Review: Blue Note Trip - Jazzanova


Out 24 2005, 18h38

When one of my favourite artists (Berlin's nu jazz kings Jazzanova) chooses their favourite songs from one of my favourite labels(the classic and progressive Blue Note), the result is bound to be great. Even better, these are records they owned themselves, so they are spinning their own vinyl, not select discs supplied by the label.

What I hadn't been prepared for was that the majority of the pieces on here weren't ones I had in my collection (which is sizeable). Herbie Hancock's classic Maiden Voyage is present, but otherwise Jazzanova have selected under-appreciated gems. I expected that I already owned half the songs on here already, which is why I took so long to pick this up.

Well-represented are the great vibes of Bobby Hutcherson (literally; he plays the vibraphone), Bobbi Humphrey's prototypical smooth jazz and Horace Silver, with good reason. Each supplies some of the great moments on the collection - especially Hello To The Wind and I've Had a Little Talk.

A few other stand-out tracks include Sam Rivers' gorgeous tenor soloing on Beatrice, Lee Morgan's great latin combo jazz on Afreaka, Tina Brooks' emotional performance onTheme for Doris, and the Brazillian-tinted Xibaba by Duke Pearson.

The album is more jazz than acid, live not loopy. Yet it works suprisingly well as a DJ set, even without a constant beat or bone-rattling bass. A lovely introduction to Blue Note, with plenty of rare material even for the Blue Note collector. Best of all, the mixes are not obtrusive; there are no mash-ups here. You can enjoy each song on its own without needing to listen to its neighbours.

Four and a half stars!


  • josta59

    That sounds great. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it.

    Out 25 2005, 14h32
  • Fidgital

    Hey, you're welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read and post a comment! :D

    Out 26 2005, 21h07
  • joosen

    I also like the album a lot. Seeing that you also like (re:mix) by [re:jazz] and your chart contains Trüby Trio and some other stuff I've been listening to lately, I decided to use your favourites and chart as a source for discovering some new artists... Les Gammas is first on the list. Thanks for the hints!

    Jan 10 2006, 13h57
  • Fidgital

    Hey thanks Joosen! Check out Fidgital right after Les Gammas. ;) You'd probably dig our Condo Life or Renovations discs best, based on that short description of your taste.

    Jan 10 2006, 17h02
  • Porieux

    Great recommendation thanks!!!

    Fev 26 2006, 19h35
  • St0rm

    its a great album

    Jul 5 2006, 15h24
  • joosen

    BTW, have noticed that Jazzanova has also released another Blue Note Trip Album (Blue Note Trip: Scrambled / Mashed)? Also a good album, although a bit more versatile than the first one....

    Jul 19 2006, 15h10
  • nventi

    xibaba and i've had a little talk are my favs

    Set 6 2007, 0h50
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