Jan 28 2007, 13h44


Finally, after a long time of absenteeism, i decided to write something.

First of all: Thanx to all you people, who wrote a lot of mails and left some words at the shout-box!
When i read all those mails, you maybe get an answer...
(There are around 200 mails, only last.fm-stuff, first i have to sort them)

Ok, here we go...

It was in June, when one of our cats REALLY get sick.
I don't know the right English medical term, but he had a lot of water in his heart; diabetes and some kind of renal failure.
So he needed silence, that's why i stopped listen to music and i don't gave a f*ck about all those internet-stuff and computers and what ever.

My wife and me was very depressed at this time 'cause this cat was like a child to us.

All the money we spend at the vet didn't made a difference.
2 months later we layed him to rest in our garden.

At the same time my grandma was sick and we spend many times at the hospital.
But she was cured and now we have to visit her every two days, to look how it goes and if she needs something.

Some days later i got a new job as a removal man.
So the list of my jobs grows bigger and bigger...
In my life i was working as a coal miner, lathe operator, electrician, construction worker, gardener, driver and some more...

It's a really hard job and i spend my free time rather with my wife & my friends than with my computer, but i like to meet other people every day, lost some weight and get some muscles. *lol

Some other things happened and i had a lot things to do, but this were the biggest changes in my life.

I also got me a new car, my parents were sued by their landlord and won, the district were i live should be torn away and some of my computer-hardware was destroyed by an overvoltage and many of my mp3's were gone.

Last but not least I'm a procrastinator, so don't do me no harm...

One or two times a week i will take a look at last.fm but if i don't, then it will be the next week.
I decided to turn off the shout-box 'cause the shouts are gone to fast and if you want to leave a few words, leave it as a comment or write a mail.

So i hope you all feel fine and the new year started nice for all of you!

Hugs and \m/,


  • LadyParadis

    Well, it's nice to finally hear from you again, I wondered where you went. I am sorry about your cat I know how that is, when you love a pet like your family. I am glad you are safe and well, that is the main thing. Take care :) *Hugs for you*

    Jan 28 2007, 23h10
  • hds

    welcome back doode!

    Jan 29 2007, 12h42
  • hds

    ps: welche email adresse eigentlich? ps2: adde mich mal wieder als friend, gingst irgendwie verschwunden. request ist open. ps3: mir gings letztes jahr nicht besser. a) vatter an lungenkrebs gestorben (67yo) b) frau schlaganfall (53yo) c) hund wirbelsaeulenschaden (8yo) d) karre nicht uebern TUEWV bekommen klar, das plaettet einen. dennoch geht das leben weiter. nur nicht depressiv werden! heads up, friedel!

    Jan 30 2007, 19h04
  • MasthaX

    RIP cat, hello friedel ;)

    Mar 3 2007, 18h57
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