• I quite like this.....

    Jun 7 2008, 13h06

    Makes me look good, don't it? hehehehe

    Anyone else know of any other cool lil things like this?
  • I just truey....

    Mai 18 2008, 23h00

    can not believe how truly monumentally think some people are?

    I mean to totally ignore the obvious positives and compare to far fucking inferior material is beyond me!

    I mean, what the hell are you doing still listening to something 2/3 years old when the latest is possible their best work... erm EVER?!?!?

    And to not mention said positives on a nearly perfect release is another "HUH??" moment!
  • God, I love....

    Mai 14 2008, 10h08

    Stephen Lynch, The man is just far too funny and has an amazing voice too!

    I'm SSSOOO gutted that I only just heard he is playing London and the bloody gig is a proper sell out! Wouldn't be as bad, but it's the fecking Shepards Bush Empire which is one of the biggest venues in London without actually going to the arenas.

    Girls Aloud Friday! FUCK YEAH!! Can't wait hehehehehe
  • Well, The Underworld was the place to be last night!

    Mai 9 2008, 16h46

    Parkway Drive, Suicide Silence, Bury Your Dead, Shaped By Fate & Your Demise all killed it last night!

    Everyone gave it big time and they all smashed it, big time. The whole show was mad fun and was well worth going.

    Was funny when the Guitarist of Bury Your Dead spat water at my friend and I, but being fair and honest guys, we spat a ton back at him! He was so surprised, he just laughed his arse off! They did put on a great show, as did everyone.

    I must say that,Your Demise fucking smashed it, they proper did a number that I think Shaped By Fate didn't better, but they still did good.

    The singer of Suicide Silence has some of the most hardcore tattoos I have seen in a while. The fucker even has his knuckles blacked out! That's some harsh shit right there!

    Abr 8 2008, 2h58

    Hey, Just wanted to say hi as I have just added a ton of people who I thought would be up for adding me as a friend.

    Hope your all good and will speak soon!

  • Is it.....

    Abr 7 2008, 10h28

    weird that I actually like the new Mariah Carey?

    I'm worried, I may be actually losing it hahahaha!

    Tis tunes tho!