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  • CruizersCreek

    The Victim, Adventures of Augie March and Humbold's Gift are all good.

    2 Jun 16h19 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    also what do you think of the Naked Lunch film adaptation?

    1 Jun 14h20 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    Hey. What's your opinion on Saul Bellow and what's your favorite work by him?

    1 Jun 11h32 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    Cool, I think I don't recommend Underworld to people that are just getting into him but it's not by any means super complicated, I don't even think that you have to make notes or bookmarks necessarily.

    23 Mai 11h54 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    you should read some Delillo when you'll have free time, The Names I recommend. Also, opinions on the new Jim O'Rourke?

    22 Mai 16h07 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    Hey. I've finally watched The Duke of Burgundy. Good stuff. Great use of sound.

    21 Mai 9h33 Responder
  • CruizersCreek


    7 Mai 16h08 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    I had no idea about Plastic Utopia, thanks for informing me of interesting stuff, that makes it even more exciting for me to check out Kumiko. And Little Quin Quin is pretty damn great although it slightly meanders in places and ends abruptly but it's still kinda an original thing that looks different from the other stuff.

    6 Mai 16h58 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    also have you seen the french mini series Lil Quin Quin?

    5 Mai 16h53 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    have you seen Kumiko the Treasure Hunter? looks cute

    5 Mai 16h52 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    yeah, The Ice Storm is a pretty good novel, I want to check out what else he has to offer, especially the 2010 book; I'm somewhat disappointed with most new published books (not the books themselves but the editions), they kinda seem a bit cheaply done so if I have the chance I usually try to order used ones from places, obviously that can't be done if the book is recent but I suppose that is a rare case.

    5 Mai 16h22 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    also what about gilbert sorrentino?

    4 Mai 21h16 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    hey, have you read any Andres Neuman, or Rick Moody?

    4 Mai 21h11 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    also I want to read/buy Hopscotch and read it again

    2 Mai 13h32 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    Currently reading Philip Roth's American Pastoral!

    2 Mai 13h31 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    hey, everything's good, how are you. Haven't seen Duke of B. yet, good to know it's decent, need to check it out. I'm still reading Underworld which will I'll finish pretty soon i think, in terms of movies I have not seen anything good lately, need to get updated on new things. Mostly I think I'm interested in docus tho.

    27 Abr 20h47 Responder
  • catsinspace

    remember how it used to be

    11 Abr 13h32 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    Great, I'd be really interested to know what's in your backlog or at least get some small glimpse of part of it.

    31 Mar 12h07 Responder
  • CruizersCreek

    I really think that education system for the most part is one of the few ways for the state to get money out of you and a socialization tool (the latter of which isn't that bad) and for the most part (excluding some professions such as anything related to medical stuff) it is possible to both educate oneself and do what you wanna do even without a degree or diploma so there's that. There's also so much variety now more than ever which kinda makes up for the high tuition in some ways. Also I'd love to visit Oregon some day or even live there I suppose. Yeah, I kinda don't like the moments when I order a whole lot of books which I think I'll get through easily but then when I actually get them I get overwhelmed and either lose some interest or are extremely slow with stuff.

    30 Mar 18h49 Responder
  • MalcolmX-Wing

    I just want a clean apartment in a green neighbourhood with a big kitchen and about 500 bucks to spend on music and soul food a month. Also I legimately think that Afrobreak/Highlife music is better than western pop music.

    29 Mar 18h53 Responder
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