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    Set 15 2005, 17h42

    quorum \KWOR-uhm\, noun:
    1. Such a number of the officers or members of any body as is
    legally competent to transact business.
    2. A select group.

    Anna and I presented out creative project to the class today. I would definitely say we did well (dispite my constant shaking). I get sooooo nervous when I have to present something in front of a large group of people (I hope I don't have to take Speech). In the 15 minutes she gave us to prepare our presentation, Anna realized there was no way we were going to have ten minutes of material, so she added three notecards and I created another slide. Our works cited page wasn't finished, but maybe our teacher will be lenient.

    I have work today (WOOHOO!). I believe I'll be scanning millions of things and copying them into a folder on Don's computer. I never realized how much he drew and wrote. He has an plaque hanging on his wall that says he won an award in Pagan Journalism. That is SO fucking cool. As if Journalism and Paganism weren't cool enough separated...put together! AH! So awesome [dork moment].

    I need to find Michael...he's somewhere on campus, but I can't figure out where. Food is in order.