Jul 31 2006, 18h17

    ...this track is wicked, so fast, so cool , brilliant lyrics and again another master piece from Pulley ! I'm banging my head and ready for the world ! How are you ?
  • ...The SpoonLiquor crew...

    Jul 22 2006, 20h22

    Spoonliquor is a collection of individuals who share and combine musical interest. Home based in Rotterdam, but with an universal feel, they sprung out at the end of 2001. The band members took their time to shape and define their musical identity as a band, and also a solid friendship arose.
    With this process in progress, the members merged themselves into a powerful multi-layered entity, by discovering the boundaries of their musical spectrum. A bunch of fanatic freaks with the delicacy of a Swiss watch and the accuracy of a blind rhinoceros in a china shop. Since they did their first show in front of a live studio audience, they passed the point of no return.
    The bands sole purpose (amongst a lot of other irrelevant things) is to expand itself onto a higher ground by sharing its views with the masses, through recording and performing on and off stage, and all kinds of other media known to Mankind.
    Spoonliquor members share a full artistic background in a wide variety of disciplines such as audio/visual entertainment, performing arts containing painting, photography, interior and exterior design, as well as graphic and web design. Most of all we try to live the art of life to the fullest...