Playlist- Safe For Public Consumption


Mar 6 2007, 22h01

If you've ever looked at my charts, then you'll know I listen to some unlistenable music. Not to say these bands are bad by any stretch of the definition, but now that my living situation includes a 15 year old girl and her like-minded mother, one must be careful when plugging the iPod into the car stereo, you know? That's right, I'm all about making other people feel comfortable and shit. I fucking accomodate.

Rather than fill up my mp3 player with a bunch of unlistenable crap from the local pop station like some people, here are my guidelines for making a playlist for those cartrips when it's my turn to pick the music.

-Nothing over 4 minutes, even if it's my favorite song (at the moment). Nothing's worse than sitting awkwardly waiting for Erotic City to finish up.

-No dance/repetitive music. It gets real boring real quick. Hot Chip, I'm totally looking at you. And I'm dancing, because your music is awesome, but not good for straight up listenin'.

-Try to avoid quasi-racist rap songs about native americans, i.e. Apache.

- As much as I hate this one, try to stick to songs that are actually songs instead of anything Xiu Xiu makes*.

Finally, here's my hour long, family safe playlist that allows me to listen to my favorite bands (at least some of them) while introducing my new family to some different music.
1. ABC
2. July, July
3. This Is Our Emergency
4. Lousy Reputation
5. O Valencia!
6. Camera Shy
7. The Electric Version
8. Remember Me
9. The Rest Of My Life
10. Sugar on My Tongue
11. Strangers In The Night
12. Come On Eileen **
13. Relax, Take It Easy
14. Commissioning A Symphony In C
15. Superfreak
16. The List
17. Crack the Whip
18. It's A Hit
19. Changes are No Good

*Oh Xiu Xiu, you know I just be playing. I only have mad love for that one song where you use that instrument that sounds like a baby being hit with a violin (Brian the Vampire)

** Yes,technically this song breaks my 4:00 minutes rule but it's so good I don't even care. Anyone who doesn't like this song should be shot into the sun anyways.


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