• The Cooper Temple Clause R.I.P

    Abr 25 2007, 1h56

    "Turn off this fire
    Switch off the lights
    It's time to retire
    It's no time to fight
    This house is in pieces
    I never saw it falling
    It was such a beautiful view"

    Suddenly there's another dimension in the lyrics of 'House of Cards'.

    Or are these 'goodbye' themed lyrics jinxed for every band that is using them on their 3rd album?

    'Goodbye' on Mansun's 3rd album Little Kix; after that the band called it a day.

    I'm sure there are more bands who ended in more or less the similar situation, can't remember them now though.

    Don't be shocked about the obscene amount of plays in my charts the next few days; I need some TCTC binge listening, more urgently than ever.

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  • The Cooper Temple Clause (31st May, Manchester)

    Jun 3 2006, 1h10

    31st May 2006, Manchester, UK.

    The Cooper Temple Clause: 4 of the 5 bandmembers

    I've finally seen The Cooper Temple Clause for the first time in my life and it was totally AWESOME! The last time a band managed to thrill me like that was Mansun, who where also playing in the Manchester Academy 2 during their try out tour back in 2002.

    The mighty rockgods of TCTC played an one and a half hour set with a good mix of old and new stuff*:

    Been Training Dogs
    Blind Pilots
    Talking To A Brick Wall
    Waiting Game
    Film Maker
    New Toys
    Isn't It strange
    All I see is you
    Promises Promises
    The Same Mistakes
    Panzer Attack

    *I've copied the list from a user on the TCTC forum, my memory is not that good.

    I couldn't tell whether it was better or less good without Didz
    -who'd left TCTC for ex-Libertine Carl Barats' Dirty Pretty Things- as I've never seen them live before but boy oh boy, The Coopers rocked really hard! It was a rampant electrical charged gig, astonishing, impressive, spine-tingling and all other similar adjectives you can think of show.

    It's clear most of the fans needs a few listens to the new songs before they can get used to it and I have to admit I wasn't blown away by two new songs 'Homosapiens' and 'Isn't It Strange'. Perhaps I'll like it more when I hear the definitive versions of it when the 3rd album is out.

    'Head','Connect' and 'All I See Is You' are more melodic songs a la the stuff on Kick Up The Fire And Let The Flames Break Loose. 'Waiting Game' works better live than the free mp3 version and I really love 'Damage' now having heard it live too. My opinion on this song at first was "ok, but it wasn't their best single" so guess this is also the kind of track that works better when played live.

    The old stuff is ACE; 'Been Training Dogs', 'Blind Pilots', 'Talking To A Brick Wall' (I couldn't believe they were really playing this one!), 'Film-Maker', 'New Toys', 'AIM' (a killing song!), 'Promises, Promises' (I felt like I can die happily after this one), 'The Same Mistakes' and the new version of 'Panzer Attack'.

    I was curious and a bit afraid at the same time of hearing this new version of Panzer Attack as I've read some fans think it had ruined the original one. I'm sure the original live version of Panzer Attack must have been mind-blowing but I was pleasantly surprised by this techno/raved up version! It gave me this energetic 'RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGH, gimme more, gimme more, gimme more...' feeling, a massive adrenaline shot.

    Crowd went several times really mental and although I thought it was funny to see the peeps in the mosh pit I was also glad I wasn't IN there but just a few -safely- centimeters away of it and still close enough to the front. (but not close enough to take decent pics of TCTC)

    Greedy as I am, I really hope they'll release a live cd/dvd with ALL their works on it one day!

    Mansun will always be my all time favorite band but as they've split my current still going on band is The Cooper Temple Clause!

    The Cooper Temple Clause
  • Hey Visitors, if you read this, can you leave a 'Hello' ? :)

    Set 7 2005, 1h18

    Like many other users I'm wondering how many people have actually looked at my LastFM page. :)

    Perhaps you'll be thinking, 'But you're a subscriber, you should be able to see your Recent Visitors...'

    True, but as I'm not often online during the daytime I'll miss a few visitors as they're always gone by the time I get behind my computer in the evening.

    (I'm always curious how people have found my profile)

    So to anyone reading this, please leave a note to let me know you were here? Thanks! : D

    Face in the Crowd
  • We Want To Delete Artists (join this group!)

    Ago 9 2005, 23h59

    Not necessary because you're ashamed of the tracks your little sister had played on your computer but more the idea that you -till a certain degree- should be able in control who your music neighbours will be and how your Neighbour Radio will sound.

    It has no use if I get the same average stuff that's been playing on MTV as recommendation.

    We Want To Delete Artists

    (yeah, have heard the lastfm crew are working on it but looks like they're giving the interface a bigger priority over the personal preferences)

    I've edited the original journal several times, last time was 5 November 2006