• Slaky311

    If love is the drug, then I want to OD.

    Fev 8 2008, 18h09
  • Eplebolle

    well I know the dealer and we have a lifetime of supplies! (awwwww)

    Fev 8 2008, 18h17
  • Slaky311

    HA! Hilarious.

    Fev 8 2008, 18h20
  • Eplebolle

    We are trying to find a solution to hunger and poverty in 3rd world countries. Duh. That movie rules.

    Fev 13 2008, 15h51
  • Eplebolle

    I am feeling much better. Thank you Karen. I'll see you soon! (so much fun to say that).

    Fev 13 2008, 16h46
  • Slaky311

    Hard Rain is one of the best songs I've waited too long to hear.

    Fev 25 2008, 0h14
  • Eplebolle

    I completely agree. It now also brings me certain memories.

    Fev 25 2008, 13h11
  • Slaky311

    Ain't that the truth.

    Fev 25 2008, 14h21
  • Andgea

    enig enig enig enig enig enig enig! agreed osv

    Mar 20 2009, 15h12
  • Eplebolle

    Enig i det du sier!

    Mar 20 2009, 15h22
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