• Be negative on your top 20! :)

    Jun 27 2008, 10h07

    Mariah Carey: oww... This fuckin' bitch on the top of my chart?!
    wtf... Go out of here... Move ur ass and go whatever you want... but not close to me!! (what know that LAMB is a gay nickname...?! shit!)
    Go to Nick, maybe he can make you scream and make you do some high notes (finally some high notes!! XD)... and ya know bitch when u can scream as well as you can!!!
    And if there's a camera up in Nick's house, we're goin' 2 catch that flick on YouuPorn... YouuuuuPorn!!!
    Bi*** ... Your last album sucks!! Go to Tommy and work soooo hard...
    i want you like 18 years ago (with tha same hairstyle *_*, dresses *_*, and without booooooooobs!!!! :D)

    Luther Vandross: Oh no... I cannot do this to you, I miss you man! :) *L. alive in my heart*

    Stevie Wonder: Hm... I love you! ... Hm... I hate your last album, why are you on Motown? We're in 2008, not in the 70s, dear Stevie...

    Aretha Franklin: Oh no... she's like my mom for me!!! :O ... Ok, make a diet! (Everybody says this)

    Mary J. Blige: Noooo another bitch!!!! XD MJB... U can be the queen of Hip Hop/Soul ... But i can't stand your songs!!!
    Do u spend your life cryin'?! Do you have a social life?!!
    And, BTW, what the fuck is tha 411??!

    Babyface: I've always said that you have a stupid name!!! Kenny Edmonds, no?! ... You are boring me (album of covers, WTF)... Bring back the Old School!

    Queen: OMG... what can i say? I love your rock music but sometimes you seems a bunch of fags (when there is only one!) ... Brian May change your hairstyle, please, you looks like Diana Ross! o.O
    (But anyway, i LOVE queen... Freddie R.I.P. ... only the good die young!)

    Janet Jackson: Leave JD and Def Jam (with Mariah, possibly) and stay with your brother, you are victims of labels!! Bring your fat ass to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!!!

    Prince: Hmm... Your pink guitar sucks!! XD and your last works! (Prince, Purple Rain and Sign 'O' The Time... tha shit!!! *_*)

    Whitney Houston: Smoke crack and make sex with a teenage guy!! OMG... Whiney Houston: Sex, Drugs and R...hythm and Blues!

    Brian McKnight: He's the man in my dreams... I can't be mad at him!!! XD

    Jay-Z: You... The best rapper in the world?!? ... Shawn... Go and fuck your wife, i hate your fucking rhymes (the same lyrics all over the years!) bullshit!!!

    Michael Jackson: My dear King of Pop ... Return black like a chocolate and then I can love you! XD (Children, stay awayyyy from hiiim)

    George Benson: When I listen to your songs, sometimes i think that you make love with your guitar. You are lonely, man!

    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: ON MY CHART?!?! Hmm only for CROASSROADS and Lil'L.OV.E.! Other works?! I don't give a fuuuuuuuck!

    Aaliyah: I respect your memory... I miss you madly baby girl! :) (I hate planes!)

    Simon and Garfunkel: White music on my charts?! Strange, but OK... Who's the wife? Paul Simon? or Art?
    You are a nice couple, very nice!! Your songs, specially Mrs. Robinson... are so fucking stupid!!! o.O

    Usher: Are we waiting 4 loooooong years for a decent album?!? O____O

    Nas: U say that hip hop is dead, and are you dead with it? I think so... :D

    Trey Lorenz: He's the man who sang I'll Be There with Mariah in her MTV Unplugged concert!
    Nobody remember him! He's just a gay that released 2 poor albums in 15 years!!! XD You're better as a backup singer for MC!!!

  • Happy Birthday to Me! :D

    Set 17 2007, 22h13

    17th September...My Birthday! :)
    It's one of the most important days in all my life!
    I'm feeling so happy, and I celebreting the 10th anniversary of Butterfly by Mariah Carey...The best R&B album in all world! :D
    And I'm celebreting the 16th anniversary of Emotions too. It was released on 17th September 1991, my date of birth! :D I'm feeling so close to that album for this reason!

    Maybe this is a gift from Mariah to me...It's like an advertisement...I don't know...But, anyway, It could a very nice gift. Thank you Mariah, U don't know me...But anyway, thanks! ;D


    PS : Endless luv to my LAMBS all over the world, hugs from Italy aka BORING PLACE! lol Mariah CareyButterflyEmotions

    Set 14 2007, 18h33

    I wanna introduce to you my "MySpace" profile as an artist.
    I choose the stage name "Mirage Morris" for two important reasons to me.
    My real name is not Mirage...but some friends of mine call me in that way, and i love it! ^^
    Mirage was originarally a Mariah's nickname during her years in the high school.
    She was a "mirage" 'cause just a few times she went to school during the years! She was a tough girl, somethin' kinda...uhm...a troublemaker!
    And I'm a troublemaker too! XD I'm not in the class, I hate lessions...For this reason that I repeat the 2nd class in high school (here, in Italy, the years in high school are 5! I'm from 1991 and I shoulda be in the 3th class! But I still in the 2th! XD)
    Anyway, I don't wanna talkin' about my school and other things like that!
    So...Mirage is my "new" name!
    And what's about Morris? Is it a common american name?
    I take it from Stevie Wonder...My favorite singer, musiciant and producer. He's a genius, and I think he's very down-on-Earth...a great writer...Everything, I love him! He's my man!
    And he was the first artist that I ever listen and with his songs I totally fell in love with Black Music.
    It's a tribute to him.
    And then 'cause...I think of it later...I'd a tribute for another wonderful artist, Wanya Morris...From Boyz II Men! :D (...I luv BIIM and New Jack Swing!)
    So...Ladies and gentleman : Mirage Morris is hereee! lol

    As an artist, I wanna introduce to the people all the music that I love, 'cause music enjoy, music is a international language that I wanna speak it to everybody all over the world!
    I wanna making some soul love Vision Of Love by Mariah...and some slow jamz with hip hop beats, like What's the 411? by MJB (I'm in luv with this song!)
    And I wanna make a lot of songs with some Motown style, oor going in the 80s a little bit, I wanna introduce to my songs the typical Rick James style, making something like Behind the Groove by Teena Marie, or All Night Long by Mary Jane Girls. And people can enjoy themselves and living the 80s another time!
    Or...Uhm...What else?
    Producing with one of my biggest dreams! or making R&B/Gospel ballads with James "Big Jim" Wright...and be signed to Def Jam! lol

    Is it just a dream? A Daydream?
    I don't know the answer...
    Mariah says that "If u believe...U can make it!"ù
    I put all my trust in these words.
    Mariah was a poor gal like me, so far away from the fame, the money, the dresses, the "tommy mottolas"...and etc etc XD

    Can I go to the US, finding Tommy, and reaching at n.1 on Billboard? lol
    Yeah...It sounds like a real dream! XD lol
    I wanna be more realistic..., I wanna doing MY MUSIC...and then, if God gives me a "vision of love", I wanna be always grateful to Him! :D I've to go...check it out : >>> <<<

    Ya know what? ...And then a Hero lies in youuuu :D

    Jul 14 2007, 9h14

    Hellooo guys around the world...what's up?
    There in Italy iz all OK...there's the typical summer weather. Very hot, here the sea is wonderful, a lot of people on the beach.
    Swimming, playing volleyball...whatever!
    And in this sunny day I'm sitting here on the desk, in front of my laptop and writing 4 u.
    What can I say?'s been a long time...three mouths or somethin'...But I don't use this journal very much...I've a lot of sites and blogs here on the internet, it's very hard to use them very much, as long as possible.
    So...guys, I used to write here for tell u something very important.
    I know that here there are a lot of Mariah Carey fans...or...lambs, ya know. I'm one of them, and I'm really pride of it!

    Yesterday, the hip hop produced Mahogany (he worked with Dr.Dre, Jay-Z, Queen Latifah among others) sent on his myspace page the new Mariah Carey unreleased song from her new album coming out November 2007 (Yep man, we've to waaaait!).
    It's able to download..and of course I have it! :D

    The song is awesome.
    Pure Mariah Carey style...and ya's wonderful. I think that it will me a huge hits, 'cause it includes some Mahogany influences (Mahogany worked with Mariah for another song, called Sprung...released in japanese edition of The Emancipation Of Mimi) and of course gorgeous high notes and her typical powerfull and heavenly voice!! :)

    But the name of the song "I Feel It", it's not totally new.
    In all my entire hours, surfing on the net, i found a information about unreleased and incomplete songs in all Mariah Carey discography. There were a lot of songs, specially in the beginning of her carrier in 1990, songs with titles but not complete. Some of the work was produced with her old friend and parner, Ben Marguiles (and as a fan,I really luv his work with Mariah...Vision Of Love, everybody knows it...I've always been a Old School Mariah fan).
    But I don't wanna talking about her early years in music industry right now. Mariah is a veteran now...A incredible producer, singer and of course, songwriter.

    In 2005, in the original tracklist of The Emancipation Of Mimi there was a song called When I Feel It. But I don't know why, suddenly, it was repleaced by Joy Ride.
    Joy Ride is one of my favorite songs in the album...very nice sound, the same powerfull voice...and Trey Lorenz sings in backup...he's so sweet. :)
    When I Feel It, so...was not on the tracklist, and I read an interview with Mahogany and he doesn't know why. Maybe we should ask something at Mariah? :)
    Then, in 2006, the ringtone called "High Note" have a sample of When I Feel It, (Mariah made a lot of ringtones for promoting the Pepsi commercial, and everybody knows Time Of Your's amanzing) and u can compare the two high notes, and u can see very well that they're the same thing!
    So I have to say : Pepsi ringotones were taken by some unreleased songs, right? Uhm..well.
    What's about the others? My favorite, The Waited Too Long Blues? I luv that ringtone...And I'll be very very glad if it became an entire song and a huge it.
    Unfortunately, we are not Mariah Carey or her management team...and so we didn't know nothing about her new upcoming album.
    I just wanna a lot of surprises in this album. And I'm waiting too long...2 years or somethin'..!
    And I'm waiting an European dates of her new world tour. If she cames in Italy...well, I don't know...Go away from home, take the train, and go to Milan!
    Seeing her live, and singing, is my biggest dream! :D

    Well, I write sooo much! Now I wanna post the link for downloading...


    ENJOY MARIAH....ENJOY R&B.... Stay Tuned! :D

    *Hugs* Mirage

    (Sorry 4 my grammar CareyThe Emancipation of MimiI Feel It
  • Can I Get A Little Bit Of Lil'L.O.V.E.?

    Abr 12 2007, 15h00

    Yeah yeah...
    Mariah is here...
    On my radio
    The Queen is back!!!

    Yeh, yesterday a friend sent me a full version of Lil'L.O.V.E. taken from a forum all around the net.
    The new song by Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Mariah Carey will be relased on 17th April with Bone's new album.

    Bone and Mariah worked together for Breakdown, 4 Butterfly album in 1997, and they are in some Mariah's remixes.

    I hear the song...
    Well, it just drives me crazy, man!!! lol
    It's hot, cool and....divalicious? :P

    Very nice anyway,
    but I not sure if it's the original, full version. 'Cause the lenght it's just 2.54 minutes, I mean, are u fool?? o_O;;

    I wanna more!!! And then I don't hear JD and Bow Wow...Are they escaped? lol

    I don't wanna post here the link 4 the download, 'cause it's protect by a copyright...Uhm I don't wanna be in trouble with my lovely Last.FM! :D
    But if u wanna it just takin' my email : 4 chattin' on MSN! ;)

    A lot of hugs, kisses, and lil'love 4 ya lambs! xD


    PS : I'm lookin' 4 the lyrics!!!

    It's a old Mariah pic but I wanna post it 'cause i love it soooo much! Mariah is awesome!*_*
  • Happy Anniversary Mariah!

    Mar 28 2007, 14h09

    Yeah...One day later...But I wanna wish an incredible Happy Birthday or Anniversary to her. (37 years old! eheh)

    I love her so much...

    My Hero
    My Ispiration
    My Role Model
    My Saving Grace

    I'm just proud to be a lamb and supporting her everyday of my life!
    Thx to all the emotions and feelings that you sent me all the time!

    And I wanna greet at all the lambs like me all over the world! A huge hug and many kisses from Italy!

    I love u so much!

  • My Space!

    Mar 2 2007, 22h54

    Finally I have a profile on My Space too!
    I add as a friend Mariah, Damizza and Trey...eheh...I hope they can accept me as a friend too! x)

    this is the link :

    Enjoy man!!!! :D
  • Some cds that I'll buy...

    Fev 27 2007, 23h24

    I'll buy some Hip Hop and RnB cds, they are :
    Grandmaster Flash - The Message [Awesome Old School, I think..]
    Nas - Illmatic
    Jay-Z - Dynasty Roc The Familia (or somethin' like that o_O;; lol)

    let's take us back to RnB and so...some old school here too like :
    Babyface - Tender Lover (1989)

    I asked 4 Mariah too...I can't find Glitter and Rainbow here! Damn! I wanna have all her cds!

    By the way, what do ya think 'bout my shopping? Pls tell me! :D