Top 5 Albums of 2011


Jan 1 2012, 1h30

Decided to do a write up for my top 5 albums of 2011!

5 Tyler The Creator - Goblin

Man, this guy is who got me into rap of any kind again. I hadn't listened to anything even close to rap or any of those genres since like 6th grade, and for a time frame thing, I'm 19 now and graduated a year and half ago, in Summer of 2010, and it's going on to 2012 in a few hours lol. Anyway I heard Yonkers from the music video, and since the day I saw that I was dying to hear the whole album. Your other shit was ok, but to me wasn't anything close to Yonkers, I was pretty hyped up. I started listening to this nigga, in like March, through May, when the album finally dropped. For someone who for the most part hated rap, for this to make me want to listen to it and look into other artists similar, was a pretty big thing IMO. The beats were sick, the lyrics were manacle, just what I like. When he say's that shit about B.O.B and said BOB not B - O - B I was estatic, marissa always got pissed when I said bob, not B O B and then this guy I never heard of dropped it in one of his songs? DAT NIGGA BOB yeah, it drew me in, I could relate to him xd anyway the albums great, a good pick up whether you're a fan of rap or not, and was a great listen. 7/10 stars.

4 Stray From The Path - Rising Sun

This was by far, my most anticipated album of the year, ever since their last album, they were at the top of my lists, I saw them everytime they were here besides once that I couldn't see them at, but yeah for the most part these guys are one of my top bands. This album, wasn't what I expected, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but not exactly good either. This album got a little heavier, as they said "darker", and I got that feel from it, which is what they wanted to portray, and they did that well, but IMO they had to many break downs, and are doing to much to be heavier, and fit into the scene more, when they didn't need to. I over hyped this for myself and got what I wasn't expecting, but still was a great play. I listened to it all throughout the big black out from hurricane Irene this year, and then some after that too of course! Anyway aside from the change in how they do shit, and the tweek in style, it was a great album once you get into it. First few plays were a little iffy, then the third or fourth I was really digging it. A good listen for hardcore, and heavier music fans. 7.5/10 Stars

3 2NE1 - 2nd Mini Album(wat a name xd )

Pretty glad Drake showed me these girls. They got it all, swag, voices, legs, titties, asses, great beats to work with music wise. Their music is so catchy and how they mix the languages together is pretty amazing. At first I didn't like these guys, but after I heard Hate You, which happens to be on this album I started to play that song non stop for about a week. I love all of their stuff now, but this album is still my favorite, having all of my favorite songs on it, and the ones that made me like this group. Yea sure they lip sync their songs live, but theyre a giant pop band from korean, like Briney Spears and whatnot do in america they do there, but it's still a good show according to youtube and the best new band of 2011 award thing that I watched them play on streaming live lmao. Anyway aside from not understanding more than half of the lyrics(aside from the english parts, and the shit that's basic like Naega Jeil Jal Naga, and the english version of the songs), they're one of the best. 7.5/10 unless they do a full English album.

2 Selena Gomez & The Scene - When The Sun Goes Down

This album was amazing!! Only like two songs on it I didn't love. Good lyrics, a more mature feel than her other albums and to me was an improvement too. The beats and everything were great too. It was good vocals, with lyrical meaning and music behind it was powerful. To me this album has an upbeat happy feel behind it, to some extent I find it somewhat invigorating even. I was looking forward to this album and it didn't disappoint at all, a great pop album. 9/10 stars.

1 Defeater - Empty Days and Sleepless Nights

This album was the best for me. I thank you, rhino for showing me these niggas and they became one of my favorites lol. This album got me into more of a real hardcore, instead of the breakdown heavier hardcore. I heard the two songs off of this album that were from teh preview EP they had, and man I was ready for it. One was the standard hardcore, and the second song was a moving acoustic. These guys can do anything and they aren't timid to show it off that they can. They have those heavy hitting songs with the large story behind them, and then the slow acoustic ones that end the story. The lyrics are all so powerful, meaningful, and come from the heart, and you can tell from just one listen. A great album, that shouldn't be overlooked by anyone and by far my favorite of the year. 9.5/10 stars.


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