• Valentine's Songs (Female Vocalists, mostly)

    Fev 16 2011, 14h54

    This year was the first Valentine's Day for me and my husband as a married couple, so I wanted to do something a little special. I decided to make him a musical love letter, or a compilation CD as most other people would call it!

    So began my hunt for love songs sung by female vocalists that would suit both our musical tastes. I had no idea at the outset of how much of a tall order I had set myself! The vast majority of love songs sung by women seem to be about breakups, or cheating, or unrequited love or some other miserable topic. Most of the really good romantic love songs seemed to be by male artists! Some exceptions to this were easy to find and somewhat obvious (such as the Carpenters), but by and large my goal seemed almost insurmountable.

    However, after much searching, and listening to an inordinate amount of music, I did finally manage to come up with a list of songs that were suitable, and in the process actually discovered some amazing artists I'd never heard before! Some of the songs are cover versions, but don't let that put you off the artist! ;)

    In the hope that by putting this online, it may at some point aid or inspire someone else when compiling a romantic playlist, I am publishing the final track listing here. It does actually contain a number of songs that are special to me and my husband regardless (marked with *), so not all the songs are female vocalist. As is, it adds up to about an hour of music.

    If anyone reading this has any suggestions of songs that would fit with this compilation, then please do suggest them. I would love to hear them. :)

    1. Martina McBride Valentine
    2. Cliff Richard with Sarah Brightman All I Ask Of You*
    3. Lonestar Amazed*
    4. Carpenters I Just Fall In Love Again
    5. Karine Polwart Four Strong Walls
    6. Rumer Saving Grace
    7. Lydia Gray Maybe I'm Amazed
    8. Rosi Golan Think of Me
    9. Niamh Egan You're the One (Acoustic Mix)
    10. Sara Bareilles The Light
    11. Michelle Featherstone We Are Man and Wife
    12. Celine Dion If That's What It Takes
    13. Ellie Goulding Your Song
    14. Thea Gilmore Crazy Love
    15. Eva Cassidy Songbird*
    16. Brad Kane & Lea Salonga A Whole New World*
    17. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra A groovy kind of love*