export + reimport last.fm data


Jul 11 2010, 10h01

you can find this updated at my: blog

EXPORT: for ca. 1500-1700 tracks it takes 1 min
IMPORT to libre.fm (which forwards to last.fm): in 1 min ca. 1320 tracks

(counter set up: 3rd August 2011)
(moved to blog: 14th August 2011)


  • mattboch

    I'm in the middle of this process now. How long does it take for Libre to send the info to Last?

    Jul 24 2011, 14h54
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    I don't quite remember, but you can estimate this easily (look after 5 mins at your amount of last.fm scrobbles) and then multiply according to your total scrobbles. Would be great if you add a comment in regards to time after you've finished it. Thanks in advance

    Jul 24 2011, 15h05
  • bjluv

    And I guess this is only possible in Linux? Am i right?

    Out 1 2011, 13h01
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    NO, the programming languages python or perl can be installed on pretty much any existing OS

    Out 1 2011, 13h03
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    here's an install doc for Python, after installing do what is told on that wiki page. in case it does not work, provide specific error outputs. Thanks.

    Out 1 2011, 13h25
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    does the problem still persist? perhaps libre.fm had a temporary problem?

    Out 18 2011, 14h05
  • marytheruth

    Are there no ways to export data without Python or Perl? I've spent a good three-four hours trying to get lastexport.py to work, and the instructions are so vague that I can't even get the first step complete.

    Out 19 2011, 23h19
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    it's a wiki (that's one of the reasons for exporting there) - feel free to update the text from your point of view so others benefit; btw did you try the tool Alainn mentioned in the thread Request: Library Export Feature ?

    Out 19 2011, 23h23
  • marytheruth

    I just tried the tool mentioned in the thread but it gave me an error and incorrect results. I'd rather use the Python, because it seems like the one that's the most reliable, but continued tries have not fixed anything. I'm still staring bewildered at the LastToLibre instructions, and still getting nothing by SyntaxError in Python. (Haha - actually, right now I'm just hoping I can find a friend to pay to do it for me.)

    Out 20 2011, 0h13
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    what error do you get and what's exact command line parameters you input ?

    Out 20 2011, 0h16
  • marytheruth

    The first step says to put in "cd /path/to/lastexport/" so I do. It gives me "File "<stdin>", line 1 cd /path/to/lastexport/ SyntaxError: invalid syntax" I get this same error when trying basically every other possible command except for things like "Print" so it's probably some dumb setup mistake I made.

    Out 20 2011, 0h29
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    I hope you adapted the the cd command from above to your real path, it's just an example. best would be if you can send a screenshot.

    Out 20 2011, 0h33
  • marytheruth

    Yeah, I adapted it. I just put the example so I could copy and paste and didn't have to type it all. However, I'm going to be paying my friend's little brother to do it for me now, so I don't have any more questions. Thanks for your time!

    Out 20 2011, 0h44
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    ok :-)

    Out 20 2011, 0h46
  • stoeffn

    Hi there, your instructions does not work for me. It reimports not the complete libre.fm charts but only the first song oft whatever and that for 50 times. Maybe it is a bug in librefm. Can't figure it out...Do you have a clue?

    Mar 8 2012, 17h33
  • geeveecatullus

    thank you. It's perfect.

    Abr 3 2012, 16h27
  • hellaballoo

    @Stoeffn: I am encountering the same difficulties as you. @geeveecatullus: Do you mind linking to the version of the scripts/program that you used and the settings you used for your upload to Libre.fm to successfully transfer to your Last.fm account?

    Mai 14 2012, 4h57
  • Pulverdings

    Always getting a syntax error... like marytheruth.. line 87 "except Exception, e:" The marker is at the comma after Exceptions. Any solutions? I try to run it on Windows.

    Set 23 2012, 11h35
  • Pulverdings

    Never mind used LastScrape GUI instead. You just have to run it as Administrator to get it working.

    Set 23 2012, 12h12
  • nDroae

    My experience: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106139573877529827323/posts/hMuDvtgekSM

    Out 26 2012, 3h58
  • allaaalala

    so i did get the scrobbles on libre but how do i import them again to last.fm from there? please, help me i'm going crazy!

    Dez 26 2012, 9h10
  • allaaalala

    how do i avoid the 14 days cutoff?

    Dez 26 2012, 9h45
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