Review: Dialectic Soul - Terpsychora (95/100)


Jul 16 2007, 20h03

Rated: 95/100

Dialectic Soul has made quite an impact with their release 'Terpsychora', not only does it sound much more professional than it's predecessor but you almost would think it was another band. Not that the music is so different, it's just so much better. Not one song resembles another on this gem, you'll remember each song since it has it's own unique melody while keeping the music tight and consistent throughout the album. It's hard to pick a favorite song here, since they all sound equally great, even the instrumental Transarctica is so well played you won't even miss the vocals.

Now, about their sound. There are a few different kind of symphonic black metal bands out there, so think of a mix between Daemonicium and Illnath. Every song has a keyboard leading it but not in an electronic way, it sounds more like a piano. The melodies are cleverly unique and are a big part of the music. So are the guitars which swirl in an out of mesmerizing solo's, sometimes dueling with the keyboard, other times finishing it.

The vocals are something too, from evil black to low growls to group singing, all understandable and powerful sung. There never seems to be a dull moment on this album as weird as it sounds, they really seem to be coming out of nowhere with this release. The pace keeps going with some mid tempo intervals, but never long enough to loose the motion of your head banging up and down.

Insanely high recommended.
You'll never want to let go off this baby once in possession...


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