Favorite band of each letter


Fev 8 2011, 0h11

A - Avenged Sevenfold
Mostly for their first 3 albums. The 2 newer ones aren't as interesting.

B - The Beatles
This one shouldn't be hard. Absolutely classic band

C - Coheed and Cambria
I never really got big into C&C but they have a lot of songs I like.

D - Dream Theater
Nothing really to say here. I've always liked these guys

E - Escape the Fate
I much much prefer the early stuff, but the newer stuff isn't as bad.

F - The Fall of Troy
I thought maybe From First to Last, but I definitely like TFOT better. FFTL have a bunch of songs that are kinda eh on all of their albums. most of this band's meh songs are on the newest album, so I can just avoid that album.

G - Glassjaw
There isn't really much competition here, i don't really listen to many G bands. Glassjaw are pretty cool, but I'm not too familiar with them

H - The Human Abstract
Really like Nocturne and Midheaven, Digital Veil is great too but is missing the fun of the first 2

I - I Killed the Prom Queen
Nothing really special here, they just do basic metalcore in a way that I really enjoy

J - Jack's Mannequin
Fantastic band, that's all I can really say.

K - The Killers
I only know 2 songs by them, but I really like those 2 songs.

L - Linkin Park
They've got a cool style and a great sense of melody. Yes, I actually like their newer melodic stuff, cuz i've always preferred the melodic aspects of LP. Although, the heavier aspects provided a nice contrast.

M - Megadeth
Even though I hardly ever listen to them anymore, they used to be my favorite band, so I feel they're deserving of this spot. Second choice would be Misfits

N - Nightwish
it was basically Nightwish vs Norma Jean for this one, and I felt more comfortable going with Nightwish

O - The Offspring
Americana is a great album. I don't listen to hardly any other O bands

P - Polar Bear Club
I saw these guys when they were basically local. Very good live, even better on the album.

Q - Queen
Amazing combination of musicians.

R - Reel Big Fish
Beer. 'nuff said

S - Something Corporate
so good

T - Three Days Grace
It was between this and Trivium. I think TDG are just a bit more listenable imo.

U - Underoath
I only like a song here and there, and don't consider myself a fan by any means...They're the only U band I listen to

V - Van Halen
Again, the only V band I can think of...

W - We the Kings
Simple music that makes me happy. 'nuff said

X - I don't think I listen to any X, Y, or Z bands

Y - N/A

Z - N/A


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