• ....seriously the coolest ever.

    Mai 5 2011, 16h50

    Wed 4 May – Arcade Fire, Explosions in the Sky, Schmillion

    I have a really long blog post about this show. It was incredible. Seriously, so amazing. If you wanna read it, here's the link!
  • Ah freaking mazing.

    Set 15 2010, 14h34

    Mon 13 Sep – Crystal Castles

    Okay, so I've only heard super things about Crystal Castles' live show. I would definitely have to agree. They are an experience for sure. Ethan came out first and got the show started. After some tension building, Alice came out. She had a bottle of whiskey and cigarettes in hand. She frequently sipped and smoked throughout the performance. I'm not going to lie, she's incredible. Alice gets really involved with the crowd; crowd surfing, getting in people's faces, borrowing lighters and eventually passing her bottle around for the crowd to drink. The sound is incredible and the show lived up to my high expectations.

    The crowd was amazing as well. Everyone was dancing, and everything seemed peachy. My friend and I witnessed a fight break out in the center of the crowd but it was quickly broken up by bystanders and their friends. I've never seen such a mixed group of people; old, young, drag queens and even a little kid done up with eye liner.

    House of Blues wasn't bad. I try not to drink there because I know the alcohol prices are outrageous. Everything went pretty smoothly!

    Conclusion: if you get a chance to see Crystal Castles live, do it. You will not regret any moment of it at all!
  • I didn't get to go...but I did hear this!

    Jul 27 2010, 20h27

    Mon 26 Jul – The Lydia Finale: A Goodbye & Farewell Tour

    So, Lydia's facebook status update today was that the band's vehicle was broken into in Houston. Leighton's computer got stolen. Isn't that such shit? It's their last tour ever...and that's the impression Houston leaves on them. What a shame!
  • Ratatat

    Jun 8 2010, 14h08

    Ratatat is such a phenomenal band. I got LP4 on vinyl yesterday, and I must say that it is amazing. Mike and Evan are great musicians, compose music well and are fun to watch live. The guys have this hard to ignore presence on stage, and it sucks you right into the music. I've been listening to them for about 5 years now, and I still can't get enough of them. I would give just about anything to see them live again. Check them out if you haven't already!
  • Loved It...for Say Anything

    Mai 19 2010, 13h32

    Tue 18 May – Angels & Airwaves with special guest Say Anything

    My sister, friend and myself attended the Angels & Airwaves with Say Anything show last night. I must say that we were a bit surprised by the crowd. This was my third time to see Say Anything in Houston (my sister's fourth), and every time we've seen them there has been an overwhelming amount of crowd involvement, which is probably the best part of any show. I don't know if it's because the majority of attendees were there for AVA or what but the crowd just wasn't there last night. The three of us were surrounded by girls wearing Say Anything shirts but nobody seemed to know the words to any of the songs, and frequently commented on how ridiculous we were acting. We may have been a little loud and danced a little too much but Say Anything is one of our favorite bands, and that's only expected at a show.

    Say Anything came out and started the show off with Hate Everyone of off the new self-titled album. They played a great set including songs off of Is A Real Boy as well as In Defense of the Genre. It was a great blend of new and old songs. However, being a veteran Say Anything show attendee, my sister and I noticed they were only playing their most popular songs. One can only assume this was to cater to the Angels & Airwaves crowd. Say Anything is great live, and it was a little sad/strange they opened. They put on such an awesome show, and we were sad to see them leave the stage.

    With such a young and rather unwelcoming crowd, we decided we didn't want to stay for Angels & Airwaves' set, and left after Say Anything left the stage. The merch prices were expected, and overall I'd say the show was well worth it. I'll definitely be attending Say Anything shows until they stop playing or I just get too old to go.
  • 5/12/10 CocoRosie

    Mai 12 2010, 19h26

    I bought the new CocoRosie "Grey Oceans" album on LP yesterday! It shipped today, and I am ready to get it in.

    A couple days ago, a close friend of mine showed me Big Jet Plane , and I immediately fell in love. I bought Down the Way and I must say that I am not disappointed in the least. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Currently I am listening to CocoRosie and Angus & Julia Stone Radio, and am discovering new musicians as I write this! :) I am very pleased.
  • Music Log

    Mai 12 2010, 19h14

    I've decided to start keeping a log of new bands that I find or new music that I buy. All too often I try to make a list of all the bands I listen to beginning with 2005. It's a lot harder than you think. :\

    Anyway, I'm really excited :)
  • I need new music.

    Fev 12 2010, 15h05

    I've gotten kind of bored with all of the music I've been listening to for the past few months. Nothing is really interesting or exciting anymore. The coolest thing I've been listening to lately is Lykke Li and Black Bear. I'm hoping to find something fantastic...if anyone has any suggestions, I'll gladly take them.

    Lykke Li Black Bear

    Have a lovely day!