Hans Teeuwen


Jul 31 2006, 8h51

Dutch comedians have a tradition of impersonating existing well-known individuals.
Hans Teeuwen rather shows the existential (psychological) barriers between incompatible characters.
When these personalities try to interact it inevitably gets twisted and results in a mindf[_]ck.
Most surprising are the extreme transitions Teeuwen makes.
He can be a tortured poetic soul seeking truth, turn into a sadistic drunk hooligan, morph into a mental retard and change back to the initial poet within one act leaving his audience flabbergasted.
In 2005 Hans Teeuwen retired from the cabaret to focus on other media and forms of art, especially movies.


  • BartiSmartie

    Don't you think its a huge shame he came to the desision to stop making jokes himself and direct movies. He is one of the best, maybe even the best ducht comedian and suddenly he stops. It's true that some people say ist the best to stop at your prime, but you didn't get all out of your career. I think he's very creative and could easily make another show, but I am not Hans Teeuwen himself so maybe he finds it rather diffcult. My conclusion is its a damn shame!!

    Ago 7 2006, 22h17
  • Garden

    nice vision there fijne wiet! & well theres another extreme transistion because retirement is just about the unfunniest

    Ago 3 2008, 23h29
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