Reset the clocks.


Abr 8 2011, 10h01

Yes,i'm a Frenchman,living in Germany,since 35years now.How comes?All this
time ,i am convinced,that Germany is the right place for me to live in.Because
the Germans showed to me things like:hospitality,courtesy,civility,non-xenopho-
-bia,non-racism,and finally punctuality.An universal proverb says:"do never spit
into the reached hand that feeds you .I will never allow to myself to rewrite or cri-
-ticize the history of foreign countries.Why?Because my native land has enough
problems with its own history,too much blood has flown. Result : Everyone,on
this planet,should sweep before his house,and keep the sweepings in his home...
My guiding principle is:I have 8.7 billions of friends on this planet...,but only a
handful of them knows it!


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