• Two Thousand and Eight

    Dez 31 2008, 22h17

    This is my view on 2008's best albums:

    10.Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
    its pretty good. I see it as dorm-pop.

    9. Elf Power In A Cave
    classic elephant 6 sound still survives!

    8. Radiohead In Rainbows
    new sound, mostly without electronic instruments... Thats a little unfortunate, but its not a disappointment

    7.Beck Modern Guilt
    beck also takes on a less electronic sound, but manages to make another great album. Danger mouse and beck make a good team

    6. The Ting Tings We Started Nothing
    I never knew MTV pop could sound good. Its a very catchy album

    5. Xiu Xiu Women As Lovers
    Xiu Xiu keeps their odd sound with more familiar instruments, great album all around

    4. Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes
    soft sounds and melodic pop fits the mood in any season. Blue Ridge Mountians is outstanding

    3. of Montreal Skeletal Lamping
    This was hard to get into, but this album is extremely fun and Kevin Barnes manages to bury musical talent within the sexual, heavy pop theme

    2. The Ruby Suns Sea Lion
    I love world music, and whats better than that is an electro-world band. The Ruby Suns have a great, unique sound.

    1. The Dodos Visiter
    I didn't know an album could be so good, at first listen i was captivated by the melodies and simple instrumentation. God? is probably the best song of 2008.

  • almost a year on Last.Fm (celebratory list of discoveries)

    Ago 19 2008, 5h30

    i've been on this site for almost a year, through multiple profiles, ipod mishaps, and so forth.

    Here is a list of my favorite artists this site helped me discover, followed by 1 or 2 favorite songs by them. and maybe a memento of the artist if i'm emotionally attached...

    Devendra Banhart
    Crazy folk singer, best listening to him in the summer!
    At the Hop

    Xiu Xiu
    I disliked them for a while, but now i appreciate their obscurity. Even had a little obcession/phase
    Crank Heart and Save Me Save Me

    Elf Power
    super Elephant 6!
    Owl Cut (White Flowers in the Sky)

    The Apples in Stereo
    I actually got them on a mix CD, forgot about them until this summer!
    Benefits of Lying (With Your Friends)

    Elliott Smith
    who knew he was so popular before i discovered him... never heard a word about him before! i was shocked to learn of his suicide during my phase of listening to him
    Lost and Found (Honky Bach)

    Panda Bear
    wintery, cold, experimental, lalala. got him on limewire, then never used it again!

    The Fiery Furnaces
    ...always played on my radio when i typed in animal collective. They're pretty good.
    Tropical Iceland i love the gallowsbird's bark version!

    Fleet Foxes'
    choir of vegans attack!
    Blue Ridge Mountians

    Downloaded on a whim, a lonely EP, but it's great
    Long Haul

    The Ting Tings
    saw a friend listening to them alot, so i thought why not? Turned out to be super poppy, but i can stand them.
    Traffic Light is a great song!

    Sunset Rubdown
    The Mending of the Gown
    couldn't get sick of that song if i tried! actually has 50 + plays but last fm was hating me when i went through a phase.

    The Magnetic Fields
    ..are OK, but not the best
    California Girls is witty and interesting nonetheless

    ----Favorite Artists thanks to Last.Fm-----

    4. Oh No! Oh My! helped me though my minor depression in the terribly snowy winter. I was yearning to walk in a park so badly, but it was cold and shitty. I also used them for music in a Spanish Video
    I Love You All the Time

    3. Beulah
    oh early summer break, how i miss it so much. Mowing the lawn to The Coast Is Never Clear was enjoyable. I was hesitant to download them, but i'm glad i did!!
    Cruel Minor Change

    2. Architecture in Helsinki
    the first discovery i made. Unknown to my profile and Itunes, i want through a giant phase with In Case We Die when i used my old ipod and my computer was broken. I love this band! Spring 2008 has sentimental value to it now.. possibly because this past spring, the spring of 2008, was the worst spring of my life...
    Debbie is a fun song


    Jens Lekman
    oh how i love jens lekman... witty, great at singing, melodic.. he makes the type of music i want to. His use of old CDs is creative and sounds amazing. I remember playing Kirby Air Ride to this guy, an extremely strange combination, but oh well. and he's swedish, as am I. gotta show prode in herritage!
    I Saw Her in the Anti-War Demonstration is amazing, but Into Eternity is one of my favorite songs of all time.

    I've had my ups and many downs with this defective site, but i'm glad i use it. Boredom repellent.
  • in case you wanted to know (lollapalooza)

    Ago 6 2008, 3h57

    Fri 1 Aug – Lollapalooza 2008

    this is mostly written so i can remember what happened. and if anybody can get any entertainment out of this...

    Ended up alone for the first 2 or 3 hours... Drag.
    Mates of State
    i was able to slither my way to the very near front just by getting in from the side instead of making my journey from the back. I noticed that the mates were playing in basically every major festival in the US. My original thoughts: "overrated repetitive organ duo... used to like them". But seeing them live made me appreciate them again! I only recognized the song Ha Ha , which was excellent! Surprisingly great music.

    The Black Keys
    I wasn't really a fan i the first place- they just seem fitting to smoke to is all i think about them. Didn't get a great spot, but i didn't really care to. Good riddance- their performance was average at best.

    VHS Or Beta
    I'm not big into DJs. I finally met up with people to talk to, so it wasn't painfully boring. I mostly retreated to this shady tent to escape the sun. Stood awkwardly to the side, and walked away feeling awkward as well.

    Fairly decent spots. I could see Thom Yorke on stage. But this performance was simply THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN! 2+2=5 was life completing.

    I missed the Go! Team, all because my ride needed to get an ounce. This was highly disappointing...

    took the train into chicago pretty drunk and completely alone. This is what happens when you don't plan ahead...

    I got a few recommendations from to listen to them, so i thought i would just see them live. Good choice, they were really great! lively, energetic, and musically talented. the crowd was nice too. Everybody and their friend was crowd surfing. Maybe if it was of montreal i would crowd surf...

    Broken Social Scene
    They were pretty good. Got a decent spot, heard decent music, then inched my way forward to see Wilco.

    Got a great spot for a not so great band. I don't understand the big draw to Wilco- its like a more upbeat Iron & Wine. At least wilco was funny. Sam beam is just lame. (but is good in studio)

    I missed the Ting Tings. I could get my pop fix elsewhere, and i didn't want to sit around for a while if i got there by 12:45. I did enough sitting getting there at 3.

    sprinted back to the train station. I just made the 10:30, if i took the 12:00 that would have been brutal. I was hungry dehydrated and exhausted...


    I found this day to be rather worthless. I missed the only band i wanted to see (Amadou & Mariam)

    Girl Talk
    Overrated. the people on the stage dancing were evidently too fat (its chicago...) and they were literally warping the stage. That was the highlight.

    the Lolla Store:
    shirts were ugly and overpriced.

    Nine Inch Nails
    Only heard a few songs by them, they're pretty good actually. The show was lively, but i didn't care to move up to the front, and i didn't.

    Kanye West
    Conceited bastard. I hate his music. saw a song or two, and decided it would be better to spare my ears from this torture.

    Will i go back to lollapalooza? Only if the lineup is amazing (like it was in 2006!!!) or if someone invites me.