alex and his orgasmic voice alex look alike can sing this to me amazing anthem asi de tonta soy yo ayoo beautiful because dubstep better than the original bey and nicki omfg bossa nova bow down bitches brilliant british broke pop canadian cheating assholes chillout club dance dance my ass off to this dark disco catholicism diplo sounds like a freak dis mah jaaaam doctor who dragrace dubstep electro electroclash electronic experimental fierce fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire folk french fucking amazing fucking awesome fucking crying fucking perfect remix funk gaga and i smoke marlboro light gaga makes me cry gaga should produce more of her own shit gesaffelstein beat wttttttttffffffff giving me life gpoy grime hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha help me heeere hip hop his hole is medium rare holy mother of god this is amazing house i am soo fucking old i cry i love you mark foster i loved this soo much i wanna be that guuuuuy i wanna get married to this song i want someone to tell me this i want you on all fours i wish i could feel this kanye owned this shit love marina is my spirit animal marry the guido miley philosophy mind yo business stay in you laaane bitch new rave next level beats niggas nightrider shit oh shit omg drake stawp being perf paris paris motherfucker pop psychedelic punch me in the vagina because i am done queer rupaul you are fucking amazing you drag whore sexuelle et sale sexy fucking voice slaaaaay sleigh me bruno soul swag tears rite nao that shit cray that time i bust that bastards car with a bat the fucking lyrics thirstique this album was not thaaaat bad this song is fucking perfect this song slays this song still gives me life this was me in 2011 trip-hop when i briefly dated james wow