue's song)
Psycho Lover

Those are my favorite tracks at the moment, try 'em!

(A few minutes of life wasted to write about great music discovery in a journal)


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