Rock Band / Boston / A little frustration


Jan 25 2008, 14h50

My arms/hands get a little sore from hours of pretending to be a rock star at home. I'm hoping all the excercise I'm putting on my fingers/wrists/elbows/shoulders strengthens me up for someday learning to play the real deal.

In any case since I was sore, I decided to give drums a go on RB. I've realized that drums will never be "my thing" I have this utter inability to coordinate my foot with my hand at times, mainly because my right foot wants to automatically tap the beat of the song. After a few songs I stopped all pissed off because I couldn't beat Reptilia by the Strokes in a convincing manner.

So I started singing, apparently the game (on expert) really hates my voice, and the only way to pass songs (even on hard) is to make your voice this unfun retarded whine, I think it sucks. I love to sing in my car while driving and I noticed that I'm always doing this falsetto crap that's completely unnatural to me.

Screw that.. I've read up on Boston the band, awesome story, listening to their greatest hits and trying to appreciate some more classic rock this week.


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