• My music meme

    Fev 7 2011, 17h33

    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc.).
    2. Put it on shuffle.
    3. Press play.
    4. For every question type the song that's playing.
    5. When you go to a new question press the next button.

    Opening credits: The terminal - Pendulum

    Waking up: Oscallation point - scar symmetry

    An ordinary day: When I Go Out, I Want To Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire - Escape the fate

    Hanging out with friends: The gun show - In this moment

    A crush: Mechanical Soul Cybernetics - Scar symmetry

    First date: Cloud connected - in flames :33

    First kiss: Whisper of october - in this moment

    Falling in love: Cancer - My Chemical Romance

    Misunderstanding: Daggers speak louder than words - Alesana

    Fight scene: Vanishing light - In flames

    Breaking up: I'm not opposed to gettin' hit by a car - Us, from the outside

    Deep thought: Violet kiss - in this moment Ohyeas :3

    Getting back together: Gunslinger - Avenged sevenfold

    Life's okay: The only hope for me is you - My chemical romance

    Phonecall at night: Colossal - Miss may I

    Mental breakdown: Remember - Disturbed

    Driving: Foreign language - Anberlin

    Learning a lesson: Somewhere (Feat anneke van Gie) - Within temptation

    Flashback: Glued state - Toshiro masuda

    Secret love: Woe the unrepentant cities - Settle the sky

    Partying: I thought I'd be dead by now - Us, from the outside

    Everybody dance now: Planetary (GO!) - My chemical romance

    Flirting: Innate 13 - Noumena

    Sex scene: Hey baby, here's that song you wanted - Blessthefall Hah, faktisk

    Regretting: A Parenthesis in Eternity - Scar symmetry

    Long night alone: Justify the suffering - Landmine maraton

    An accident: Logon - Sabrepulse

    Death scene: Last ones left - Blessthefall

    Funeral song: Net romance - Sabrepulse

    End credits: Drifter - In flames

    Awesomenesss :33