Metal Milestones - 57,000


Ago 22 2006, 7h00

Ah, this one also features on a recent album, but (unlike Tierra Santa's "Mejor morir en pie" - see my previous journal entry) one that left me a very good feeling and that still lurks in the pile of CDs I listen to during the week.
I was lucky enough to buy 2 great CDs on the same day, one being Slayer's new demolition work Christ Illusion, and the other one being the new insanity piece by Strapping Young Lad, The New Black.
My 57,000th scrobbled track is "You Suck", which is, in my opinion, exactly the opposite of what this album does. I have always loved SYL and the many other projects by Devin Townsend (The Devin Townsend Band, the uber-cheesy Punky Brüster, as well as another - also extremely cheesy - related band called Zimmer's Hole - definitely worth recommending to Devin's fans). As a result, I love this new album that incorporates lots of influences from previous SYL efforts (fast, furious tempos and singing), but also other, melodic, more subtle touches from Devin's solo work. A song such as "Wrong Side" - I'm listening to it as I type - is an excellent exemple of this "fusion" of genres. I love it!
Along with Slayer's, this album will definitely be among my top 10 albums of the year.


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