• Xandria - Neverworld's End

    Fev 22 2012, 12h10

    1.Xandria - A Prophecy of Worlds to Fall
    Oh god, not generic gothic chorus intro, please no...cue 1 minute of people "Aaah-ing". Cue typical metal riffs. Oh Hello Tarja...oh wait, that's not Tarja, that's new vocalist of Xandria singing bored, accompanied by generic metal riffs and transitioning into generic operatic refrain. Repeat that for 7 boring minutes and you have the first track of this album....Not. A. Good. Start.
    Verdict: 2/5

    2.Xandria - Valentine
    More generic guitarwork, more generic operatic Nightwish-y vocals, more generic chorus. Another entirely flat and stale song without any dynamic or energy, focused way too much on being sad.
    Verdict: 1/5

    3.Xandria - Forevermore
    Guess What? Yep, Guessed right, another church chorus intro transitioning into generic nightwish-y vocals, generic guitarwork and bland un-dynamic songwriting.
    Verdict: 2/5

    4.Xandria - Euphoria
    More Xandria intro, yet again ruined by operatic gothic genericness and completely uninspiring melodies that we have heard millions of times in all the other bands. And yet again the whole song without any sort of change in it.
    Verdict: 0/5

    5.Xandria - Blood on My Hands
    Yet again the same old story. Generic operatic vocals that try to be old Nightwish, generic "gothic"-y guitarwork, nothing of the real Xandria there to see. Yet again an entire song without any sort of emotional or musical rollercoasters. Stale. Uninspired.
    Verdict: 2/5

    6.Xandria - Soulcrusher
    Oh look, another try to be as generic as possible, imitating Nightwish. Generic guitarwork, generic operatic vocals,
    Verdict: 1/5

    7.Xandria - The Dream Is Still Alive
    Sorry, Xandria, but Nightwish's masterpiece, The Islander, you are not. And you can't every compare to the masterpiece that was real Xandria's Eversleeping.This is a completely uninspired, completely generic try at "oh my gawd, so sad" ballad.
    Verdict: 0/5

    8.Xandria - The Lost Elysion
    Generic nightwish-wannabe intro, generic power-metal riffs then. Really, Xandria? Now you have fallen ever lower.
    Verdict: 1/5

    9.Xandria - Call Of The Wild
    Yet again, Xandria, you are not even close to masterpieces like Nightwish's , The Islander or I Want My Tears Back. I just "love" how copy and pasted the song is. Its like they devised a part of the song till reffrain and then copy-pasted it for the rest of 5 minutes.
    Verdict: 0/5

    10.Xandria - Xandria's A Thousand Letters
    A pathetic try at recapturing the awesome that was Xandria's Xandria's Eversleeping. Sorry, but without Lisa's melancholic vocals, these types of songs just sound generic.
    Verdict: 1/5

    11.Xandria - Xandria's Cursed
    O congratulations, Xandria, you just fell even lower and became a mix of Nightwish and Rammstein. Yeah....
    Verdict: 0/5

    12.Xandria 0 Xandria's The Nomad's Crown
    A pathetic try to get back at the awesomeness that was Xandria's Xandria's India and yet again a failure. Finished with a pathetic gothic-chorus instead of hindi-melodies and mystery Lisa's voice and the strange narrator brought to India.
    Verdict: 0/5

    Seriously, Xandria, If I wanted that I would go and listen to Visions of Atlantis or older Nightwish. But I do not. There are only few songs of old nightwish I liked (Wish I had an Angel, nemo, wishmaster), but otherwise I find the current Nightwish refreshing from overly sad overly gothic operatic vocals that plague the genre now. If someone said this was a Xandria album, I would not even believe them since I always Xandria always associated. Completely uninspired piece of work, completely stale songs without any dynamic approaches. The opposite of eclectic. With the vocals completely unfitting Xandria's style to boot.

    Overall Verdict: 1.6/5
  • Amaranthe - Amaranthe

    Fev 22 2012, 11h37

    1. Amaranthe - Leave Everything Behind
    Pretty strong opener track, which introduces a delicious genre-confusion right from the start. We are greeted by a pretty usual power metal guitarwork and then it all gets confusing. Three different vocals really lend themselves nicely in this song and blend together. VERY strong refrain. Arguably the most "power-metal-y" song of the whole album. Frankly I do not have ANYTHING to compare this to. There are traces of Keldian, that do not overwhelm the uniqueness of the song, there are traces of Scar Symmetry and even power metal classics like Stratovarius mixed in, but the end result is a very unique and fresh song.
    Verdict: 5/5

    2. Amaranthe - Hunger
    Yet another very different song. Start reminds a bit of older Lacuna Coil, then it transforms into a high-quality melodeath piece and it all leads to very atmospheric and happy refrain. Vocal quality yet again shines through the song. Growls are perfect, female vocals have some real range and male clean vocals are decent enough. IF there was one problem with the song is that riffs and transitions between the song parts are a bit repeatable.
    Verdict: 4/5

    3. Amaranthe - 1.000.000 Lightyears
    Clearly one of the best gems of this album and one of the most energetic songs of year 2011. Strongly reminds me of Keldian mixed with some / genre influences. The transition between three different vocal styles is flawless. VERY powerful song. Solo reminds of Scar Symmetry or Solution .45 yet again and thats not a bad thing. Thats a VERY good thing.
    Verdict: 5/5

    4. Amaranthe - Automatic
    Some slight Nightwish influences in guitarwork, some slight Stratovarius influences in song structure. Yet again surprisingly great mix of melodic death, power metal and disco/dance electronic music. Yet again very power refrain. Yet again, a bit repetitive in its structure, but energetic enough for multiple re-listens. Yet again quite masterful solo.
    Verdict: 4/5

    5. Amaranthe - My Transition
    Quite a progressive track and yet again a great mix of three different vocal styles.
    Verdict: 5/5

    6. Amaranthe - Amaranthine
    Some strong Within Temptation influences at the start as well as some nice blend with nicer ballad type songs in genre. Very powerful lyrics and melodies. Most melodic song in the whole album. A very good way to introduce band concept itself, as each set of different vocals comes one after another with refrains in between incorporating vocals from those who already sung. Very "clean" and somber song.
    Verdict: 5/5

    7. Amaranthe - It's All About Me
    Very progressive guitarwork intro and strongest growls of the whole album. Very strong contrast with Amaranthine, which comes right before this track in tracklist. Yet again there's nothing to really compare this to. Surely the most "melodeath-y" song of the whole album
    Verdict: 5/5

    8. Amaranthe - Call Out My Name
    Very intriguing mix of melodeath and disco genres. Melodeath parts reminds me a bit of Turisas, followed by more power-metal-ish male clean vocals and transitioning into a pure / fun in refrain. One of the strongest songs of the whole album.
    Verdict: 5/5

    9. Amaranthe - Enter the Maze
    Very melodic and catchy main vocal line. Great guitarwork. Yet again quite different from the rest of the songs in this albums. Great and catchy refrain.
    Verdict: 5/5

    10. Amaranthe - Director's Cut
    Very proggy guitar work and good quality growls. Despite that its the song that stands out the least in the whole album. Everything is top notch, refrain is beautiful, but something just does NOT click in between the parts.
    Verdict: 3/5

    11. Amaranthe - Act of Desperation
    Yet another song that does not stand out that much. In no way bad quality, but just after those BRILLIANT first 9 songs, this does give illusion of album loosing steam. And then refrain hits with one of the most beautiful melodies possible almost redeeming otherwise "decent" song. Quality of song is perfect, it just feels not as good as the first nine songs.
    Verdict: 4/5

    12. Amaranthe - Serendipity
    Thankfully the last song of album is yet again great. Strong electronic influences there, great and catchy refrain, perfectly blending all three different styles of vocals. Yet again might be a bit repeatable, however very energetic. Strong solo, even if a bit too short.
    Verdict: 4/5

    Outstanding and great album for this band, especially considering its first "true" album by them. The quality, the production, the energy, the unique genre-blending approach - its all amazing. There are some songs that are a bit repetitive and album does lose steam in the last five songs or so, however overall its one of the best metal releases of year 2011

    Best Songs:1.000.000 Lightyears, Amaranthine, Call Out My Name

    Overall Verdict: 4.5/5
  • Music Albums of 2010(and some left overs) - Part I

    Jun 21 2010, 10h39

    Leftovers from 2009:

    Mosh - Bastard

    Surprisingly aggressive and awesome album by this , band

    Tracks worth mentioning: Rage Within, Everybody Hates a Bully, Liar


    Dejafuse - DejaFuse

    A decent effort by former Autumn vocalist. MOre autumn feel at least, than in the lackluster newest album from Autumn...

    Songs worth mentioning: 2Faced, Exploring, State Of Being



    Marc Rizzo
    - Legionnaire

    Decent instrumental album. Nothing that special but still a good listening experience.\



    Orden Ogan - Easton Hope

    Promising yet flawed work of music. All These Dark Years is an awesome track with good vocals and decent melodies, maybe a bit too reminiscent of some sort of fusion between Keldian and Blind Guardian

    Rest of Tracks like Easton Hope,Nobody Leaves, The Black Heart,Goodbye sound like an unholy and heretic fusion between DragonForce, some sort of metalcore abdn and Blind Guardian

    Currently having really mixed opinions on this band and album, but one fact is clear. Its still one of better Blind Guardian clones and it brings something innovative to the formula.



    Orphaned Land
    The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR

    Interesting work of music. Interesting work of art. Most of songs have unique sound with a spice of oriental.

    Tracks like Breath in The Abyss ,The Path Part 1 - Treading Through Darkness, The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage To Or Shal, New Jerusalem Really leave a strong and unique impression.

    The guitar solos in The Neverending Way deserve a honorary mention too.



    Solution .45 - For Aeons Past

    Possibly best album of 2010 hands down.

    Tracks like Gravitational Lensing, Lethean Tears and the killer track Clandestinity Now make sure that you come back to this album again and again.

    Really unique and awesome work that retains the spirit of old Scar Symmetry while bringing something new to that feel. Awesome solos and awesome dual vocals.

    Can't wait for their second effort.



    Bruce Kulick - BK3

    A decent, if a bit generic solo album with a lot of quest musicians.

    The style varies and changes with each song. From a bit more aggressive Fate, which has shades of Freak Kitchen in there, to deliciously evil and malicious Hand of the King, to glam, hair metal like Dirty Girl, to relaxing and almost alternative I'll Survive

    A decent album of mixed genres.



    Diabulus In Musica - Secrets

    Possibly one of the best albums of 2010.

    The opening track Come to Paradise is strong and impressive, even if a bit reminiscent of Epica.

    Nocturnal Flowers is a bit more traditional track for the genre. Great melodies, awesome female vocals and strong refrain - all what it needs to draw you in and never let go.

    Evolution's Whim - Possibly the best track in the album. Female vocals, their beauty, their power really shine in this track. These magnificent and strong vocals combined with awesome, catchy melody of the song and very unusual refrain make the best song of this album.

    New Era - Second best track of the album. yet again awesome female vocals and catchy melodies.

    Under the Shadow (of a Butterfly) -is the third best track and possibly my favorite one. soothing and awesome melodies and meaningful lyrics.

    Songs like Lonely Soul, Lies in your Eyes and St.Michael's Nightmare(for first 1 minute and 30 seconds and their uber awesome catchy-ness that I could re-listen again and again) deserve a mention too.



    Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony

    Another lackluster effort of Tobias Sammet. Most of tracks are completely bland, uninspiring, with forced bombastic feel and pop music elements.

    The title track, The Wicked Symphony is uninspiring and bland The intro for it is decent, but is soon followed by pop-music-jon-bon-jovi-like song, where tobias tries to impersonate Roy Khan of Kamelot...Which is really sad.

    Wastelands - a generic power metal filler track with Kiske on vocals. It actually hurts to listen to it, as you can feel that Tobias Sammet TRIED to create something reminiscent of old good Avantasia there, but just could not find that spirit, that emotion anymore and it came out as generic power metal track with mainstream refrain :<

    Scales of Justice - Great track thanks to the vocal abilities of Tim Ripper Owens. The lyrics and melodies are still generic, but the vocal performance gives the song power and livens it all up.

    Dying for an Angel is the "shame" of album. Its totally bland, uninspiring commercial song in the line of Bon Jovi songs like Have A Nice Day. Generic repeatable refrain, simp0listic pop lyrics and stagnant song style.

    Blizzard On Broken Mirror - A decent track.with decent melodies. Sadly the refrain is generic and the lyrics are as generic as they can get.

    Runaway Train - Now this song I would have expected to hear as a filler track in some Jorn Lande album or some generic band

    Crestfallen - Another "shame" of this album. Tobias Sammet Meets Donald The Duck. Bland uninspiring mix of , and

    Forever Is A Long Time - What is this? Avantasia tribute band? Jorn Lande Tribute Band? While lyrics are decent, the whole song just screams filler-track...

    Black Wings - "generic rock" meets emo lyrics meets ozzy-osbourne bombastics....

    States Of Matter - Decent power metal track. And hey for the first time in this whole album, the song has the spirit, the emotion of old, good Avantasia


    Avantasia - Angel of Babylon

    Better than Wicked Symphony. In a sense, if both albums were one album, with bad tracks taken out and good tracks left or improved, this might have been quite a good work...

    Stargazers - Generic power metal track. But way better than Wastelands. Sure its in style of nu-Edguy, nu-Avantasia, with all its pop elements and etc, but this is actually one of those cases where it works. The refrain feels like it coems from Helloween song.

    Angel of Babylon - Good title track. While it is still full of nu-Avantasia, it retains some of the feel from back the times of The Metal Opera. Listenable. Awesome refrain.

    Your Love Is Evil - A "shame" of this album. A commercial metal song that would fit right in with "artists" like Rasmus or Evanescence....

    Death Is Just a Feeling - generic filler track that tries to impersonate The Toy Master

    Rat Race - nu-Edguy like power metal track. Good quality melodies, paired with mediocre lyrics and generic, but awesome refrain.

    Down In The Dark - commercial metal intro, followed by generic Jorn Lande track, followed by Bon Jovi and nu-Avantasia.

    Blowing Out The Flame - generic nu-Edguy/nu-Avantasia ballad filler track.

    Symphony Of Life - Oh, the Evanescence track of album, which pretty much defines ~99% of commercial female-fronted "metal". While track is catchy and vocals are quite unique(but annoying), the track yet another Dying for an Angel and Lost in Space

    Alone I Remember - Ah the generic hardrock filler-track of album.

    Promised Land - now if everything in the three albums of nu-Avantasia sounded like this, I would be friggin happy. Awesome song, who first had the misfortune of NOT getting into Scarcepop album. Awesome melodies and vocals.

    Journey To Arcadia - One of the most old-avantasia-like tracks of album too. A ballad/epilogue done right. Reminds me of the old good times when Avantasia contained tracks like Into The Unknown or Farewell. Good times those were. And this track confirms that Tobias knows how to write good music, but decides to go the sellout way :[



    MASTERMIND - Insomnia

    good album , proving that the band contains only professional musicians. Unique and awesome female vocals.

    Tracks worth mentioning: Broken,Meltdown, Pretty Words, No Answer, Nietzsche



    Döxa - Once... and for All

    A decent symphonic metal effort.

    Tracks to mention: Eternal Awakenings, The Devil in Love, Standing for your Wishes, To Die Only Once, Sins Of Symmetry, Heaven Is Frozen

  • Bonjovitasia - Angel of Babylon

    Mar 29 2010, 22h20

    Okay I'll try to be as objective as possible, however I can say for sure that I had no high hopes for this album. After a huge and poptastic fail of The Scarecrow, I don't know if I should hate Tobias or feel sad for him.

    Avantasia - Stargazers
    Good intro. Then it devolves intro generic power metal. Overall track is a bit better than Wastelands.
    Rating: 6/10

    Avantasia - Angel of Babylon
    Decent intro changes into generic part with tobias vocals. Catchy, dynamic and good refrain, which reminds me a bit of old, good avantasia.
    Rating: 7/10

    Avantasia = Your Love Is Evil
    Generic mainstream rock track. A "harder and heavier" lost in space if you want. Mainstream but decent track with bland and cliche lyrics. Nothing great because the song itself is too stale.
    Rating: 3/10

    Avantasia - Death Is Just a Feeling
    Generic filler tries to impersonate "Toy Master".
    Rating: 1/10

    Avantasia - Rat Race
    Decent mix of mainstream and power metal. Overuse of effects is felt. Generic, aor-ish, hard-rocky refrain. Would be a decent, even good track, if not for overuse of vocal effects.
    Rating: 6/10

    Avantasia - Down In The Dark
    Generic mainstream stale mainstream intro. Just like Scales of Justice is led by Tim "ripper" Owens, this track is carried by Jorn Lande. Sadly the latter parts of the song are too pop-y and there's too much tobias, so...
    Rating: 7/10

    Avantasia - Blowing Out The Flame
    Generic filler track intro. Generic filler ballad. It would fit into the latter years discographies of Edguy, but it lacks the EPICNESS of Avantasia ballads from The Metal Opera.
    Rating: 4/10

    Avantasia - Symphony Of Life
    Horrible, horrible, horrible intro. The overall song is best described as Evanescence mates with Therion. now as much as I LOVE female fronted metal bands, this song sounds bland and unmetal.

    Avantasia - Alone I Remember
    Generic, yet strong, maybe a bit hard-rocky intro. The whole song can be described as "Tobias Sammet tries to impersonate greatest hard-rock hits". Sadly the song does not sound good. The song is also not dynamic enough.
    Rating: 4/10

    Avantasia - Promised Land
    FRACKING AWESOME TRACK. This should have been on The Scarecrow instead of horrible Lost in Space or Carry me Over. Fracking awesome song. Can't comment or explain why. It sounds energetic. It sounds like old good Avantasia. Tobias ego IS NOT felt in this song. Vocals of Jorn lande are plus too.
    Rating: 10/10!

    Avantasia - Journey To Arcadia
    This song would sound epic if it was sung by ONLY by R.Allen and if it had some SERIOUS guitarworkSymphony X. Sadly refrain is popsy and generic copypasta from other post-metal-opera avantasia song. Overall its a b etter epilogue than "The Edge".
    Rating: 6/10

    Overall Impression:
    Angel of Babylon is A LOT BETTER than The Wicked Symphony in overall quality. Its more stable, yet only The Promised Land reaches the levels of The Metal Opera

    Promised Land !!!!
    Good Songs:Angel of Babylon
    OK Songs: Stargazers, Rat Race, Down In The Dark Journey To Arcadia
    Don't Bother: Death Is Just a Feeling, Your Love Is Evil, Blowing Out The Flame , Alone I Remember , Symphony Of Life

    Total Overall Rating: 5/10
  • Bonjovitasia - The Wicked Symphony

    Mar 29 2010, 21h23

    Okay I'll try to be as objective as possible, however I can say for sure that I had no high hopes for this album. After a huge and poptastic fail of The Scarecrow, I don't know if I should hate Tobias or feel sad for him.

    Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony
    Hard-rocky silly intro, then a few seconds of tobias impersonating Kamelot then a few seconds of epicness of R.Allen. then BonJovi Chorus. Repeat again. Cue random solo and random alternative instrumental.
    Rating: 4/10

    Avantasia - Wastelands
    Generic Power metal track used as filler material. Typical unimpressive lyrics and bland guitar work. Kiskes vocals don't sound as good as I hoped they would...It seems he lost all his power...
    Rating: 5/10

    Avantasia - Scales of Justice
    Quite a decent track. AWESOME, even, I would say. But don't be fooled yet. Its awesome because of vocalist, Tim "Ripper" Owens, who carries the song through the song alone. the instrumental side and lyrics are still bland and uninspiring.
    Rating: 8/10

    Avantasia - Dying for an Angel
    Horrible, Horrible, horrible popsy aor track. Its clear that it was created solely to be played on mainstream radio stations and MTV. The song composition is bland and generic. The entire song revolves around refrain(just like the other pop"hits" of Tobias, "Carry me Over" and "Lost In Space).. Melodies, while a bit catchy, are completelly unoriginal. Its Tobias Sammet trying to be Bon Jovi yet again. This time, its "Have A Nice Day" by Bon Jovi.
    Rating: 1/10

    Avantasia - Blizzard On A Broken Mirror
    Yet another horrible horrible mainstream intro to a song. Then it all evolves into mainstream metal track. then tobias tries to imitate Kamelot, The rest of song is quite decent mix of aor/metal.
    Rating: 7/10

    Avantasia - Runaway Train
    Blong and generic ballad intro. After 2 minutes of generic-ness, we get some decent lines by Jorn Lande.. Then the generic-ness continues.

    Avantasia - Crestfallen
    Now now Tobias, thats no metal. Thats plain pure generic mix of alternative, electronic and screamo. And here I thought that there won't be anything more unimpressive and mainstream than Dying for an Angel. At least that track was catchy, while this...
    Rating: 0/10

    Avantasia - Forever Is A Long Time
    A bit more dynamic intro. Then we have generic "Scarecrow" album style hard-rock/aor/mainstream_metal track.
    Rating: 410

    Avantasia - Black Wings
    Yet again generic mainstream intro, followed by slow generic song with emo lyrics.
    Rating: 3/10

    Avantasia - States Of Matter
    A bit more dynamic intro, generic power metal guitar-work. Decent, yet generic refrain.Song is not dynamic enough to be great.
    Rating: 5/10

    Avantasia - The Edge
    Generic Ballad ender..
    Rating: 3/10

    Overall Opinion: Wicked Symphony is quite mixed thing...Some songs are WAY WORSE than previous album, The Scarecrow, while some songs are quite decent,.

    Good Songs: Scales of Justice, Blizzard On A Broken Mirror

    OK Songs: Wastelands, States Of Matter

    Don't Bother: Everything else.

    Total Overall Rating: 4/10
  • My Opinion on Albums Released in 2009 Q1 /Part II

    Mai 20 2009, 1h02

    Stratovarius - Polaris

    Easily one of the best released this year. Stratovarius makes a strong comeback with awesome album, proving that Tollki was not what made Stratovarius Stratovarius.

    Starting with a bit more progressive SymphonyX-meets-Dream-Theather song "Deep Unknown", Stratovarius members knock you back with talent force and unchallenged melodies. Tracks "Blind" and "Forever is Today" are classic Stratovarius, while "Falling Star" has the capacity of being next "Hunting High and Low".

    The Ballads are awesome too. Cruel yet interesting hystorical lyrics in "King of Nothing" or emotional and sincere vocals in "Somehow Precious" and "when the mountains fall" - you choose.

    The Bassist Laurri Porra also has shown off his writing talents in this album. Emancipation Suite I and II is a beastly composition, while Falling Star is my favourite song of album.


    Tim Ripper Owens - Play My Game

    The Ripper's first solo album, in which he successfully proves that he CAN write great songs.

    It has only one downside - the fantastic album makes the wait for his "Iced-Earth-But-No-Schaffer" side project even harder.



    Delain - April Rain

    An Awesome album from awesome band.

    The strongest side of it is - there's no weak side. All tracks are strong and filled with beautiful vocal melodies.

    In comparison to Lucidity, this feature's more of the "stable" band members and less session members, which shows off just how interesting it sounds.

    The Starting track "April Rain" etches into your mind the second you hear it. Beautiful Music Video, great guitar riffs at intro, beautiful lyrics. "Stay Forever" - the vocal lines are great, however the chorus is the weakest part of the song."Control The Storm" - is an epic song featuring Marco Hietala in Vocals . The whole song, and especially the chorus, sends shivers down my spine."On The Other Side" - is THE catchiest song on t he whole album. Its has calm and serene atmosphere. The vocals are beautiful, which fits for a song led mostly by vocals. Its currently stuck on repeat.

    Overall its GREAT album recommended for all.



    Stream of Passion - The Flame Within

    While a bit worse than debut album(Maybe because Arjen is no longer in the project), this is still a masterpiece, Marcela remains one of greatest female vocalists of all times.

    Favourite Tracks: "The art of Loss", "Now or Never", "The Endless Night", "Burn My Pain".


    Autumn - Altitude

    While still quite a good album, it clearly feels that the band REALLY suffered from loosing the previous vocalist.

    While quite good, but no longer unique or interesting. Well at least for me.

  • My opinion on the albums released in the Q1 of 2009

    Abr 22 2009, 9h47

    Vision Divine- 9 Degrees West Of The Moon
    Total fail. The band was way more progressive and interesting with previous vocalist. With the current one it feels like its "just another power metal bands". Lyrics are worse than before too.

    Adagio - Archangels In Black
    Awesomeness covering the genres of Progressive Metal, Power Metal and Melodic Death Metal. Will for sure go into top 5 albums of this year, I think.

    Sirenia - The 13th Floor
    Ah and to think that I once liked this band. Just goes to show on how bands go commercial thanks to too much money.

    HammerFall - No Sacrifice, No Victory
    Its for sure better than previous too "Power Pop Metal" albums. Quite awesome stuff right there. Songs with Accept influences, traditional heritage from Hammerfall "Glory To The Brave" album being back and etc... and of course "Something For Ages" has to be one of most amazing instrumentals of the year.

    Revolution Renaissance - Age Of Aquarius
    Easily...worst album of the year. T.Tollki is back in his schizophrenia mode, writing half assed alternative-metal-supposed-to-be-epic-songs-that-look-like-ballads yet again. Fail.

    Fairyland - Score To A New Beginning
    Truly new beginning. A lot more progressive than previous works and considering, there's only one original band member left, its surprising on how awesome can it be. Awesome new vocalists and everything.

    Powerwolf - Bible Of The Beast
    Awesomeness continues. Vocals remain strong, melodies beautiful, and, what is most important, lyrics - hilarious. Some songs like Resurrection from Erection are hilariously awesome. the Iron-maiden-Fear-of-the-dark-like "Panic in The Pentagram is awesome too.

    Bloodbound - Tabula Rasa
    Iron-Maiden-Power-Metal band gone progressive. Awesome songs like Dominion 5 and Take One are real gems in the album.

    Looking forward on hearing new Stratovarius (high hopes there), and Dream Theater(no hopes there, but still, for the lulz)