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  • hotfox63

    My musical journey into the past would be something like New York City in 1961 or so. Bob Dylan plays with Dave Van Ronk in the Gaslight Cafe. Cecil Taylor and Archie Shepp. Or a scene that can be seen on YouTube as movie: The Exploding Plastic Inevitable show with the Velvet Underground. Tony Conrad and John Cale left the Theatre of Eternal Music and experiment in the Ludlow Street. That would be the era, probably.

    18 Ago 7h24 Responder
  • hotfox63

    Suppose you had the chance to have a time machine that would take you to a historic musical event. What would it be?

    14 Ago 14h43 Responder
  • southstarmusic

    that recent music i was playing was from my new playlist called 500 which i've been compiling for ages its my alltime fav songs there is actually over 700 songs on there i will have to work harder to get 500 lol

    24 Jul 22h58 Responder
  • southstarmusic

    well jen, you best tell marianne to get her sweet ice cream making toosh down under , we could always do with a good ice cream shop hehe!!!

    24 Jul 22h54 Responder
  • southstarmusic

    well jen its winter down here...so i'm hybernating :) of course its not anything like the cold you guys endure......btw is that a pecan flavoured ice cream your licking? if so please share :) enjoy the rest of your summer :) ♫daz♫

    23 Jul 22h17 Responder
  • southstarmusic

    WOOT WOOT !!! you go JEN :) and you got kashmir by zep to play :) Now thats impressive ...i ended up with murder on the dancefloor by sophie ellis baxter (deary me) i must not have paid my lastfm bill that week :) congrats on the milestone and keep on rocking ♫♥♫

    23 Jul 22h12 Responder
  • qrobur

    In a way, the death of the last founding member of the Ramones marks the moment when it ceases to be life and instead becomes history...

    19 Jul 9h38 Responder
  • hotfox63

    Ciao Jennifer, when one asks questions, he is also always fascinated by the answers he gets ... wish had seen you dancing up and down the aisles! My first beautiful experience with music was with the Beatles. When I was about six years old, I heard the first time a song I was able to reproduce inside my head, even if it was sung in a foreign language, it was: "I want to hold your Hand".

    27 Jun 14h16 Responder
  • hotfox63

    What is your first beautiful memory with music?

    24 Jun 18h08 Responder
  • southstarmusic

    hiya jen :),just snuck over to borrow some your loved tracks and i see your fast approaching 10,000 artists (brilliant) keep on rocking ♫daz♫

    30 Mai 5h30 Responder
  • hotfox63

    Dear Jennifer, thank you very much that you reminded me on "Quadrophenia" - absolutely great record and movie! p.s. I like Old Jefferson Airplane records! These records are nothing more than my own blood, which has temporarily suspended in the thin air of a revolutionary principle.

    23 Mai 16h34 Responder
  • dmyers3946

    Jennifer Send You A Friend Request David

    20 Mai 0h15 Responder
  • stregaserena

    Hi there and thanks for the add...

    5 Mai 15h55 Responder
  • qrobur

    Maybe. When you look at that photograph you can't help but stare at the dog, can you? :)

    4 Mai 8h35 Responder
  • qrobur

    Wow, LOOK at that avatar. Incredible. I'm sure that's a Bichon Frisé, isn't it? ;)

    4 Mai 7h10 Responder
  • MinMusikJustNu

    HI, just passin by. Some great music here.

    27 Abr 17h56 Responder
  • qrobur

    Where, oh where, are those 30 shouts? As my mother might say, "they're nae up ma humpf!". :)

    26 Abr 7h53 Responder
  • nigeyb

    I need me some of that "ngb gluten free lager". How does it taste? Needless to say, I always enjoy being in your fridge. Happy Easter to you too. I hope you're having a good time.

    20 Abr 9h12 Responder
  • qrobur

    I am so sure. Thanks, love. ;)

    20 Abr 6h19 Responder
  • qrobur

    Hey, it's old grizzle-face here. Have a lovely Easter and stop doing your taxes.

    19 Abr 7h35 Responder
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