• Why Swallow the Sun did not release some lyrics.

    Abr 19 2008, 21h27

    Many people ask where are the lyrics for some songs. Here is the reason why you can't find some of them.

    Juha Raivio, the composer/songwriter of the band said:

    "With us these lyrics have always been pretty much ghost stories, where dead women haunt and themes are very dark, which has probably always been the leading idea. They are mostly fiction , but I won't analyze them deeply, when it's better that people explore them themselves. Just out of spite we wont release all the lyrics for the first album, just because they've been requested so much and you get all kinda fun feedback due to this. On the 2nd album the lyrics are in the covers, so you can read them from there, and decipher the meanings yourself. I personally think that it's better that everyone can make his/her own deductions and form your own mental images of them, when we don't analyze them ourselves that closely. It creates much more emotion than given interpretations. Dead women and the apocalypse, that's enough for the Finnish man!"

    We can manage to find some of the lyrics together don't you think? Some people already managed to find the lyrics of These Low Lands.