Jan 1 2007, 21h43

Ugh I hate the whole idea of New Year's Resolutions (why not change your life anytime, not just january?) but I should make some anyways.


I think of myself as confident but I've realized lately how little self-confidence I have. So from now on, if I want to change my personal style in clothes or express an unconventional opinion of mine, I WON'T HESITATE and I'll go with it 100%.


I'm going guitar shopping wednesday I think with guitar teacher so woohoo this resolution is pretty much guaranteed to be done.


I'd like to work at Urban Outfitters and I handed in an application there awhile ago but I guess I lack experience. Which is all too true. So I might start working at IGA or Safeway or something like that first.

4. PLAY In the Aeroplane Over the Sea AT THE TALENT SHOW IN MARCH

I don't like to talk in front of people. Pfft, I don't even like talking on the phone.
But SINGING is different. I'm no Regina Spektor, however with practice I could belt out Jeff Mangum's beautiful lyrics well enough.
And I'll be playing guitar too, of course! Woohoooo.

Doing this is front of my wholllllllleeeeeee school will need CONFIDENCE, definitely.
And it'd be awesome because it's a well-known fact in the school that I = but only a few people actually take an interest in my music.

wow this is getting pretty intense. enough resolutions for now.

I'm off to go sing and play some Neutral Milk Hotel and The Moldy Peaches.


  • Xylemicarious

    Those are some good resolutions. Electric guitars are aweosme. As is Neutral Milk Hotel. What kind of guitar are you going to buy? And are you going to play In the Aeroplane Over the Sea on it? That would be interesting. Actually, it's already pretty interesting to have a girl singing it. But anyway, you totally need to get someone playing saw on that. Or at least horns.

    Jan 2 2007, 1h00
  • weezescorcho

    I've been learning guitar just so I can play the songs from Aeroplane, most notably, Two-Headed Boy. Guitar is a hell of a lot harder than any other instrument. I can't even get the B Chord yet ;_; Anyway that's awesome, I wish I could sing a NMH song in front of a crowd :D

    Jan 3 2007, 6h37
  • Fireworkss

    Wow, that's fun! Best reason for playing guitar, that's for sure. Ah, well you've only just started, right? Some of the chords were like IMPOSSIBLE when I first started.. like B ... but now, they're NO PROBLEM. :D Practice makes perfect. :S I'm real scared. I put on a casual mini-concert yesterday infront of some friends and a few parents and siblings. It was kinda scary, but hey I'll get used to it.

    Jan 3 2007, 16h48
  • ofnoconsequence

    That all sounds awesome. I'd maybe play Two-Headed Boy Pt. 1, instead though, considering that that song forces you to scream a little harder and all. But if you have a pretty voice, you cannot go wrong with the title track from one of the best albums ever.

    Jan 3 2007, 23h39
  • Fireworkss

    ah, well maybe I could play both songs. That'd be twice as awesome, I must say. And I have until march. ermmmmm, well I don't think I have a pretty voice, I'll have to work on that. :P I made a VIDEO of myself playing and singing ITAOTS but I still have to upload it. I'll let you see it then, if you'd like.

    Jan 4 2007, 4h52
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