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  • vividserenity

    what a fun lady

    20 Ago 22h15 Responder
  • vividserenity

    I'm liking Red Snapper! Has that distinct 90s trip-hop sound to it mixed with slacker jazz / low rock, which I also really enjoy. If you also like slacker jazz / low rock, I'd recommend Morphine, Bourbon Princess, and (same chick as BP but diff. name) Monique Ortiz - I mean, how can you say no to this? ;)

    20 Ago 22h14 Responder
  • vividserenity

    2014 releases that maybe you'll like and I love: Wo Fat (stoner doom metal); Blues Pills (female-fronted blues rock); Rival Sons (blues rock); Vader (old school prog death thrash); Kuolemanlaakso (death doom); White Lung (punk); Stoneburner (Doom sludge stoner). Also Yob's newest you'll probably dig. Also like the new Talons!

    19 Ago 22h39 Responder
  • vividserenity

    EXCEPTION: Melvins/Lustmord collab album!!! I liked that in full :D

    15 Ago 17h39 Responder
  • vividserenity

    Yeah, unfortunately.... and I know this might sting a little.... I always end up liking certain tracks or collections of songs from Buzz/Melvins/etc, but full album listens always lose my attention pretty quickly. Sounds like they put lots of filler in their albums, unfortunately, and this acoustic one wasn't different. Not trying to knock the band because I see their merit, but they definitely lose points for what I just mentioned.... anyway. I still have to get back to you on that update and will soon. Any good new releases lately on your end?

    15 Ago 17h38 Responder
  • vividserenity

    King Buzzo's newest 2014 album, acoustic stuff, is pretty good so far!

    14 Ago 21h39 Responder
  • vividserenity

    LOL YES! Agoraphobic Nosebleed!!! Was jamming pretty well to Nasum and Power Trip for the first time today. But no, the avatar is an inside joke I'll explain to you elsewhere. haha yeah I wondered that too (the accuracy of the story). Tom Hardy is a babe; very convincing and enjoyable act by him in the movie. I decided to watch the movie BECAUSE of him lol. Hotter in Lawless but that movie wasn't nearly as good. Hell, I even liked him as

    7 Ago 19h35 Responder
  • vividserenity

    I watched Bronson again last night. That is a really good movie. I didn't realize the connection of him preferring and being more impressionable towards effeminate men.

    7 Ago 16h24 Responder
  • easternbitch

    Oh yeah, that'll be my 14th time seeing them live. I'm a bit of a fangirl, they know about it… Apparently I'm now a friend. Which I can also say about worriedaboutsatan. I love all their incarnations. Good taste yourself!! Plus - man, I don't remember the last time I chatted with someone in shoutboxes!

    27 Jul 22h41 Responder
  • vividserenity

    I really like this 1-woman BM project. Do you have that full LP? Have links mayhaps? BTW I forgot if you said you liked Damad or not?

    23 Jul 21h24 Responder
  • vividserenity


    23 Jul 21h19 Responder
  • vividserenity

    Wow I just watched Bronson. Didn't know these past couple years what your avatar was from until now. Crazy movie. Pretty great though. Will respond to your shout soon.

    23 Jul 4h33 Responder
  • vividserenity

    YO RICH! What's good lately? :) How've you been? I'm a little late reading up on this, as per usual, but this has me excited. Do you listen to any black metal? I've been slowly expanding in that area over the past 6-ish months.

    17 Jul 21h46 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    I wish they didn't hate Haight street so much. Fuck, I bought SWD at a store on that street, haha. Awesome interview though. They're pretty damn cheerful for what they are. // Yeah, I'll put the time in sooner rather than later. Bongripper albums ain't easy to sit through. But I'm psyched.

    8 Jul 16h32 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    I only listened to the first song, but it was sick. // Wow, that's sick! I'd love to see that. But yeah, those guys have a great sense of humor. On valentine's day they posted "Spend your Valentine's Day masturbating and listening to Bongripper in your parents' basement." Send me that link as soon as you can

    8 Jul 1h20 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    It rules. Reminds me of Hippy Killer, with some a bit of HSWD in there.

    7 Jul 21h18 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    New Bongripper came out today! It's pay what you want, great stuff.

    7 Jul 19h20 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    Thanks! Yeah, I love that video. Buzz would make a great cartoon character. // I saw Trash talk for fucking free the other day, it ruled.

    2 Jul 16h05 Responder
  • vividserenity

    Same as you - I've been around some coke users but never touched hard drugs myself. GREENERY ONLY HERE. He seems HIGHLY stimulated to me lmao. Felix seems iffy about Moodie Black *shrug*. I'm completely sold on that act though.

    2 Jul 5h42 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    Hey there, your charts rule. I'm just getting into Trash Talk, they're awesome stuff.

    2 Jul 5h26 Responder
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Rich, 24, Wales... now residing in Manchester.

Into grindcore, sludge, doom, drone, hardcore, punk, death metal, post-rock, electronica and hip-hop.

I also do a music review site, check it out!: http://richreviewz.wordpress.com/
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Bands I've seen live: [+ = Like // - = Don't like]

- 36 Crazyfists
+ Aeon
+ The Afternoon Gentlemen
+ Ageless Oblivion
+ Alkaline Trio
+ Amenra x2
- Anberlin
+ Animals As Leaders
+ Anthrax
+ Årabrot
+ Astrohenge
+ Atomck
+ The Atrocity Exhibit
+ At The Drive-In
+ Aura Noir
+ Bad Religion
+ Balam Acab
+ Bat Sabbath
- Bayside
- Billy Talent
+ Blacklisters
+ Bloodshot Dawn x2
+ Bossk x3
+ BongCauldron x2
- Bowling For Soup
+ The Body
+ The Bronx
+ Brutality Will Prevail
+ Brutal Truth
+ Cancer Bats x2
+ Candlemass
+ Cavalera Conspiracy
+ Caves
+ Chelsea Wolfe
+ Crazy Arm
+ Ceremony
- Clutch
- Codeine
+ Coheed and Cambria x2
+ Cold Cave
+ Comeback Kid
+ Conan x2
+ Converge
+ Crossbreaker x2
+ The Cure
+ Crystal Castles
+ Deafheaven x2
+ Death Grips
+ Decapitated
- Defeater
+ Deftones x3
+ Destruction
+ Devil Sold His Soul
+ Dragged Into Sunlight x2
+ Dyscarnate x2
+ The Dillinger Escape Plan
+ Eagles Of Death Metal
+ Eagle Twin
+ Earth
+ Electric Wizard
+ Every Time I Die x2
+ Extreme Noise Terror
+ Eyehategod
+ Feastem
- Feeder
- Five Finger Death Punch
+ Flayed Disciple x2
+ Floor
- Flyleaf
+ Foo Fighters
+ Full Of Hell
+ Gallows
- The Gaslight Anthem
+ Gay For Johnny Depp
- Gehenna
+ Gnod
+ Godflesh
+ Gojira
- Good Riddance
+ Grimes
+ Hang The Bastard
+ H A R K x2
+ Harvey Milk
+ High On Fire
- Hookworms
+ Human Cull x2
+ Humanfly x2
+ Ifan Dafydd
+ Immortal Technique
+ Islet
- The Japanese Popstars
+ Japanese Voyeurs
+ Jucifer
+ Julianna Barwick
- Kids In Glass Houses
+ Kylesa
- Less Than Jake
+ letlive.
- Malevolence
+ The Mars Volta
+ Martyrdöd
+ Mastodon x2
+ Max Raptor
+ Maybeshewill
+ Melvins x4
+ Meshuggah
+ Metallica
- Megadeth x2
+ Mogwai
+ Möngöl Hörde
- Motörhead
- Mudhoney
+ Muse
+ Napalm Death x2
+ Neurosis x2
+ Nine Inch Nails
- The Noisettes
+ Oathbreaker
+ Oblivionized
+ OM
+ O'Brother
+ Palehorse x2
+ Pig Destroyer
+ Pissed Jeans
+ Polar Bear Club
+ Pulled Apart By Horses x2
- Pure Love
+ Rage Against The Machine
- Real Friends
+ Repulsion
+ Rolo Tomassi
+ Santigold
+ Saint Vitus
+ The Secret
+ Serpent Venom
- Shaped By Fate
- The Skints
- Slash
+ Slayer x2
+ Sleep
+ Slipknot
+ The Soft Moon
+ Spider Kitten
+ Them Crooked Vultures
- Three Trapped Tigers
+ Throne
+ Tim Hecker
+ Totimoshi
+ Trash Talk x5
+ Trigger The Bloodshed
+ Turbonegro
- Turbowolf
+ Undersmile
+ War Wolf x2
+ Watain x2
+ Weezer
+ Winterfylleth x2
+ Wolves In The Throne Room
- The Wonder Years
+ Wormrot
+ The Wytches
+ Xerath
- Xibalba


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