• Re-organizing Update #5

    Set 14 2008, 14h23

    It has been over two months since I've updated the status of this effort. Some of that is because I've started a new job, but most of it is because my free time has been concentrated on my electronica project, ElectricOkra.

    Last time I updated, I had just passed Steely Dan and was about to move on to Stereolab. Since then, I've deleted 291 tracks totaling 1.4GB. That brings the total deleted for the S's to 683 tracks and 3.9GB.

    Total overall: 4706 tracks baleeted - 21.7GB liberated.

    My goal of finishing by the end of this month is looking less and less likely. It is still possible, but I think that October is more reasonable. I only have about 3500 more tracks to go through, so we'll see.


    UPDATE: S's are completed. Total tracks removed: 4744 Total GB liberated: 22
  • Re-organizing Update #4

    Jul 6 2008, 17h09

    Roughly halfway through the S's... Started on June 29th with S.V. Style and I've just passed Steely Dan

    Just in the S's, I've trimmed 392 tracks totaling 2.5GB.

    That brings the grand total to 4,415 files baleeted and 20.3GB cleared.

    My pace has picked up because TheWife© and TheKid© are away for the holiday weekend, which has allowed me to stay a little more concentrated on my little project. Instead of November, I can now probably finish by the end of September.
  • Re-organizing Update #3

    Jun 27 2008, 4h01

    Through the Q's now.

    Here's the butcher's bill this far:

    3,762 files baleeted. 17.8GB liberated.

    I've also created 2 new playlists. One is the same as my main playlist, except I've removed every artist from my top 20. The other is a playlist featuring only one song per artist from my main playlist. There are 1011 tracks... thus 1011 different artists, from 311 to Quincy Jones And I'm just now to the R's.

  • Re-organizing Update #2

    Jun 18 2008, 1h29

    I'm thru the L's now. I have started on the M's and have gotten as far as Marillion.

    3,500 files trimmed 13.3GB cleared.
  • Re-organizing Update #1

    Jun 9 2008, 10h05

    I am now through the J's. It took two weeks just to get this far. If I extrapolate that out, based on how many tracks remain in my library, at this rate I should finish sometime in November.

    During this process I have deleted nearly 3,000 songs equaling over 10GB.

    Slowly, but ever so surely, taming the beast.
  • Re-organizing

    Mai 25 2008, 3h04

    I have a massive music collection. Massive. And I'm adding to it all the time. Before, everything just got dumped into one folder. Well, after about 23,000 files, that folder gets a bit slow. I've been meaning to re-organize for quite some time and my revival has caused me to go ahead and tackle the task. The downside is that I won't be adding much music to my profile in the coming days (thank goodness it's a holiday weekend!) and when you do start seeing music again, it will be mostly alphabetical since I'm starting at the A's and making may way thru my library that way.

    Anyway, since is the reason I'm finally getting to this project, I thought it fitting that I make a journal about it here.