MY LIFE: the soundtrack


Abr 12 2011, 0h09

MY LIFE: the soundtrack
Put your media player, iTunes, jukebox, your own personal opera singer on shuffle and put the title of the song next to each scene.

Opening Credits: Crying Shame

Waking Up: So Long Jimmy

Average Day: Untitled 1

First Date: Listen To Your Father

Falling In Love: Lost In The Supermarket

Unrequited Love: European Female

Love Scene: Livin' for the city

Sex Scene: White Flag

Drunk: My Girl

Fight Scene (verbal): I Don't see The World Like You Do

Fight Scene (physical): Let's Tango In Paris

Hung Over: The Bigfoot Shuffle

Breaking Up: Cardiac Arrest

Getting Back Together: I Hate You

Secret Love: Moleman Music

Life's Okay: Rockabilly Rebel

Grieving: Change Your Mind

Chase Scene: Who's Lovin' You

Revelation: Twilight Galaxy

Mental Breakdown: Everybody's Changing

Driving: Rock with You

Reunion: It's My Turn

Learning a Lesson: Bla Bla Bla

Deep Thought: Airwaves

Flashback (good): Surfin' Bird

Flashback (bad): Duchess

Flashback (weird): Faking The Eschaton 1

Flashback (montage): Hello Goodbye

Partying: Front Row

Happy Dance: In One Door

Regretting: Dry Day

Long Night Alone: Thriller

Death Scene: These Boots Are Made For Walking

Closing Credits: Teenage Witch


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