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  • PartyBeach

    You should also definitely check out State Lines (For The Boats is honestly one of my favorite albums, and I try to get everyone to listen to it). And Antarctigo Vespucci's Soulmate Stuff, if you haven't already. It's Jeff Rosenstock with Chris Farren. I'm not totally into it but it's a fun album.

    17 Set 1h46 Responder
  • PartyBeach

    Whoops, sorry I never replied. I sync my music but don't actually come on here too often. It's been really cool to watch Joyce Manor get big, they just exploded recently. I saw their reddit AMA a few weeks ago and they seem like pretty cool dudes as well. Idk if you checked out Hop Along, let me know if you do/what you think. I caught them on tour with Against Me! last year and that's how I was introduced to their album Get Disowned. Sooooo good. Frances Quinlan has the coolest voice.

    14 Set 4h06 Responder
  • Deathschool

    What the fuck I got to lie 4?

    13 Set 20h10 Responder
  • Deathschool

    Flashkaboom LAST.HQ Welcome aboard, Deathschool! Happy listening. 10 Sep 6:56amReply 29 minutes agoReply LAST.HQ Welcome aboard, Deathschool! Happy listening. 10 Sep 6:56amReply

    13 Set 18h22 Responder
  • BMDrummer53

    damn you're a top listener on the Leaves Turn Inside You page

    13 Set 0h25 Responder
  • Frippertron

    Well damn, something will probably be done about all of this, but to be honest, I'm not going to bother getting involved with this any further.

    10 Set 23h15 Responder
  • Frippertron

    the whole thing is so damn silly, from both sides. And not yet. Unless it's some extremely obscure shit i can't find on soulseek or some private trackers, I'll get to it.

    9 Set 18h49 Responder
  • Frippertron

    damn man so conflicted you're pre swee, but so is futures

    9 Set 6h49 Responder
  • ExplosiveOrange

    I actually think he can be hilarious sometimes. It's just that even he should draw the line at some point.

    5 Set 3h10 Responder
  • ExplosiveOrange

    Tbqh, even I think he's been overstepping his boundaries a bit. Yeah, I get that it's his reputation, but spamming shoutboxes is still a dick move.

    4 Set 10h14 Responder
  • ExplosiveOrange

    RIP Shoutbox

    4 Set 1h24 Responder
  • PartyBeach

    Wow I had that listed out all nicely and last.fm didn't keep the format. Anyways, how about you?

    1 Set 3h23 Responder
  • PartyBeach

    This was almost an impossible question as I love all of it. Eventually I kinda just had to guess where to place albums. But the order definitely changes even just by seasons. If I would have put these in order a year ago, the list would be much different. But - 1. Adults!!! ( i mean i guess this is an EP but I'm counting it) 2. Vacation 3. Get Warmer 4. Scrambles 5. Album Minus Band 6. Goodbye Cool World! 7. To Leave or Die in Long Island

    1 Set 3h22 Responder
  • BMDrummer53

    Yeah they're awesome, gonna discog them

    28 Ago 19h07 Responder
  • BMDrummer53

    I have no idea why I waited so long to jam them, Leaves is one of the absolute best albums I've heard in a while.

    27 Ago 23h33 Responder
  • BMDrummer53

    Alright, Leaves Turn Inside You is a 5. No question

    27 Ago 3h39 Responder
  • BMDrummer53

    Whole album is good for the most part, Guilford Fall is so good.

    18 Ago 18h54 Responder
  • BMDrummer53

    Same, usually I'll listen to one or two of them for a while and then I'll go back to another. Did it with End Hits the other day, that one gets better with each listen. Final track is so intense.

    18 Ago 15h16 Responder
  • TheMightyWaffle

    I j-just lurk ;-; http://www.sputnikmusic.com/user/Wafflez

    8 Ago 17h08 Responder
  • Frippertron

    fucking hard

    5 Ago 1h42 Responder
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