• 2009 Music

    Dez 29 2009, 0h35

    2009 was a good year for me musically. Listening, at least. I've still yet to form a band. :(
    Either way, time for me to point out what music you should be listening to. Alphabetically by artist:

    Anamanaguchi: Dawn Metropolis
    Amazingly epic chip tune music. Standard post rock lineup plus a GameBoy and NES leads to epic, amazing nostalgia trips. "Mermaid" is fuckwin.

    And So I Watch You From Afar: And So I Watch You From Afar
    Took me forever to get into these guys, sadly. They're pretty fucking rocking. Think Russian Circles.

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: The Century Of Self
    A cool album. I only got into this (not new) band this year, and this happens to not be my favourite album, but it's still good, with solid and even awesome tracks such as "Isis Unveiled" and "Insatiable (two)."

    Balmorhea: All Is Wild All Is Silent
    Oh holy shit is this band epic. Another band I only discovered this year (thank you share threads). "Truth" is my favourite track on this gorgeous post-rocky album. A lot of false climaxes which is cool. Haydn would be proud.

    The Dear Hunter: Act III: Life and Death
    Took me forever to get into this band despite my love of TREOS because I confused Deerhunter for them and was not pleased. This is the third of a series of amazing concept albums, Crescenzo truly is an amazing composer.

    fun.: Aim and Ignite
    Formed of the ashes of The Format (a band I still haven't listened to) I found these guys thanks to a friend, and was quickly hooked. Amazing instrumentation, catchy lyrics, and phrasing seemingly written for the ADD-afflicted, I love it.

    Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster
    YEAH I FUCKING LIKE GAGA WHAT'S IT TO YOU?! My friend got me into her music one night. It was a weird night. But I like her stuff now. However, it was about two weeks ago, so, while I like it, I can't say much about it yet.

    Andy Grammer: Andy Grammer Live
    This guy's fucking amazing. If you ever get a chance to see him live, take it. He beatboxes in between singing while playing guitar and throwing in the occasional vocal trumpet solo. This is his only recording so far, unfortunately. Check YouTube for his awesome cover of "Apologize."

    I Fight Dragons: Cool Is Just A Number EP
    Just an EP, but just great. More chiptune music, but the game consoles take on a more ornamental role, adding to the music rather than turning it into an electronic album. "With You" is a definite favourite.

    jj: JJ N°2
    I know nothing about this band. I think I might be seeing them in April, but I'm not sure. They are so mysterious! Neat, chill electronic music. "Ecstasy"

    Maybeshewill: Sing the Word Hope in Four Part Harmony
    A disappointment. Amazing music, but it doesn't really stand up to last year's indescribably awesome Not For Want of Trying. If you haven't started listening to Maybeshewill... Well, I'm not sure if I should tell you to go for this one first or the other. Just get both and play all twenty-something songs at the same time as the band intended.

    Mew: No more stories / Are told today / I'm sorry / They washed away / No more stories / The world is grey / I'm tired / Let's wash away
    Share threads! Got into this AMAZING band via a share thread, via this album, via the gorgeous song "Cartoons and Macramé Wounds." Check this shit out. Solid album from start to finish.

    Mono: Hymn To The Immortal Wind
    I can't say much about this one, because I still haven't listened to it much. It's significantly better than past Mono albums, at least. "Everlasting Light" = everlasting orgasm.

    The Mountain Goats: the Life of the World to Come
    Knowing Darnielle, The Mountain Goats have probably put out four or five albums this year, but this is the one I know about. Each song is based on a biblical verse. It's much more relaxed than their previous few albums, but, in a way, that's a really nice thing. No real stand-out tracks, but I haven't listened to it much.

    Porcupine Tree: The Incident
    Epic disappointment is epic. I haven't listened to it much, I suppose, but it's... Boring. Very little experimentation it seems compared to everything before Fear of a Blank Planet, but I guess that release should have been a warning. Maybe I'll start to like it someday.

    Russian Circles: Geneva
    I really can't say much about this album. I only found out about it two weeks ago when I played it on the radio. I had no idea they had come out with a new album. I will point out that "Hexed All" is a great song, however.

    Regina Spektor: Far
    Perhaps to many people's surprise, I didn't listen to Regina Spektor prior to about three months ago. This album got me hooked, however, when I played "Blue Lips" on the radio. Probably still my favourite song on the album.

    Star Fucking Hipsters: Never Rest In Peace
    EPIC DISAPPOINTMENT. This one was more crushing than The Incident since I had no shitty previous album to lower my expectations. It's all standard, under-produced garbage. It verges more on death metal than punk, kind of like Fuck World Trade, but it's not good death metal, so who cares. Not up to what I expect from Stza. But maybe that only makes this a success in his eyes. Dunno.

    Tip the Van: Passion, Love & Pride
    Great ska band. Mostly female vocals, which is interesting for ska. Just a three-song EP, but it's good stuff.

    Sara Watkins: Sara Watkins
    So Nickel Creek (still haven't listened to them) broke up so they could all pursue solo careers. Sara, the violinist, is off to a good start. At least musically; don't know if this was a financial success. A lot of the tracks are covers, but they're good.

    The xx: xx
    While I had been playing these guys on the radio for a while, I never really got into them until I saw, to my surprise, that they were in the Top 40 most scrobbled of 2009 on So I paid more attention the next time I played them and realized, holy shit they're good. Kind of like jj, but darker. Love "Heart Skipped a Beat" most.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It's Blitz!
    Heard "Heads Will Roll" playing on my roommate's stereo one day, and I was hooked. Good stuff. I don't really need to describe it since I was last to the party. Karen O's Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack was quite amazing, as well if you haven't heard that one.

    Now that that's out of the way, here are some honorable mentions; things I might like but I got to them too late or haven't had enough time to listen to them enough to judge, perhaps because they're just too different:
    The Appleseed Cast: Sagarmatha
    Black Mold: Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz
    Burnt By The Sun: Heart of Darkness
    Dusty Rhodes & the River Band: Palace & Stage
    The King Khan & BBQ Show: Invisible Girl
    Мельница: Дикие Травы
    Mouse on the Keys: An Anxious Object
    MSTRKRFT: Fist of God
    Portugal. The Man: The Satanic Satanist
    Rodrigo y Gabriela: 11:11
    Röyksopp: Junior
    Starsailor: All The Plans

    I would also like to direct your attention to the Glee soundtracks. Great covers of great music.
    And I guess since people will ask, my favourite album of the year is: Aim and Ignite by fun. See above. Hopefully 2010 brings Anathema's new album, considering they released demos for it four years ago.

    Questions, comments, recommendations and complaints are all welcome.
  • Amazing Show~

    Abr 17 2009, 22h20

    Thu 16 Apr – Cloud Cult, Caroline Smith And The Good Night Sleeps
    So, I really don't have to say too much. Many of you know that I absolutely adore Cloud Cult, and that I think they're one of the three bands everyone should take the opportunity to see live, so there's not really anything to say. Except it was amazing. I don't remember the full set, but it started with Love You All and Hope, and following that came songs like Everybody Here is a Cloud, The Tornado Lessons, Transistor Radio, Story of the Grandson of Jesus, Journey of the Featherless, Take Your Medicine, Bobby's Spacesuit and When Water Comes to Life.
    I'm upset and puzzled, however; I saw They Live on the Sun in their merch box, but the band said their merch guy was not allowed to sell it. So, pretty much the only album I don't have, I can't get.
  • 2008 Music

    Dez 31 2008, 22h12

    Okay, it's time for a recap of 2008 music as known to me, but first, a little information:
    1) If you haven't heard something on the list, even if I pan it entirely, check it out! Maybe it's right up your alley... Against my better judgment (and to ridiculous effect in some cases) I've tried to include genres with each one to make it more obvious if you'd like it (or if you're the more experimental type, what you should be googling to find more like it!)
    2) This is definitely not a complete list of 2008 albums (read note #1 again), not even a complete list of albums that I've been looking forward to that were released in 2008. I don't have limitless supplies of cash or time.
    3) I plan to spend the majority of this entry discussing the albums I had been anticipating, and that I heard, and then doing a quick run-through of 2008 albums I discovered in 2008.
    4) I'm not going to rate albums, due to personal beliefs regarding "ratings" and due to the fact that I'd like each album to be recognized for its individual musical quality, rather than as compared to others.

    Sound good? Good, let's get into it in alphabetical order:
    (Because chronological's too hard!)

    Animals - This Town Needs Guns
    (Math Rock)
    This is not like the TTNG that I fell in love with! Granted, the rest of their songs on the split album weren't like the TTNG song I fell in love with, either, so maybe it's time to grow up. Kidding. Anyways, this is a lovely animal-themed album. It's math rock, but it leans more towards the jazz spectrum of the math rock genre sound-wise than the glitchy, heavy and sporadic side made famous by 65daysofstatic. "Lemur", "Pig" and "Chinchilla" are favourites of mine for this album, but it's actually just a great album to put on loop and relax. It's chill, but still catchy. Although, as some detractors of the band will point out, a lot of the guitar work is tapping, so if you don't like that sound, well, keep away. I dig it though.

    Appeal to Reason - Rise Against
    One thing I hate about when I start to lose interest in a band is it tends to coincide with their rise in popularity. This is a great album, don't get me wrong, but, whereas with Anti-Flag, their rise in popularity brought greater experimentation in music (though sadly much lower quality), with Rise Against the music seems to be falling into a mold. There's still some interesting things done musically with this album, but, well, what happened to Principe's crazy and creative bass intros and solos? What happened to the rawness of McIlrath's voice heard in their first albums? Despite all this, it is a really good album, star song being "Hero of War", and I am still pissed that I failed to make it to their concert this November.

    God Is An Astronaut - God is an Astronaut
    (Post Rock/Electronica)
    I'm going to have to whine here, too. I found nothing special in this album. That doesn't mean it's bad by any means, but it's... There's just nothing particularly special about it. What I liked about the last two albums by these guys is that there were several songs on each one that were absolutely amazing, and the rest of the songs on each album held everything together, and I could easily listen to the albums over and over and over again. This one, I imagine I could do the same, but there's just no songs that I'd be excited about. Disappointment. :/

    Hindsight - Anathema
    (Uh, something...)
    Oh no. Anathema. Anyone who knows me knows I pretty much cream my pants over Anathema. My favourite band, and this album is pure fanservice. It's a ten songs from Anathema's more recent past, all rearranged. For example, Flying, instead of ending in a guitar solo, ends in a collision of multiple contrapuntal string melodies, including estranged Duncan Patterson's guest Mandolining. Another example would be the piano-driven remake of "One Last Goodbye", and the lighter, yet possibly much better version of "Angelica". The album is amazing all around, with interesting reinterpretations of Anathema's songs BY Anathema themselves. If you have never heard anything by Anathema, and hate compilation albums, well, you have a place to start that you shouldn't hate. And you should start with Anathema ASAP <3

    Hold Your Breath for a Rising Tide - Down and Above
    A massive departure from previous albums, this was still a great success musically. For a band that was essentially hardcore to put two songs on their album that are essentially country is a jaw dropper; but their experience in hardcore music can still be heard within these songs, lending an interesting twist to the three-chord country style. "Molasses" is a hold over of their past without sounding forced, and with some really great lyrics. Favourite song is probably "Writing in Ink".

    Innerpartysystem - Innerpartysystem
    (Dance Rock)
    Dance dance baby. Despite the hard, adrenaline-inducing dance rock found on their amazing "Download EP", this album takes a slightly softer step. Still dancy, still rocky, the album will please fans of the EP, but anybody potentially off-put by the hardness will find something enjoyable in this release. New versions of "Don't Stop" and "Heart of Fire" were there to ease me in. Highlights include the opening "Die Tonight Live Forever" (one of my favourites at their concerts since I first saw the band live back in March), the unnecessarily popular though still really good "Structure", "Obsession" and the somber closer "What We Will Never Know".

    Lost to the Living - Daylight Dies
    (Doom Metal)
    It's good. I want to leave it at that because otherwise I feel my bias may infect my comments of it. See, I used to love this band's music, but then I went to a concert, and the band members (well, the vocalist at least) turned out to be dicks, which makes me hate the music, unfortunately. I still listen to them on occasion, but I fear the experience might have permanently poisoned me against this album which I worry might be terribly amazing. At the very least I can recognize it has some quality.

    Not for Want of Trying - Maybeshewill
    (Math Rock/Post Metal)
    As with most people, I got into this band via their "Japanese Spy Transcript" EP, finding it very similar (in a very good way) to 65daysofstatic. Fortunately, their debut full-length has the band finding a sound they can call more their own. Before I get into the music, I'd like to point out that this album has amazing artwork, and it's not about the boobies! Anyways, the album, disregarding the quality of the music itself, is really well put together, starting with the opening "Ixnay on the Autoplay" which builds up to the true first song of the album, the _____ "Seraphim & Cherubim", followed by a new version of "The Paris Hilton Sex Tape". The album ends with the thunderously beautiful title track, and is closed calmly by "Takotsubo", allowing you to leave the album feeling resolved, or to easily loop it. Favourite track is easily the second of two pieces with vocals on the album "He Films the Clouds, pt. 2".

    Revolution Roulette - Poets of the Fall
    It's harder to get into than past Poets of the Fall albums. However, side note, had PotF released this right as their second album, never releasing "Carnival of Rust", the progression would force me to predict that their next album would be of the stereotypical Finnish genre: Black Metal. Thankfully, that's not gonna' happen. As should be obvious, it's much harder than their past two albums, and it's got some more impressive solos, more samples from movies, more silly poetic images that happen to work, and more good PotF music. If you're a fan of the previous two albums, just make sure to give this album another five or six chances! You'll probably find you actually like it. As a favourite song I can't really decide between "The Ultimate Fling" and "Passion Colors Everything". (Rhymes!)

    Station - Russian Circles
    (Post Rock/Post Metal)
    Definitely different from "Enter", this is still a pretty amazing work. While Circles' technical ability is very sparsely shown on this album, it's still obvious upon close listen. The full throttle attack of past songs such as "Death Rides a Horse" is no where to be found, but the subtle attention to dynamics is still obvious, and that's what makes it an amazing listen.

    And now for those that I either didn't expect, care about, were small releases, or were first introductions to the artist:

    Agony & Irony - Alkaline Trio
    I just can't seem to get into Alkaline Trio, but the album seems decent enough.

    Atomic Clock - The Opening Night
    This is actually pretty good, and you can download it for free (legally). Just make sure to donate some cash to the band if you like it!

    Deliverance - Quietdrive
    (Pop Punk)
    I think it's better than their last album, but that's not saying a lot (not that their last album was anything but good!)

    The Distant And Mechanised Glow Of Eastern European Dance Parties - 65daysofstatic
    (Math Rock/Electronica)
    Just a small EP, but turned out to be pretty good. Especially since the songs are actually kind of dancy for 65 songs.

    Everything Is Borrowed - The Streets
    (Brit Hop)
    I've only recently started listening to hip hop and rap, so I can't say much, but I enjoy it. Smart lyrics (my biggest problem with rap until now), pleasant background, and a British accent.

    Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes) - Cloud Cult
    Cloud Cult's awesome. I ended up getting all their albums this year when, in October, a friend introduced me to them. "The Tornado Lessons" and "The Ghost Inside Our House" would probably be my favourites, but the entire album is amazing and strong.

    Hard Fought, Found Thought - The Shy Trafficker
    (Jazz/Math Rock)
    Jazz seems to be the one genre I cannot break into. When listening to this album, I have no problem with it, and there are plenty of awesome things about it, but I can't help being bored and disinterested.

    It's Not Me, It's You! - pg.lost
    (Post Rock)
    Really solid. Songs like "Jonathan" show the technical ability and complexity of song writing the band is capable of, and songs like "Yes, I Am" show the raw emotion and musical majesty this band can provoke without relying on vocals.

    Partie Traumatic - Black Kids
    (Dance/Pop Rock)
    Wow, talk about fun music. While they're not astoundingly similar, the only artist in my library I can compare them to is You Say Party! We Say Die! And that's a good thing.

    Satanic Messiah EP - The Mountain Goats
    A nice, simple EP that's pleasant to listen to, but doesn't struggle to be something more important than what it is; simply good music with great lyrics. Amazing lyrics, in fact; I don't think I've heard a boring song from him.

    Señor and the Queen - The Gaslight Anthem
    The fuckawesome song "Say I Won't (Recognize)" got me into this great new band, and the rest of the EP is great as well (<3 "Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts").

    The Sun & The Neon Light - Booka Shade
    Very cool and smooth and neat album. Definitely perfect for an atmosphere that I don't feel the need to describe here.

    A Warm Place With No Memory - From the Sky
    (Post Rock)
    The title of the album definitely fits. The songs are great but immemorable. :/ However, like a lot of post rock albums given to the same fate, it's good for just listening to, straight through.

    When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold - Atmosphere
    Again, just started getting into rap and hip hop, but I like this for all the same reasons I listed for liking The Streets' album. Except the British accent is absent from this one... <_<

    Worlds Collide - Apocalyptica
    (Hard Rock/Cello Metal)
    I was ripping on Apocalyptica before they got on the radio; you're all posers. No, this album is actually decent, and the effort to bring together stars from around the world deserves praise, but I really only listen to the Gontier-led "I Don't Care".

    The '59 Sound - The Gaslight Anthem
    Their second album, a fun album at that. I really hate to say that there's little special about it, because it is entirely enjoyable. "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" is my favourite track by far.

    Даже если пролетариат возьмет власть в свои руки, весна все равно достанется нам, а цели войны останутся целями войны - Белые Флаги Зажигайте Медленно
    (Post Rock)
    A Russian band obviously. Have no idea how I came across them, again, probably on, but the point is, it's surprisingly good shit for being so obscure. Check it out as a free download from their myspace.

    Disappointing that Anathema's new album Horizons didn't come out this year, but... Oh well. Next year.
    And scene.
  • We're all here cause we've lost control...

    Ago 23 2008, 2h53

    Fri 22 Aug – Kill Hannah, The Medic Droid, Innerpartysystem, White Tie Affair

    The order was more or less what indicates it as. White Tie Affair was pretty good, actually, the music was kind of uninteresting, but they had a great stage presence. It really seems like they're going for the Aerosmith of their genre. Seriously. Hell, the vocalist's mic stand was even adorned in the same way as Steven Tyler's.
    Either way, they got off the stage, and the increasingly amazing Innerpartysystem took over. I think I previously mentioned how AWESOME they are live last time I saw them, but holy shit they've gotten better! And the shitty venue that Station 4 is failed to impede their awesome. A lot of bands tend to play songs differently live than you'll hear on the album, and that was definitely the case last time I saw them, but this time... All their songs sounded practically remixed. Their light system was great, their energy even higher than last time I saw them...
    I broke, I mean changed my rule about T-Shirts tonight, for them. It used to be that I could only have as many shirts from a band as I did albums, but I've changed it so that I can have as many shirts as live shows I've seen a band perform, too. Meaning I bought another Innerpartysystem shirt.

    AND THEN ME AND MY SISTER LEFT. I kind of wanted to see both The Medic Droid and Kill Hannah (never heard anything by them before), but my sister wanted to go home, and this was technically her birthday present from me, so I wasn't going to make her suffer for my enjoyment. Not to mention I was fucking wiped from Innerpartysystem's set. We did stay for a song or two by The Medic Droid, and weren't really impressed. Oh well. I've got some pictures I'll probably (or might have already by the time this is read by anyone) post(ed).
  • Hindsight dated, website up!

    Jun 29 2008, 8h09

    The acoustic (sort of, it seems to be more experimenting with their old songs, rather than a pure acoustic album) compilation from Anathema, titled Hindsight, has an official site up:
    You will also find Inner Silence, Angelica and Are You There? directly from the album, and they sound absolutely great. Along with that are wallpapers for computer and cellphone.
    Also, if you sign up for KScope's mailing list, you get Fragile Dreams.
    <3 <3 <3

    And before I forget Digital release: August 11th, US CD: August 19th, UK CD: August 25th

    I'll probably end up buying the download out of shear impatience... And then buying the CD, too. >_>
    They're also apparently hard at work on Horizons.
  • Anathema Album News~

    Mai 20 2008, 16h14

    Anathema just announced via their website that they have completed the tracks for Hindsight, and the tracks are on their way to Peaceville. Hindsight, again, is a semi-acoustic compilation of some Anathema favourites, and apparently also features a new song. Sweet.
    Horizons (formerly known as Paradigm Shift) is "well underway," so hopefully we'll see that by the end of the year. Anathema says they expect it to be their "greatest album by a long, long way." I'm definitely excited.

    Want want want.
    Oh yeah, any friends of mine will be given a copy of Horizons by me as a gift, as I said in a previous entry, so it's time to start sucking up.
  • MMF 23

    Abr 28 2008, 3h19

    Sun 27 Apr – Mississippi Music Fest

    'Twas awesome. Despite my having to wake up at 0430 in order to do load-in. Arg.
    It's very unfortunate, but we had to do it inside because the weather sucked. But we had six bands playing. The battle of the bands finalists - The run* and The Tapedecks played first, The Run* ended up being the winner, but I really hate them since they play the same damn songs every time, and their guitarist is a complete asshole.
    Anyways, then came Daphne Willis & Co.
    They were kind of boring. I guess they were okay chill music, and they were decent for what I was doing - sitting in the volunteer room talking with Xtopher (of Intellidance fame). Then was The Drew Davis Band. Eh, they were okay for what I was doing - still chilling.
    Then came the awesome bands.
    Pomeroy was so full of energy and had such great music. I bought a CD and got it signed by the entire band (one member twice by accident haha). Although, for their first three songs I ended up having to guard the back door, but I was able to escape that when six came along and I had to go do security on the front stage. Then I got to dance around to Pomeroy, yay.
    Last, and certainly the most anticipated, was Quietdrive. Front stage security was needed at this point because people began crowd surfing and we were supposed to catch them and get them back on their feet and into the crowd. However, the only one we caught was one girl who was clearly tossed up involuntarily - she looked absolutely horrified, and begged to be carried (or whatever the proper verb would be) to the front, and we got her down and sent her on her way. The rest of the guys kept telling people to send them to the back of the crowd - and that's stupid, because the people in the back don't WANT (and in some cases are unable) to hold those people up in the air, and WILL drop them. But whatever. Quietdrive was fun, and I have to say, they better be loading up their next CD with a lot of songs featuring violin, because the vocalist is absolutely awesome with one.
    Their set list (I swiped a copy during load out; and a pick and a broken drum stick, lol) was as follows:
    1: Maybe Misery
    2: The Season
    3: Take a Drink
    4: Get Up
    5: Hollywood (new song)
    6: Both Ways
    7: Rush Together
    8: Let Me Go In
    9: Pretend (new song)
    10: Frozen Foods
    11: Do You Know
    12: Time After Time
    13: Handsome Devil's Benediction
    14: Rise From the Ashes
    And because we were the best fucking crowd ever, they gave us one more song:
    Encore: Toxic (cover)
    It was a pretty amazing cover, too. Cool show, can't wait for next year's MMF.
  • Live @ the Quarry 2008/3/25

    Mar 26 2008, 5h34

    Tue 25 Mar – innerpartysystem, Represent!, Kanser

    I think this is probably my favourite show. I really loved that Lawrence Arms show, however, so I'm not sure.
    Kanser was pretty good; I don't hate it like many seem to, but I don't find hip-hop particularly interesting. They were comical and got the crowd ready for following bands, though.
    Represent! was really great. It's the side project of the guitarist from Write This Down. Just really fun music.
    Then came the band that caused me to stain my pants white. Innerpartysystem brought an impressive light system, and played a bunch of music. I danced more than I have at any concert I've been to, I sang all the lyrics I knew, and I nearly had a seizure from the amazing lights and lasers flashing all around (I posted a few pictures on my Facebook, you can check them out).
    Arg, I'm pretty sure I had more to say, I just can't remember. Night in summary: I came.

    Update: I decided to stop being lazy and put the photos on Flickr (you should be able to see them on the event page soon).
  • I like to give.

    Fev 22 2008, 3h09

    So, I've decided that I'm going to buy a bunch of copies of both of Anathema's new CDs. To distribute amongst my friends, and close acquaintances.
    Why? Because I love Anathema, I love buying people things, and I want to introduce more people to Anathema.
    However, this is going to fucking break me financially. I can think of at least five people at the moment, not including myself, for whom I have to IMPORT two albums...
    Even were they not imported that would be $100-150.
  • Live @ the Quarry 2008/2/20

    Fev 21 2008, 4h36

    Wed 20 Feb – White Light Riot, Pay Attention

    Okay, about this show... It was supposed to be White Light Riot and Sight like december, but, unfortunately, Sight had a schedule conflict and couldn't make it. Really unfortunate, because, considering how awesome White Light Riot turned out to be (I bought two CDs - no fucking self control, and now no fucking grocery shopping), it would probably have been an amazing show. Oh well. Pay Attention, solo (at least for now) side project of Seth from Dropping Daylight turned out to be pretty awesome too. I'd like to see what he can do with a full band backing him.